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Great Free Utilities

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There are a load of great free utilities that can make you PC user life easier.

These are some of the most useful ones I have found and that I regularly use for my everyday work requirements.

Take a look. Free archiver, free RAR TAR ZIP files utility. Print My Fonts. Introduction Perhaps you know it: With time, there is an unbelievably number of fonts collected on your computer and you are just looking for exactly the right one for your next invitation card in the gigantic assortment!

Print My Fonts

Again and again you try out the one or other type, however, the software you are using does not give a good overview over them. Either you have to select the font cumbersomely to have a look at them or the dialog is much too small and you do not have any possibility to compare some fonts next to each other. To get an overview over all of these fonts, you can use the tool PrintMyFonts for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux by Stefan Trost Media. Filelist Creator. Introduction For the various occasions, lists of files or directories are required: perhabs you need an index of some files or folders on a CD, you would like to send a list to a colleague or you want to publish a list on the Internet.

Filelist Creator

Creating such a list, however, takes time. It is tedious to list all the files and folders by hand, especially if it is about 100 oder 1000 files. Certainly, another way leads through various computer commands in the command prompt, but very few know about this or are satisfied with the created output format. Reshade Image Super-Resolution. Free Mobile Website Builder Software. Notepad++ Home. Brackets - A modern, open source code editor that understands web design.

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program. Audacity® VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS!