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Accounting Lectures, Tutorials, Articles. Introduction to Accounting Accounting and double-entry bookkeeping; financial and managerial accounting; basic financial statements (income statement, statement of cash flows, statement of changes in owners' equity and balance sheet); permanent (real) and temporary (nominal) accounts; four types of accounting transactions.

Accounting Lectures, Tutorials, Articles

Accounting for Accruals. Free Excel Spreadsheets. Excel Macro That Automatically Creates Financial Statements. "Excel macro used to create financial statements.The Excel macro is able to generate the financial statements using the Charts of Account (COA) and on the right of the COA, the current year column, followed by 12 monthly columns for the following year plus a yearly column ranging from 3 to 10 years.

Excel Macro That Automatically Creates Financial Statements

The macro also will help to create formula for the relevants row and columns.The macro is currently built to generate financial statements for a mobile telecommunication services business, but can be easily modified for other types of businesses. General Directions for Use:To use the program, you need to make sure that macro security in your Excel application is set to medium. (Go to Tools, Macros and Select Security). Then under security level, click on mediumOnce you have done that, you can open this file and when prompted, select ""enable macro"".Read the instructions or click on the button to see the program running with a sample COA.