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Editix Lite - Free XML Editor. Bob Stayton - Re: [docbook-apps] too many block-elements in xsl-fo ouput. DocBook. LyX - The Document Processor. DocBook. Authoring with Eclipse. Summary The topic of technical publishing is relatively new to the world of Eclipse.

Authoring with Eclipse

One can make the argument that technical publishing is just another collaborative development process involving several people with different backgrounds and skills. This article will show that the Eclipse platform is a viable platform for technical publishing by discussing how to write documents such as an article or a book within Eclipse. In fact, this article was written using Eclipse. By Chris Aniszczyk, IBM CorporationLawrence Mandel, IBM Corporation. Writing Documentation with DocBook. Revision 3937: / DocBook XML Resources at CERN. DocBook is primarily an XML vocabulary (defined by a DTD, Docoment Type Definition) which maintained by the DocBook Technical Committee of OASIS.

DocBook XML Resources at CERN

It is particularly well suited to books and papers about computer hardware and software (though it is by no means limited to such application areas). Using DocBook. DocBook Cascading Stylesheet (CSS2) About DocBook is an XML dialect for writing documentation.

DocBook Cascading Stylesheet (CSS2)

The Cascading Stylesheet provided here allows you to directly view a styled XML document in software that supports XML styled with CSS2 (e.g. a recent Mozilla or Opera browser) Status There are currently many Docbook elements that haven't had CSS written to style them yet. Writing documentation with DocBook-XML 4.3. >e-novative> DocBook Environment - DocBook XML on Windows was never easier. XML Editor: XMLmind XML Editor. Profiling DocBook documents. Take My Advice: Don't Learn XML. Take My Advice: Don't Learn XML by Michael(tm) Smith 07/18/2001 Contents If you're a developer interested only in the data-oriented side of XML, and if you don't care about document authoring (writing books, articles, manuals, love poems, Web pages, whatever), feel free to ignore this article.

Take My Advice: Don't Learn XML

If, on the other hand, document authoring is important to you (you're a technical writer, an HTML markup author, manager of a documentation group, an anonymous pamphleteer) and you're trying to decide whether it would be worthwhile for you to learn XML and use it for authoring documents, stick around. What you learn might save you a lot of time and spare you from some unnecessary frustration.