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MGL Curtain and Furnishing

MGL Curtain and Furnishing, a local curtain supplier in Singapore that has been around since 2005. We specialise in custom-made curtains and all types of blind systems. Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation in the industry by giving our best expertise, craftsmanship and service to our customers.

Types of Blinds are Best to Install in Hotels. Simple Ways to Choose the Blinds and Curtains for Children's Room. When you enter a room, the curtains and blinds are probably the first things that catch your attention.

Simple Ways to Choose the Blinds and Curtains for Children's Room

We try to make our living rooms look as beautiful as we can. So why take things for granted for your child’s room. While decorating your child’s room, you must take care of the blinds and curtains you choose for them. It not only changes the interior look of the room but also keeps your children safe. Top Benefits of Choosing Motorized Curtains. Imagine waking up on your bed and feeling a breeze come out of the window through your curtains.

Top Benefits of Choosing Motorized Curtains

You want to feel this air more on your cozy bed, but you first need to open the window curtains on your own. Oops! All it gets ruined. Add Value to Your Home With Motorized Blind. Installing the right window treatments can’t only add aesthetic appeal to your home, but can also make it a more comfortable place to live.

Add Value to Your Home With Motorized Blind

For example, blinds and shades can actually lower your utility costs and provide enough privacy. These blinds are available in many fabrics and styles and provide various benefits of convenience. For example, MGL Curtain has multiple shades, sizes, and shapes of blinds in Singapore, which you can choose according to your preferences. In case if you’re thinking about updating your window treatments, there isn’t an any better option than motorized blinds or shades.

How to Enhance Beauty of Your Home with Window Blinds. To update or refresh the interior of an apartment, sometimes it’s important to change the design of the windows and the level of illumination.

How to Enhance Beauty of Your Home with Window Blinds

Blinds do an excellent job with both tasks. Due to the variety of types and materials, you can choose a model for rooms of different purposes and styles. In addition, its design features allow you to adjust the light transmission and atmosphere in the house. Ultimate Tips to Upgrade Your Curtains. Windows are an essential element for any room.

Ultimate Tips to Upgrade Your Curtains

They produce flow, handle furniture installation, and produce the natural light and air for keeping your space bright and lively. But the window dressing is much more than decoration when it comes to connecting a room. If your curtains are boring, ill-fitting, or just dull, it’s time to update them with new ones. However, locating and picking new curtains can catch a lot of time and money. Ideas to Hang Curtains Without Drilling. Taking care of the interior design and trying to fulfil it with taste and a sense of style can assist in creating adequate decoration of windows.

Ideas to Hang Curtains Without Drilling

It must be suitable to the climate and the nature of the interior. It’s not difficult, especially since there is a wide range of solutions available in the market that allow you to implement many ideas. That’s why it’s only important to use them skillfully. Many methods are available to hang curtain. Some of them require the use of hooks while others require curtains rods. Best Solutions for Covering Tricky Windows. Those days are gone where building construction was worked according to approved designs.

Best Solutions for Covering Tricky Windows

Modern architecture prefers individuality in the image of buildings. Due to this, windows of complex shapes began to be often arranged in houses. Even the growing popularity of unusual and interesting window shapes are enabling manufacturers to create an amazing decoration dilemma. This is where window curtains and blinds come into pictures. Important Factors to Consider When Buying Blinds and Curtains. What should you consider when buying blinds and curtains for the window?

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Blinds and Curtains

Indeed, windows are considered as primary components in every room. That’s why both blinds and curtains become outstanding factors to create a more decorative and functional structure. These window covering pieces supplement a lot of refinement and sophistication to a home’s decor. They also protect the home from the disturbing glare and sunlight of the outdoors. How to Install Honeycomb Blinds at Home. Home is the representation of your personality, and windows play an important role in enhancing it.

How to Install Honeycomb Blinds at Home

Well, choosing the right window blinds for your home is a challenging task. And having numerous options is confusing. Change living Room Decor With Blinds and Curtains. Does your living room require a makeover?

Change living Room Decor With Blinds and Curtains

Most homeowners land on the fact that adopting a new colour scheme can transform the space in an instant. While it’s true, applying different shades add uplifting or calming effects. Reasons for Installing Roller Blinds at Home. A most suitable choice among homeowners for covering windows is roller blinds. With the emergence of such an attractive option, it becomes a cost-effective way to accentuate the decor of your home. These are one of the most flexible and versatile window treatment options that will help in achieving the required level of lighting and shading while rolling up or down the blinds.

Additionally, it also becomes easy to keep a room cool by keeping the blind half-open during the summer months. Who doesn’t want to add such benefits to their homes? Of course, everyone wants it! Simple and Easy Ways to Clean Curtains at Your Home. A home is a place that our heart lies. No wonder that every nook and corner of a home is taken care of meticulously. All of us love to keep our homes neat and clean. When we speak of home hygiene, the one aspect that needs regular maintenance is the curtains. Vertical Blind is the Smartest Choice for Home Decor. Looking for an astonishingly distinct, practical, and aesthetically appealing covering for your window? What could be more functional than vertical blinds? Vertical blinds are an indispensable component when it comes to the decoration of commercial and residential premises.

They're economical to buy, extremely efficient and functional. Important Functions of Curtains and Blinds! Each time, when it comes to decorating a window in the room, it’s necessary to think about what to pick – curtains or blinds. Well, both window treatment options are amazing, giving the room a claustrophobic and stuffy feel. From obtaining good air circulation to sun protection, curtains and blinds have come a long way.

Top Benefits of Buying the Roller Blinds for Your Home. Planning for improving home decor through roller blinds? Every owner always requires a creative home improvement idea for making advancements in their window. And roller blinds are considered reliable options. Amazing Curtain Ideas That Make Your Home Look Stylish. Tips on Choosing The Perfect Color For Window Curtains. Blinds and Curtains Shop Singapore. How to Make the Right Choice Between Blinds and Shades For Home? Things You Must Know Before Buying Blinds or Shades Online! – MGL Curtain and Blinds. Points You Must Consider Before Buying Blinds For Doors! Things You Need to Know Before Buying Blackout Curtains.

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