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Gothic Industrial Culture Gothic Industrial Culture * April 14, 2014 * Avoiding Bourbon Posting this early for all of you on VF. Second strip with Guest Appearance by VoltaireNYC * April 12, 2014 *
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Crime As we approach the new year, I thought it would be appropriate to do a list that combines and ranks entries from a combination of related lists – a summary list. This list looks at the last three years of lists of evil men and women, and combines and ranks the worst of the worst. Children are excluded as the evil children don’t rank anywhere near the evil of adults seen in the past. I have also added one entry who has not appeared on other lists, but is definitely worthy of inclusion. If you disagree with my ranking (as no doubt many will) be sure to tell us in the comments – perhaps include your own ranking, too. Top 10 Most Evil Humans Top 10 Most Evil Humans
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Gravity Falls6-18 Posted Monday, December 30 in TV > TV Shows In every episode of Gravity Falls there is a reference to the number 618 (kind of like with Weird Al and 27 or Pixar and A113), which is Alex Hirsch and his twin sisters birthday. 618 appears on the cash register, in magazines and even on banners. Step By Step- New Kids On The BlockBandmate Brother/original Member Posted Monday, December 30 in Music > Music Videos In the step by step video where Donnie Wahlberg is on a motorcycle surrounded by friends, brother/actor/original nkotb member Mark Wahlberg appears right next to him holding a basketball. PortalAre you dead or not? Easter Eggs - Eeggs.com Easter Eggs - Eeggs.com
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Formally known as the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, North Korea is a subject of fascination the world over as it’s one of the few countries that can accurately be described as an Orwellian state. Though technically governed by a modern democratic constitution, the government is run by a paranoid monarchy, revolving around a dynastic cult of personality. Food is scant, electricity is rationed, and offenses as minor as referring to the current or former leaders without their proper title can land people—even children—in a labor camp for life. { Read The Rest Of This Post… } All That Is Interesting All That Is Interesting
All Serial Killers dot com All Serial Killers have Famous Serial Killers, Female Serial Killers, Victims of Serial Killers, and Pictures of Serial Killers. From The States to Canada these Famous Serial Killers are Murderers to the extreme. Even Female Serial Killers are hardcore killers. All Serial Killers dot com