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Web Design for Instruction - Research Based Guidelines. [Classic Graphic Design Theory] [Gestalt Principles of Perception] [Human-Computer Interface Design] [Hypermedia Basics] [Metaphor] [Web Site Categorization] [Navigation] [Site Design Testing] [Multimedia & Web Page Design Principles] [Screen Design Research] [Screen Resolution & Size] [Writing Style] [Multimedia Research] [Using Graphics & Pictures] [Animation] [Video] [Audio] [Response Times] [Instant Web Sites] [Sources for Graphics and Animations] [Web Tutorials and Design Resources] [Web Resources for Educators] Copyright © 1999 by Bonnie Skaalid.

Web Design for Instruction - Research Based Guidelines

This site is published in web form by the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan. The views, opinions, and conclusions reached in this homepage or in any of the pages are those of Bonnie Skaalid and not necessarily those of The University of Saskatchewan or its officers and trustees. Common Java Cookbook. Copyright © 2004-2012 Tim O'Brien. All Rights Reserved. This collection provides expert tips for using Java-based utilities from projects such as Apache Commons, Apache Lucene, and Apache Velocity. You don't have to be an expert, the book's solution-based format contains code examples for a wide variety of web, XML, network, testing, and application projects.

If you want to learn how to combine common open-source Java utilities to create powerful Java applications and tools, the is for you. Apache Commons Lang Apache Commons Math Application Infrastructure: Commons Lang, Commons Logging, Commons CLI Google Guava: Collections Google Guava: I/O Recipes Google Protocol Buffers HTTP and WebDAV: Commons HttpClient and Jakarta Slide I/O and Networking: Commons IO, Commons Net, ORO Manipulating Text: Commons Lang, Commons Codec Preface Searching and Filtering: Commons JXPath, Lucene Templating: Velocity, Freemarker, Commons JEXL Working with Beans: Commons BeanUtils Working with JSON: JSON-lib.

CSS-Based Tables: Modern Solutions. Advertisement We continue to present some of the best CSS-techniques which web-developers can always use working on their current web-project.

CSS-Based Tables: Modern Solutions

Recently we’ve taken a look at the best css-based forms1, today we present some useful techniques for displaying information in a tabular mode. In fact, tables can present data quite efficiently, particularly if you can use some sorting or filtering functions in order to improve the legibility of the text stored in the table. Furthermore, Zebra tables are becoming more and more popular, and the techniqies supposed to enhance their functionality appear on a weekly basis. So what do we have? Zebra Tables Redesigning a simple table3 Zebra Tables5 Better Zebra Tables7 Splintered striper: Enhanced Zebra Stripes9 Standardista Table Sorting (A client-side JavaScript Table Sort module)10 Designing Tables with Stylesheets12 SortedTable instructions and examples14 A CSS Styled Table16 by Veerle Pieters. 2184ways: Tables with style19 Sinnhafte Websites20 Tools Books. How to get Cross Browser Compatibility Every Time.