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All WordPress Themes by Thrive Themes. Personal Branding - The Product Of You — The Hivery. Everyone has a story. And each of us has reason to share it. Whether you’re a business owner, a freelancer, you’re thinking about going back to work, or you have a presence online (that’s everyone, really), personal branding is the way in which you tell your story. It creates an emotional connection to who you are, what your past experience has taught you, and where you would like to go. Personal branding is about moving away from a one-dimensional resume or list of offerings, and moving towards a portrayal of the real you.

Not only is the real you more attractive and engaging for your audience as we all have a keen radar for authenticity, but putting your real self out there in your personal brand, enables you to get very clear on what you want to contribute and do in this big (but, little) world. Personal branding applies to everyone, but pay close attention to your personal brand if you’re pursuing things like: 1. 2. 3. For today, let’s focus solely on What You Do. What are you doing? The Complete Beginner's Guide to Creating Marketing Personas. Over my career I have been fortunate to work for a number of different organizations, all of which have been in completely different stages of their marketing maturity. Regardless of what stage they are in, one of my first priorities is creating in-depth marketing personas.

Marketing personas are like the foundation for building your marketing house. Without personas, how do you know which message will appeal to your target market’s needs? Or where to reach your audience to build awareness and drive them to your website? Or what to write about in your content marketing efforts? Or how to talk to your audience on social media? The problem is, most of the literature on marketing personas takes you down the path toward: “John has a wife, 3 kids and a dog’ … which has never proved all that helpful for me. That’s why I wanted to write this article to share my experiences and learnings from creating marketing personas at several companies over the years. What are marketing personas? 1. 2. 3. 10 Rules For Writing A Compelling 'About Me' Page | The Story of ... How to Write a Killer About Me Page for Your Blog (Free Worksheets!) How To Write Your About Me Page | In Spaces Between.

A reader has just landed on your blog, devoured your latest post and fallen in love with your content. Curiosity: piqued. They’re hungry for more. They want to dive deeper, to know more about you – the gorgeous creature behind the words. So, what’s the next thing they do? Yep. The About page is the soul of your site. An unforgettable About page has to be more than a biography, or a bulging list of qualifications and your biggest achievements. The big (or not-so-big) secret The truth is, your About page is actually more about your reader than it is about you.

What’s in it for me? I’ll preface this by saying that there’s no secret, step-by-step formula for writing the perfect About page, but there are essential elements (which I’ll go into below) that will guide you as you breathe life into your story and your work. The style, tone, language and design should all be unique to you.

Before you start crafting, take some time to ponder these questions: #1. . #2. . #3. A big, bold opening statement.