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Google Guide Teen Cheatsheet. Infographic: Get More Out Of Google. Search Education – Google. Google - free posters with search tips for teachers. VZSA-kaartje-Social-Media-Wijs_print.png 560×396 pixels.

How to Google

Get Your PhD in Googling - interactive tool for learning better search tips. Google is a very powerful tool.

Get Your PhD in Googling - interactive tool for learning better search tips

You can find pretty much anything online these days. The trick is knowing how to find exactly what you are looking for. Here is an interactive infographic with some great tips for better internet searching (specifically with Google). UPDATED 11/14/13 It seems the animation is no longer available, so here are some other search resources and a couple of images from it:


Nieuw lespakket informatievaardigheden in het voortgezet onderwijs. Seeking Truth: The 5Ws and H. The infamous 5Ws and H have been an integral part of journalism, storytelling and an uncountable number of TV police dramas, (Law and Order being the best, of course).

Seeking Truth: The 5Ws and H

Additionally, for years this structure has been helping students ask targeted questions as they dig deeper into factual information and uncover truths. In the 21st century, this routine is more versatile and as important as ever. It’s at the core of problem solving in the office place, evaluating what’s what in cyberspace, and identifying causal relationships. Whether an ELL teacher or a physics teacher, you’ll encounter numerous opportunities to cultivate your students’ abilities to mine for information, make sense of it, and then arrive at conclusions.