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Visual sundae. The 20 best interiors blogs. PB&Jstories: Kitchen Pantry Reveal ! I {finally} completed my pantry makeover!

PB&Jstories: Kitchen Pantry Reveal !

I mentioned in June {wow it took me a while to finish this} that I was going to redo my kitchen pantry here. I ripped out the old shelves, painted, stenciled, installed new shelves, and organized all my goods. Here's a before/after shot: I will definitely be writing a couple more posts about the project explaining the steps... but for now I just want to sit back and show off my final reveal! The organization makes me so happy! I even took out a shelf {originally had 5, now 4} but since everything is organized and has its own spot, I ended up with way more room! I'm even able to store my most frequently used craft supplies, my camera and its accessories so they're always in arms reach. The containers are from Home Goods for $7 and I used some twine to add a piece of slate I had spray painted with chalkboard paint to label what's inside. The gorgeous stencil I used is from Cutting Edge Stencils.

Everything has a home... {Happy Dance}! One last look: Nicework Ramble. April 24, 2014 Tattoo Icons Madrid based designer, Bnomio created these icons by merging classic tattoos with a contemporary geometric style. Via: Behance April 23, 2014 Football Posters for Football Fans English designer, Rick Hincks, graphically reconstructed some of the most memorable goals in Football to create an exciting series of inforgraphical posters.

April 22, 2014 SEED | Laptop, Desktop PC And TV, All Powered By Your Smartphone Local yocal Nick Rout, computer engineering student based here in not-so-sunny-at-the-moment South Africa, designed the incredible SEED, is a smartphone with multiple docking stations which allows it to function fully as a smartphone, laptop, PC and TV alongside other ad-hoc options thus making it an all-in-one solution for all your computing and TV needs. CreativeMornings: Sex | Tickets Now Available Happy fake-Monday, South African readers! April 15, 2014 Pepsi | Game Of Straws. Miss Design. NOTCOT.ORG. Check out my cool home design on Autodesk Homestyler!

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Check out my cool home design on Autodesk Homestyler!

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