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Photolangage. 2015 - Conférence sur l'Innovation en Entreprise. De la théorie à la pratique.


Mercedes Fires The Robots. Das Ist Gut, Ja? Tesla Powerwall. CV innovants. Untitled. We are mischievous scientists, practical dreamers, working on making the world the way it needs to be.


Asking: "Wouldn't it be cool if... " is an excellent place to start: If you'd like the more in depth version check out the video from our Show and Tell event. We're always on the look out for interesting folks so if this excites you then head over to Jobs to see what's going. We have a strong track record of attracting research funding for early and risky ideas in areas such as ‘programmable matter’, robotics, solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, computational and advanced manufacturing, medical devices and more. How 1% Performance Improvements Led to Olympic Gold.

When Sir Dave Brailsford became head of British Cycling in 2002, the team had almost no record of success: British cycling had only won a single gold medal in its 76-year history.

How 1% Performance Improvements Led to Olympic Gold

That quickly changed under Sir Dave’s leadership. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, his squad won seven out of 10 gold medals available in track cycling, and they matched the achievement at the London Olympics four years later. Corporate Earthquakes. Car Repairs a Click Away, Without the Fuss and Bother. Photo VINCE VANNELLI’S flat tire came at a bad time — just as he was on his way to the San Francisco airport for a flight to Los Angeles.

Car Repairs a Click Away, Without the Fuss and Bother

He parked his Tesla, jumped in an Uber car and contacted Tesla service. Once in Los Angeles, Mr. Vannelli was able to remotely unlock his car and allow the Tesla service person to drive it to a tire store, fix the flat and deposit the car in his driveway, waiting for his return. Tiger Stone Paving Machine Makes Brick Roads Like Laying Carpet. Engineers are always busy finding simpler solutions to problems and strive to decrease the time that a particular activity requires.

Tiger Stone Paving Machine Makes Brick Roads Like Laying Carpet

One such endeavor has resulted in this particular machinery which is more than just a symbol of great engineering, it is frikkin’ cool and awesome. How much paving you reckon, a paver is able to accomplish in a day? The right answer is 100 sq. meter. Autos - The train that powers its station. When I press the brakes on my Prius, the hieroglyphics on the dash tell me that I’m charging the battery — enough, I’d guess, for a few minutes in EV mode as I circle the Whole Foods parking lot.

Autos - The train that powers its station

But the Tube train that rolls into London’s Holborn station has a little more heft than my hybrid. In fact, with some new technology, stopping a massive commuter train can generate enough electricity to power the whole of Holborn station for two days a week. Does this eight-legged transforming robot portend our future cars? When you picture the vehicle of the future, you probably imagine something solar-powered that hovers, but how would you feel driving around in a self-driving, giant transforming horseshoe crab?

Does this eight-legged transforming robot portend our future cars?

Meet Halluc IIx, the second iteration of the Hallucigenia Project, which made its debut at Linz, Austria's Ars Electronica festival from September 3-7. The aim of the project, under development at the Future Robotics Technology Centre of Japan's Chiba Institute of Technology, is to review the relationship between society and the automobile. From there, the team hopes to advance the basic principles of the vehicle towards a changing future and the increasingly limited space in crowded cities and urban environments. Building a rope bridge with flying machines.

Intelligence collective

This app lets you visualize the WiFi signals pulsing around you. We all inherently understand that there are various types of electric signals bouncing around us at all times, but since we can’t see them, their existence is easy to forget.

This app lets you visualize the WiFi signals pulsing around you

But a new iPad app created by Richard Vijgen, called Architecture of Radio, visualizes the overlapping signals that envelop us — from cell towers, WiFi routers, and even satellites flying overhead. (Juuke Schoorl) The app, at the moment, is site-specific to an installation in Germany. It uses GPS to get the user’s location then finds nearby cell towers using OpenCellID, and has been custom-programmed to map the WiFi routers and Ethernet cables in the exhibition space. HERMES Combines Robotic Strength With Human Agility. Comment libérez vos équipes avec l'Open Space Technology. Vous cherchez comment insuffler une nouvelle motivation dans vos équipes, vous voulez favoriser la créativité, lancer vos équipes dans une démarche de de changement, vous voulez favoriser la créativité, lancer ou créez un cadre pour que vos collaborateurs utilisent leur intelligence collective ?

Comment libérez vos équipes avec l'Open Space Technology

In 1975, this Kodak employee invented the digital camera. His bosses made him hide it. Steven Sasson in 1973, the year he started working at Eastman Kodak.

In 1975, this Kodak employee invented the digital camera. His bosses made him hide it.

Le succès du bouton Darty ne doit vraiment rien au hasard. Personne ne l'avait vu venir ce "bouton Darty".

Le succès du bouton Darty ne doit vraiment rien au hasard

Une sorte de magnet, aux couleurs de la marque, à poser chez soi, et sur lequel appuyer pour qu'un conseiller de l'enseigne rappelle aussitôt, 24 heures sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7. L'innovation se crée dans les erreurs. Parmi les nombreux mythes qui s’agrègent autour de l’innovation, l’un des plus vivaces est celui qui fait croire que l’innovation est créée par des visionnaires. Essentiellement ce n’est pas le cas et l’innovation va se créer une fois que ceux qui pensent voir le futur sont mis en échec et que d’autres approches sont prises.

The Shape of Things to Come / Exploring the Shift in Business (and Ma… Watch The ATRIAS Bipedal Robot Take A Stroll In The Park. 6 Ways To Create A Culture Of Innovation. Anne-Claire Long (Michel et Augustin) : "Je veux éviter toute frustration chez le candidat" Crée ton FabLab ! – le jeu à imprimer. Et oui, c’est enfin fait ! Crée ton FabLab, notre jeu coopératif, est enfin opérationnel pour une première version ! En bref « Crée ton FabLab » est un jeu coopératif qui propose, à travers un objectif commun à tous les joueurs, de découvrir l’univers des FabLabs, ces Laboratoires de Fabrication dont le concept vient des États-Unis. Partenaires les uns des autres, les joueurs incarnent chacun un personnage et avancent ensemble pour réaliser des projets dans un temps limité et ainsi construire leur propre FabLab !

Dans ce jeu, tout le monde gagne ou tout le monde perd ! Michel et Augustin envoie sa DRH recruter dans une rame de métro. Documentaire "Le pouvoir de l'intelligence collective" Je crée, tu crées, nous créons ! -AdesIDEESrh. Savoir cultiver la créativité et l’envie d’entreprendre au sein des entreprises devient une vraie force aujourd’hui pour stimuler les équipes et aller de l’avant. Héloïse Lauret, Responsable Innovation chez BNP Paribas Cardif nous éclaire sur cette notion de « culture de l’innovation » qu’elle développe au quotidien. Carbon3D: Amazing new 3D printing technique up to 100 times faster using light and oxygen. A start-up has debuted a new 3D printing technique that is between 25 to 100 times faster than conventional 3D printing techniques today and inspired by an iconic scene from the movie Terminator 2.

In Terminator 2, the robotic villain T-100 rises fully formed out of a puddle of metallic goo, and this is the inspiration behind Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP), a new additive manufacturing technique by Silicon Valley-based firm Carbon3D. Currently, 3D printers use Stereolithography (SLA) technology to print out objects, where a laser or projector cures a photosensitive resin, slowly printing and building up each layer of the object until the item is completed. Why Group Brainstorming Is a Waste of Time.

To grow and innovate, organizations have to come up with creative ideas. At the employee level, creativity results from a combination of expertise, motivation, and thinking skills. At the team level, it results from the synergy between team members, which allows the group to produce something greater than the sum of its parts. Creating a culture of innovation. Inventing the Future of Christmas. By Mark Champkins As Inventor in Residence, I was given the task of coming up with some inventions that we might see in the future at Christmas time. A good starting point was to think about all the problems and minor annoyances about Christmas, then to try to think of solutions. Comment développer de l’intelligence collective au sein d’une communauté?

Orangina crée des canettes anti Foot capables d'éteindre une télévision à distance. HP Labs: How an Idea Becomes a Product. Candor. Finnish phoenix: The start-ups rising from Nokia's ashes. 29 January 2015Last updated at 19:02 ET By Padraig Belton Business reporter Cold calling: Polar Bear Pitching in the northern Finnish city of Oulu, in an ice hole in the River Oulujoki For many, Finland and Nokia were synonymous. And when in 2012 and 2013, Nokia shed 24,500 employees and sold Nokia House (and its mobile phone division to Microsoft), they called it the "Elopcalypse" after then-chief executive Stephen Elop.

But the sinking of Nokia has led to an explosion of start-ups, as a skilled workforce jumps ship and begin businesses. The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World. A few months ago I made the trek to the sylvan campus of the IBM research labs in Yorktown Heights, New York, to catch an early glimpse of the fast-arriving, long-overdue future of artificial intelligence. This was the home of Watson, the electronic genius that conquered Jeopardy! In 2011. Aiko Chihira, le troublant robot humanoïde plus vrai que nature de Toshiba. Depuis quelques mois, Toshiba prépare un grand coup. Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2014. We launched Innovation Excellence on August 1, 2011 and so 2014 was our third full year of operations.

To celebrate we’ve pulled together the Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2014 from our archive of over 7,000 innovation-related articles from more than 400 contributing authors. Click the link if you missed the last two years’ lists: We do some other rankings too. At the beginning of each month we will profile the twenty posts from the previous month and we also publish a weekly Top 8 as part of our Innovation Excellence Weekly email and FREE MAGAZINE, so an annual Top 100 seems like a logical fit. Four Types of Innovation and the Strategic Choices Each One Represents. If you’re like me, you want your brainstorming sessions and new product development projects to be productive and you want the ideas you (and your team) come up with to be relevant to your business’ overall goals. That’s what this post will help you with – giving a guidance to your ideation/new product development efforts and some insight into how those ideas might fit into the overall plans of the business for the future.

When coming up with a new idea, often it can be helpful to think through categories of ideas first. For example, I don’t know about you but my creativity is actually enhanced when there are a few constraints put in place to help me know what is in scope or out of scope. Additionally it can also be helpful to know how some ideas can contribute to the overall strategy of the company or organization. You may come up with a fantastic idea but if it doesn’t jibe with the goals of the overall business, it will most likely get scrapped. Breakthrough. Un créateur (13 ans) d'une imprimante braille en Lego sera le plus jeune bénéficiaire de capital-risque de l'histoire - ICT actualité - Data News Mobile. 22 photos qui prouvent que nous vivons déjà dans le futur. CARDIF TEAM BUILDING VIDEO. Définition créativité et innovation. Les Notions de créativité et d’innovation sont floues et abstraites.

Pourtant, il existe des différences importantes. 50 Awesome Innovation Quotes to Share.

Design Thinking

C'est pas mon idée !: Sociét&eacu... Robot suit HALالبدلة الآلية تمكنك من رفع الاوزان الثقيلة جدا. Japan Tech. Innovative products. Open innovation. Lego Serious Play. How Do You Create A Culture Of Innovation?

This is the third part in a series by Scott Anthony, author of The Little Black Book Of Innovation. Les caractéristiques d’une organisation conçue spécifiquement pour créer et innover - Page 1. Why Big Companies Struggle With Innovation. Google Reveals Its 9 Principles of Innovation. Les 11 façons dont les grandes entreprises sapent l'innovation. Design Thinking Starts At The Top.

CREA conference - fr. Thinking Profile, Innovation Tools for Teams. How to Step Outside the Box _ LinkedIn. Mind mapping 3D. Cognitive Edge. Innovation Labs. Snecma met son atelier innovation à la d... Welcome to the Garage: Microsoft’s after-hours idea factory. 2013_US_Workplace_Survey_07_15_2013. Gensler study looks at how office space is used effectively - Philadelphia Business Journal. Anatomy of the Perfect Office Space. Lessons on Innovating from OK Go. The red hot business of divorce celebration. Le cas Wal-Mart, ou comment gagner la bataille de l'efficacité énergétique. Devenir donateur – Garde aérienne suisse de sauvetage Rega – Numéro d'alarme 1414. WordsEye - Type a Picture. SoonSoonSoon - Prenez un temps d'avance.

Factories – Everlane. The Most Awesome Robots (until 2014) Advanced Robotics Technology. VINTAGE 80'S REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS COMMERCIAL W WALKERS. Crowdsourcing for the Rest of Us.