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Douance et différence / Giftedness / HP

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A Home for Multipotentialites! How to Spot Wild Colts in the Classroom. 138 9Share Synopsis E.

How to Spot Wild Colts in the Classroom

Paul Torrance paved the way for us to find and support misunderstood creatives in our classrooms and homes. Recently, a distraught mother from Chicago called me. “Jason has always been a good student, but all of a sudden in third grade he is acting out, crawling under his desk, refusing to do school work. Indeed, my work with families like Jason’s often leads to the conclusion that the child is a highly creative or divergent thinker, intellectually gifted, or a combination of both.

It is disturbing to see the Jasons of the world misunderstood, but on the flipside, when I hear a story like this, I am heartened that there is a positive, effective approach to turn it around. Did you know that in the animal kingdom, colts become evicted from their herds early in life? » What is Low Latent Inhibition. What exactly is Low Latent Inhibition?

» What is Low Latent Inhibition

Latent inhibition In order to even attempt to explain what low latent inhibition is, I feel it is vital that an understanding of the term “latent inhibition” is reached. Latent inhibition is a term used to explain how our observation of a familiar stimulus (e.g. something we see, hear, smell, feel or taste that we’ve had before) takes longer to acquire meaning than a new stimulus.

Mon enfant est-il précoce ? - La Maison des Maternelles. Encountering the Gifted Self Again, For the First Time. Encountering the Gifted Self Again, For the First Time By Mary-Elaine Jacobsen, PhD Telltale Signs of Adult Giftedness: There are many confusing notions about what giftedness is and is not.

Encountering the Gifted Self Again, For the First Time

Indeed, in several respects, the life experience of the gifted individual seems paradoxical (e.g., being considered highly successful while secretly feeling like an impostor). When Lightning Strikes Twice: Profoundly Gifted, Profoundly Accomplished. Les 10 traits de caractères qui empoisonnent la vie des adultes surdoués. Polymathes ! Les entrepreneurs, ces surdoués à qui on n'a pas laissé la place d'exister. Anxiety in Gifted Children: 3 Simple Steps Parents and Educators Can Take. Posted by Celi Trépanier on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 · 22 Comments Gifted children and anxiety often seem to just go hand in hand.

Anxiety in Gifted Children: 3 Simple Steps Parents and Educators Can Take

Experiencing their world more intensely as well as having a more intuitive understanding of complex connections and interactions in their life and in the physical world can create a plethora of reasons for gifted children to experience anxiety in their lives. Being so acutely aware of what is going on in their world and what future possibilities can hold, gifted children can naturally develop above-average anxiety.

They begin to worry, oftentimes making mountains out of mole hills. In school, fear of failure, perfectionism, and not being able to live up to the expectations many may have for their high potential can leave our gifted children so anxious that they just crumble. Here are three simple steps parents and teachers can take to avoid increasing the worries of a gifted child through our actions and words: “Dr. MIGUEL A. FUNES - SUPERDOTACIÓN Y ALTAS CAPACIDADES - ADULTOS / test de screening. Publisher of Gifted Education Resources. My Child is Gifted and I Can’t Talk About Him.

Podcasts for Gifted Learners - Institute for Educational Advancement. Posted in Blog on 07/19/2016 by Nicole LaChance by Morgan Carrion, Assistant to the President “Isn’t it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about?

Podcasts for Gifted Learners - Institute for Educational Advancement

It just makes me feel glad to be alive…” L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables There are many ways to explore and learn new things. 60 Second Science Get your daily dose of podcast with these tiny scientific expositions that manage to squeeze anecdotes, interviews, and a satisfying amount of information into two minute episodes. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum. It’s A Jungle In There — Explaining Giftedness. Flickr, Creative Commons, Shigenobu Sugito It’s embarrassing.

It’s A Jungle In There — Explaining Giftedness

You probably don’t tell anyone that you read this blog. You keep it a secret. Right? Welcome to 2e Newsletter! L'urgence de mieux recruter et accompagner les talents surdoués. Surdoué ne veut pas dire malheureux. DOUANCE. Creative people’s brains really do work differently. Columbia, South Carolina South Carolina, as expected, voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary today (Feb. 27).

Creative people’s brains really do work differently

Zebras Crossing : rencontres entre surdoués > LISTE DE SURDOUES. ZEBRAS CROSSING, rencontres entre Zèbres. Idea Overload: How To Manage Having Too Many Ideas. Most people constantly search for inspiration, for an idea to get them excited to take action and make something.

Idea Overload: How To Manage Having Too Many Ideas

I am not one of those people – quite the opposite actually. I have too many ideas. Shulamit Widawsky, Consultant for the Gifted. SENG. Hypersensibilité émotionnelle et haut potentiel intellectuel risque psychologique et moyen de l appr. Haut potentiel: ces esprits décalés qui boostent la société. Le cerveau d’un HP est en ébullition permanente. Les IRM effectuées sur ces personnes confirment cette forte activité, avec une multitude de connexions neuronales qui se traduisent par une pensée en arborescence : une idée en entraînant une autre, puis une autre...

Alors que chez les non-HP, seule une zone spécifique du cerveau s’anime par fonction, par exemple celle du langage pour traiter une information. Chez le surdoué, penser, c’est vivre. Il n’a pas le choix. Séjours pour enfants et développement personnel dans le sud-ouest. Dabrowski’s Theory and Existential Depression in Gifted Children and Adults. Webb, J, Ph.D.

Dabrowski’s Theory and Existential Depression in Gifted Children and Adults

When people undergo a great trauma or other unsettling event—they have lost a job or a loved one dies, for example—their understanding of themselves or of their place in the world often disintegrates, and they temporarily "fall apart," experiencing a type of depression referred to as existential depression. It's very hard to keep your spirits up. Connecting bright minds; nurturing intellectual and personal growth. Gifted Articles + The “Me” Behind the Mask: Intellectually Gifted Students and the Search for Identity « SENG. The “Me” Behind the Mask: Intellectually Gifted Students and the Search for Identity The process of identity development in intellectually gifted children and adolescents is complicated by their innate and acquired differences from age-peers.

The “Me” Behind the Mask: Intellectually Gifted Students and the Search for Identity « SENG

To be valued within a peer culture which values conformity, gifted young people may mask their giftedness and develop alternative identities which are perceived as more socially acceptable. The weaving of this protective mask requires the gifted child to conceal her love of learning, her interests which differ from those of age-peers, and her advanced moral development.

If this assumed identity does indeed bring her the social acceptance she seeks, the gifted child may become afraid to take off her mask. Gifted children and adolescents need the opportunity to work and socialize with others of similar abilities and interests if they are to grow towards self-acceptance. Joad was extremely precise in his response to questions. Leon was devastated. Welcome to SILC. Visual-Spatial Resource. Giftedness is More Than a Function of Education. I get it. The vast majority of people think that gifted children are the smart, advantaged students in an esteemed, sometimes seemingly elitist, special program at school—it’s a universal misperception. Understanding that misperception is pretty straightforward. When I was a student teacher in college, the elementary school where I was student teaching had a full-time gifted program. And it was special. The classroom had no desks—the gifted students got to all sit in bean bag chairs for their instructional time instead of in desks.

Visual-Spatial. Gifted Visual-Spatial Learners. Idvsls.pdf. Visual Thinking. Spatial & Sequential Thinking Spatial and sequential thinking are two different mental organisations that affect the way people view the world. Sequential thinking is step by step linear thinking over time, while spatial thinking is an holistic system where all knowledge is interconnected in space.

Auditory thinking is associated with sequential thinking and visual-spatial thinking is associated with spatial thinking. The sequential system involves analysis, progression from simple to complex, organisation of information and linear deductive reasoning. It is influenced by hearing and language and an awareness of time. Visual-spatial thinking is the hallmark of creativity and visual spatial learners usually gravitate to the creative professions eg. art, design, architecture, computer programming, graphics, animation, physics. Traditional teaching techniques tend to be designed for auditory sequential learners. Try this simple task. Precocite. Hypersensibles - Surchauffe du bulbe. Leaflets - English. Giftedness is more than a function of Education. Enfants précoces, enfants surdoués, enfants à haut potentiel; adultes surdoués; tout sur la douance, la surdouance, le surdouement. Les personnes à haut potentiel ont-elles un fonctionnement hormonal différent ? Planète-Douance.

Cet article est une tentative d’approche de l’importance de certaines hormones jouant le rôle de neuro-transmetteurs dans la chimie du cerveau des personnes à haut potentiel et ses implications dans leur vie quotidienne. Ce besoin de clarification était motivé par les très nombreux témoignages de surdoués sur divers blogs ou forums dédiés sur le rôle du système hormonal chez cette population particulière. Cependant, la quantité de pistes différentes qui toutes semblaient n’avoir comme dénominateur commun que le dérèglement de ce système au sens large donnait une idée assez vertigineuse du nombre de chemins vicinaux qu’il faudrait emprunter avant d’arriver à la lumière centrale.

L’endocrinologie est une science ô combien délicate ! Monique de Kermadec : « Les adultes surdoués souffrent d’un sentiment de décalage » Différence et souffrance de l’adulte surdoué, Cécile BOST. Adulte surdoué : reconnaître et comprendre leur différence - Dossier.