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Trauma Healing. It's Different for Girls with ADHD - The Atlantic. This article is from the archive of our partner When you live in total squalor—cookies in your pants drawer, pants in your cookies drawer, and nickels, dresses, old New Yorkers, and apple seeds in your bed—it’s hard to know where to look when you lose your keys.

It's Different for Girls with ADHD - The Atlantic

The other day, after two weeks of fruitless searching, I found my keys in the refrigerator on top of the roasted garlic hummus. I can’t say I was surprised. I was surprised when my psychiatrist diagnosed me with ADHD two years ago, when I was a junior at Yale. In editorials and in waiting rooms, concerns of too-liberal diagnoses and over-medication dominate our discussions of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. Yet also harmful are the consequences of ADHD untreated, an all-to-common story for women like me, who not only develop symptoms later in life, but also have symptoms—disorganization and forgetfulness, for instance—that look different than those typically expressed in males. Encountering the Gifted Self Again, For the First Time. Encountering the Gifted Self Again, For the First Time By Mary-Elaine Jacobsen, PhD Telltale Signs of Adult Giftedness: There are many confusing notions about what giftedness is and is not.

Encountering the Gifted Self Again, For the First Time

Indeed, in several respects, the life experience of the gifted individual seems paradoxical (e.g., being considered highly successful while secretly feeling like an impostor). Dabrowski's (1972) theoretical construct of giftedness suggests that the development of gifted individuals is a matter of nature (heredity), nurture (environmental influences), and a dynamic inner force that fuels self-motivation and self-direction. He proposed five developmental levels that encompass the evolution of the personality. Crisis and pain generally act as essential catalysts for this growth, which is frequently the point at which the counselor meets the gifted adult. Mid-Life « Themon the Bard. I’ve recently had occasion to talk with several different people about “mid-life” and the dreaded “mid-life crisis,” because they’re about twenty years younger than me and happen to be going through it at the moment.

Mid-Life « Themon the Bard

I’d like to pass on a few nuggets of wisdom that I’ve picked up in my travels that they seemed to find helpful. I was talking with my niece on the phone the other day — she’s nowhere near mid-life, but she’s currently taking a psychology class in college — and she brought up something called Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development, which I thought were interesting from the standpoint that they seemed to have been developed by a bright but very young man.

They are heavy on childhood developmental stages, but once they get to “well-adjusted adulthood,” they trail off into a vague mumble, as though adulthood is a featureless landscape that ends suddenly in the Cliffs of Senility and Death.1 Nothing could be further from the truth. In a sense, the words are inverted. Minds at Work. Prophétie des Andes: voici les 11 "révélations" What Is Dysgraphia? Updated August 09, 2016.

What Is Dysgraphia?

Often, homeschooling parents feel that they're not equipped to homeschool a child with special needs or a learning disability. In my experience, that's just not true. Home is often the best place for a student who learns differently. To highlight the benefits of homeschooling for special needs kids and to explain some of the lessor-known learning challenges, I went straight to the source - moms who are successfully homeschooling children who learn differently. Apprendre : la drogue des “multi-potentiels” — Officielle France. Le syndrôme de l’imposteur : malédiction des multipotentiels ? — Officielle France.

How Each Myers-Briggs® Type Reacts to Stress (and How to Help!) - Psychology Junkie. Have you ever become so stressed out that you feel out of control?

How Each Myers-Briggs® Type Reacts to Stress (and How to Help!) - Psychology Junkie

Do you feel like you’re acting in a way that is completely unlike you? Have you ever tried to help a loved one who is stressed out, and everything you’ve said or done has only made things worse? I know I have. Everyone reacts to stress differently and needs different things to calm them down. What works for you may not work for your spouse, your child, or your friends.

This post is incredibly long, so by all means just scroll down to the type that you want to find out about! ESTJ – The Supervisor When overwhelmed by stress, ESTJ’s often feel isolated from others. How to help an ESTJ experiencing stress: – Give them some time to be left alone during and immediately after an incident. – Avoid directly attacking the problem right away. – Help them break down larger projects into smaller pieces. – Listen to them. La douance adulte, une force handicapante - Fabrice Bak - Mensa France. A Little Bit of Personality: The Cognition Process in Stick Figures. Though I write often about cognition patterns and how thought processes differ between each of the sixteen types, I feel like I haven't really gotten across in full what I mean.

A Little Bit of Personality: The Cognition Process in Stick Figures

And is there any way better to get across concepts simply and efficiently than pictures? I think there is not. Now, I can't make stick people like the greats, and I don't want anyone to think I'm trying. 8 lois du Karma peu connues ( qui vont complètement changer votre vie) Achieving Mindfulness at Work, No Meditation Cushion Required. Photo In a recent seminar I gave for over 100 business professionals, I asked the participants to play a simple word association game with me: “I say mindfulness, you say ________.”

Achieving Mindfulness at Work, No Meditation Cushion Required

The word that rang out in unison was, of course, “meditation.” Mindfulness, it seems, has become a mainstream business practice and a kind of industry in its own right. Meditation - Mindfulness and The Science Of The Inner.


Mindfulness. Caractéristiques de l'adulte surdoué: et si vous l'étiez sans le savoir? - L'Express Styles. En l'absence d'un dépistage généralisé, des milliers d'enfants, et en conséquence des dizaines de milliers d'adultes, sont surdoués sans s'en douter le moins du monde, car ils ne se trouvent pas très au point justement.

Caractéristiques de l'adulte surdoué: et si vous l'étiez sans le savoir? - L'Express Styles

Ils partagent l'idée communément admise que quelqu'un de très intelligent, ça se voit, ça réussit ses études et ça poursuit une brillante carrière. Adulte surdoué: comment gérer la différence? - L'Express Styles. Strengths-Based Coaching Can Actually Weaken You. In the past decade, there has been much enthusiasm for the idea that behavioral change interventions are most effective when they focus exclusively on enhancing people’s inherent strengths, as opposed to also addressing their weaknesses.

Strengths-Based Coaching Can Actually Weaken You

This is particularly true in employee and leadership development programs, with strengths having somewhat of a cult-like following among HR and talent management professionals. A Google search for “strengths coaching” yields over 45 million hits. The top results mostly offer related services, while virtually none question the idea. Amazon sells almost 8,000 books on the subject, including several bestselling exemplars by Gallup, whose StrengthsFinder is now used by 1.6 million employees every year and 467 Fortune 500 companies. The word “weakness” has become a politically incorrect term in mainstream HR circles, where people are described as having strengths and “opportunities” or “challenges” — but not weaknesses. La non-directivité : un concept ontologique. Talent Development Resources - Creativity - Psychology - Personal Development - Mental Health.

Douance et différence / Giftedness / HP

Personnes intuitives: 10 choses qu'elles font différemment des autres. The Huffington Post | Par Carolyn Gregoire Il est difficile de spécifier l’intuition, malgré le rôle primordial qu’elle joue dans la vie de tous les jours.

Personnes intuitives: 10 choses qu'elles font différemment des autres

Steve Jobs disait que l’intuition est « plus puissante que l’intellect. » Mais quelque soit la façon dont on la définit, nous savons tous, intuitivement, ce que c’est. On a tous déjà plus ou moins eu une intuition – ce raisonnement inconscient qui nous pousse à agir sans qu’on sache pourquoi ou comment. Mais la nature de l’intuition nous échappe depuis très longtemps, et a inspiré des siècles de recherche et de questionnements dans les domaines de la philosophie et de la psychologie.

How To Have A Successful Personal Crisis. Mesure des intérêts professionnels par la typologie de Holland et le RIASEC. La mesure des intérêts et aptitudes professionnelles fait l’objet de très nombreuses recherches depuis une centaine d’années avec de très nombreuses propositions théoriques depuis l’après guerre. Le génie, une affaire de créativité.

Mindfulness Practice Centre in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. How Doing Nothing Can Help You Truly Live - Sharon Salzberg. This article was originally published on The Huffington Post, May 4, 2010 When the retreat center I co-founded, the Insight Meditation Society, first opened, someone created a mock brochure describing a retreat there, with sayings like, “Come to IMS and have all the tea you could ever drink.” It also featured a wonderful made up motto for us: “It is better to do nothing than to waste your time.” I loved that motto, and thought it exemplified a lot about how meditation serves to help us unplug. Although that motto never made it into our official presentation, it actually was an accurate description of insight meditation, or mindfulness meditation. Basically, we enter into mindfulness practice so that we can learn how to do nothing and not waste our time, because wasting our time is wasting our lives.

We come to meditation to learn how not to act out the habitual tendencies we generally live by, those actions that create suffering for ourselves and others, and get us into so much trouble. Connecting the Dots. Dec 6 2014 Connecting the Dots visual note by Nicki Hambleton using Adobe Ideas on iPad As a young child I loved Dot to Dots, joining the seemingly random patterns to reveal a recognisable image. I loved to try to work out what the dots were going to magically transform into by connecting them via advancing numbers. If you have never heard of or done a Dot to Dot before there is one below. Can you tell what this one is going to be? Dix choses que les gens heureux font différemment des autres  Personnes intuitives: 10 choses qu'elles font différemment des autres. Méditation ancrage. Matthieu Ricard: Habits of happiness.

30 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Die. {Via studioflowerpower on etsy} “Rather than money, than fame, than love…give me truth.” ~ Thoreau I woke up this morning and my life clock marked 30. My first sleep-deprived idea was to pack a small suitcase, get on the first train, move to another country, change my name, change my hair color (or get plastic surgery if needed), and start from scratch. Background noise and color generator for working and relaxing. Arnaud Desjardins - Récit d'un itinéraire spirituel 1-2.

Arnaud Desjardins - Récit d'un itinéraire spirituel 2-2. Talent Psychology Consulting Ltd. » What is Talent Psychology? Talent psychology is the combined study of high potential and leadership toward the application of this new body of knowledge to talent management, organizational development, workplace dynamics, and career advancement. Dr. Mary Jacobsen is considered by many to be the foremost international expert on gifted/talented adults, and has been providing groundbreaking insights and research on high potential since 1998. In particular, she investigates the relationship between high ability and effective leadership. From the outset she has encountered an alarming contradiction between what is true about high-ability individuals and prevailing organizational thinking and procedures. This disconnect is the basis of many unseen problems in talent identification, acquisition, management, and retention, and the catalyst for Dr.

Talented people and high organizational performance are inescapably linked. Reconnaître un vrai médium, d'un fake. - Alice Kara Medium Coach Intuitif. How to nap. Curiosity Is as Important as Intelligence - Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. By Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic | 11:00 AM August 27, 2014 There seems to be wide support for the idea that we are living in an “age of complexity”, which implies that the world has never been more intricate. This idea is based on the rapid pace of technological changes, and the vast amount of information that we are generating (the two are related). Yet consider that philosophers like Leibniz (17th century) and Diderot (18th century) were already complaining about information overload. The “horrible mass of books” they referred to may have represented only a tiny portion of what we know today, but much of what we know today will be equally insignificant to future generations.

21 Comics That Capture The Frustrations Of Depression. L’égo, frein majeur à l’intelligence collaborative. Business Model You® Home - Business Model You® Mindbloom. Lifetick - Online goal setting made simple.

Ne dîtes pas à ma mère que je fais de la PNL. Paul Watzlawick - Psychothérapeute - Quand la solution est le problème. What to Do With Too Many Ideas? Hartman Value Profile - Robert S. Hartman Institute. VALIDITY STUDIES OF THE HARTMAN PROFILE MODEL.

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EPG - Accueil - EPG. Children. The Labyrinth Society: The Labyrinth Society. Welcome to the Labyrinthos Homepage. Introversion. Kahler Communication France. .: IGB - MRI :. Psychothérapie, Association de professionnel de la psychothérapie Carl Rogers. Le focusing - Accueil. The Focusing Institute. Les contes de Grimm. Solange Langenfeld Serranelli: Livres, Biographie, écrits, livres audio, Kindle. Bataclown. Pre-Therapy International Network.