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StarUML - The Open Source UML/MDA Platform. Enterprise MDA Workbench. 15 reasons why you should start using Model Driven Development. I have written a lot about model driven software development approaches from different perspectives.

15 reasons why you should start using Model Driven Development

For example from a domain specific language design perspective, an integrated modeling approach for SOA perspective, etc. I also have tried to give you a balanced view on MDD by talking about the things to know before starting with MDD and by discussing some potential dangers of MDD. You would say that if someone asked me for the advantages of Model-Driven Development I would just send him a link… Unfortunately this is not the case. I can of course answer this question, and I mostly try to adapt my answer to the practical case at hand, but there is no clear overview (as far as I know) answering the question from a business owner: why should I start using MDD? LeGenieLogicielLesModelesEtLesProcedes.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Strategic Objectives and Advantages of Model Driven Development. Markus Voelter has defined model driven development as “a software development approach that aims at developing software from domain-specific models.

Strategic Objectives and Advantages of Model Driven Development

Domain analysis, meta modeling, model-driven generation, template languages, domain-driven framework design and the principles of agile software development form the backbone of this approach.” MDD is quickly moving from a novel concept to a pragmatic business necessity in large corporations. Model-driven architecture. Model-driven architecture (MDA) is a software design approach for the development of software systems.

Model-driven architecture

It provides a set of guidelines for the structuring of specifications, which are expressed as models. Model-driven architecture is a kind of domain engineering, and supports model-driven engineering of software systems. It was launched by the Object Management Group (OMG) in 2001.[1] Overview[edit] The model-driven architecture approach defines system functionality using a platform-independent model (PIM) using an appropriate domain-specific language (DSL)[citation needed]. Is Model Driven Development Faster? « The Software Chef.

Recently a colleague asked me if model driven software development (MDSD if you like acronyms) is really faster than traditional development.

Is Model Driven Development Faster? « The Software Chef

The question is hard to answer because that really depends on the specific set of tools you use, the abilities of your team and so on. Although development time in one of the key arguements for model driven development, the question might be wrongly put. Other factors like software quality and vertical consistency (accross all layers of the application) outweight the time to market argument in my opinion. Model driven development is often still seen as gray theory by a lot of people but once you experienced it you never want to go back. A lot of the modern web frameworks like ruby on rails, django, cakephp, grails etc. utilize to some extend code-generation methods borrowed from model driven development. Model-Driven Architecture Leads to Productivity Gain of 35% 7/22/2003 - An independent case study released by Compuware (NASDAQ: CPWR) and conducted by The Middleware Company revealed a 35 percent productivity gain for organizations employing a model-driven architecture (MDA) development approach.

Model-Driven Architecture Leads to Productivity Gain of 35%

The significant gain was measured by comparing the MDA approach against a leading, code-centric, integrated development environment (IDE). “We came into this study as skeptics; we left as believers,” said Salil Deshpande, CEO of The Middleware Company, a leading, independent Java research and consulting organization. “MDA has real world legitimacy as a fast, productive, accurate and consistent approach for developing enterprise applications.” Model-Driven Engineering. 8 Reasons Why Model-Driven Approaches (will) Fail. Model-driven software development is gaining more and more interest nowadays.

Acronyms starting with MD are invented from day to day. To mention a couple of them: MDA, MDE, MDD, MDSD, MDSE. Introduction à MDA par la pratiqe - Club d'entraide des développeurs francophones. Java.tri Home.