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WWI and poetry

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#PagesOfTheSea - Fiona Shaw reads The Wound In Time. A new poem by Carol Ann Duffy, a sonnet in which the poet laureate mourns the “wound in Time” left by the first world war, will be read aloud on beaches on Armistice Day as part of a nationwide gesture of remembrance for next month’s centenary.

The poem, published on Monday, was commissioned by the director and producer Danny Boyle as part of his commemoration of Armistice Day, Pages of the Sea, which will see thousands of people gathering on beaches in the UK and the Republic of Ireland at low tide on 11 November. As well as readings of Duffy’s poem, the event will see the portrait of a casualty from the war, designed by sand artists Sand in Your Eye, drawn into the sand on beaches around the country, until it is washed away by the tide. “I hope that Carol Ann Duffy’s poem will be something that you’ll read privately as individuals, or with friends, or publicly among people on the beach on 11 November,” said Boyle.

The Wound in Time It is the wound in Time. 1st reading. 1st reading fin. 2nd reading. In Flanders Fields by John McCrae (May 1915) Rain drifts gently down from a milky grey sky.

There’s not a breath of wind and the sound of footsteps is all that can be heard. Ahead loom two huge pillars thrusting upwards through the drizzle. a standing figure gradually comes into focus between the pillars, resting like Samson against the wet marble, one arm holding a torch high in the air. Poppies crosses. Flanders map. In Flanders Fields 1st reading. In Flanders Fields 1st reading fin. In Flanders Fields 2nd reading.

Leonard Cohen recites “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae. Remembrance Day Ceremony. Cenotaph, London. Remembrance Day, November 2018. Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day in delhi, India - November 11th, 2012. Pictures filed with London News Pictures where they can be licensed for editorial usage, or via my Photoshelter site where professionally-produced prints can also be ordered..

Remembrance Day in delhi, India - November 11th, 2012

Remembrance Day was the first day of my two week trip travelling through Delhi & Rajasthan. Links to my other posts covering the trip are at the foot of this post. In Flanders Fields. What did WWI inspire to the poets ?

In Flanders Fields

What messages did WWI poems convey ? Final task : you are invited for a ceremony on Remembrance Day and you are asked to read a poem. WWI & poetry. Dolce et Decorum est. Lesson 2 : Ducle et Decorum est by Wilfred Owen (1917) Describe the image.Read the title then click on the icon to understand the meaning.

Dolce et Decorum est

Ducle et Decorum est is a poem written by Wildred Owen during World War I. The Latin title is taken from Odeof the Roman poet Horace and means 'it is sweet and fitting". The Wound in Time. Read the tile : what is a wound ?

The Wound in Time.

What does it mean ? When was the poem composed ? Why do poets compose poems about WWI a hundred years after ?