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Co-Founder Uthango Social Investments in South Africa and social innovator... sur Twitter : "Gender and attractiveness stereotypes continue to exist in virtual worlds... World Economic Forum sur Twitter : "12 facts that will make you look differently at #Africa #af15... 12 facts that will make you look differently at Africa. Africa is a vibrant and incredibly vast continent, home to many different ethnic groups and very diverse economies.

12 facts that will make you look differently at Africa

But many of its countries face crises of various sorts. Here are six facts and counter-facts you may not have known, and that may change your perception of the continent. Africa is home to several thousand ethnic groups who speak around 2,000 different languages. They find a home in over 50 countries with over 1.1 billion inhabitants, spread over 30 million square kilometres – making Africa the second largest continent by land mass, after Asia.Last year the continent’s GDP grew at 5%, almost double the global average of 2.6%.

It is no surprise then that six of the 10 fastest growing countries in the past decade came from Africa.On the flip side, about over three quarters of African countries are still ranked in the bottom half for the per capita GDP ranking worldwide. Africa is a continent of contrasts and changes. #SMWF sur Twitter : "#contentmar breakout at #SMWF with @Bazaarvoice getting busy with content marketing. WeHologram sur Twitter : "Not science fiction – Science fact! Use cases of #holographic #science #ar #dev #vr #HoloLens. Feature - Not Science fiction – Science fact! Different use cases of holographic and virtual science.

Messages: 31 Likes Received: 8 Oculus and Microsoft made clear that their head-mounted displays will be a helpful tool for scientific and medical research.

Feature - Not Science fiction – Science fact! Different use cases of holographic and virtual science

Let us check the potential impact of Oculus Rift and HoloLens on that industry. Reality glasses have enormous potential in terms of entertainment. Even if experts think that neither virtual nor augmented reality will replace TVs and computers any time soon, reality glasses presented a fascinating way to consume movies and play games. Dorette sur Twitter : "like this simple categories of participants in #virtualworlds @Atari_Historian! cc @rivenhomewood... Josh McCormick sur Twitter : "Vintage book review: Designing Virtual Words by Richard Bartle, author of the first virtual world. Roblem VR sur Twitter : "#SecondLife: Dispelling myths about providing #Counseling in #VirtualWorlds. #SL #VRTherapy.

Ebbe Altberg And Philip Rosedale Set To Speak A... Jose Javier Garde on Twitter: "Video games cause Alzheimer's due to loss of grey matter, claims study - #Psychology" New Scientist sur Twitter : "Virtual worlds so good they'll change our grasp on real life: Edorble sur Twitter : "Research roundup: Are video games good for learning? #edtech #virtualworlds. Research roundup: Are video games good for learning? Scholars have long applauded the affordances that games provide in improving education.

Research roundup: Are video games good for learning?

In fact, research in the early 1970’s produced significant discourse on the topic with advocates acknowledging that games could be used to promote interactive educational experiences (Abt, 1970) and simulations could improve pedagogical practices related to the enhancement of student motivation (Greenblat, 1973). Fast-forward to the mid 2000’s, and enthusiasm toward gamed-based learning was in full swing. One of the most prominent supporters in this area, James Paul Gee, published several thought-provoking and well-reasoned articles explaining the ways in which games could positively impact learning. Today, Gee’s work provides a useful foundation for exploring and understanding game-based learning and virtual world education.

Digital Trends sur Twitter : "The Void will combine virtual worlds with physical environments for the coolest VR yet. HomecomingRevolution sur Twitter : "INFOGRAPHIC: Africa on the move via @calestous #Africa #AfricaRising #heartAfrica... Alzheimers Support sur Twitter : "Why Mom's Shoes Need No Strings! #Safety #precaution #Alzheimer's #helping.

Financial Times sur Twitter : "Upheaval hits private equity industry... Dorette sur Twitter : "quick meeting at a funky #roastery with amazing selection of #African #coffee @ The Blue Shed... Games-change-awards-winners-announced# Games for Change announced that Never Alone was named the winner of the "Most Significant Impact" and "Game of the Year" awards. during the Games for Change (G4C) Awards.


Hosted by Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell, the Games For Change Awards took place at the 12th Annual Games for Change Festival yesterday in conjunction with the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Bounden (developed by Game Oven) won the "Most Innovative" award, while This War of Mine from by 11 bit studios won the "Best Gameplay" award. This War of Mine also took home the first-ever fan award - the "Mashable + Games for Change People’s Choice Award. " Tracy Fullerton won the "Game Changer Award," which recognizes the significant global contributions of individuals who inspire and mentor new generations of game creators and researchers. Fullerton was honored for her work as director of the joint USC Games Program and the Chair of the Interactive Media & Games Division of the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Erickristoff sur Twitter : "AMD Plans to Do for #VirtualReality What It Did for PC Game Development. Arjen Vons sur Twitter : "Nice Overview of Today's Payments Ecosystem #Fintech... Elizabeth Rossiello on Twitter: "In beautiful Cape Town for #bitcoinconf_Za, so much progress from bitcoin companies here in the last year!" DUO Marketing sur Twitter : ""Bitcoin still has a lot of pulling power for those interested in the #tech" by Jonathan Levin @BitcoinConf_ZA.

My old lighthouse in Second Life. Postcards from the Metaverse: An Introduction to the Immersive Internet. Image uploaded by @webspelunker. Willkommen! – Part III Back to 1920’s Berlin in Second Life. The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 28: Whiskey Monday] Twitter. On Education and #Africa... - Dorette Steenkamp. TEDxCT. MetaMeerkat : oh! so classy & humble ... TEDx Simulcast Web Platform. The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship.

WATCH: Does Money Make You Mean?  Please help Karen Borochowitz and share... - Dorette Steenkamp. So glad this was recorded Olly Malebane... - Dorette Steenkamp. Katie Melua _The Walls Of The World. Welcome to Alzheimer’s South Africa — Alzheimer's South Africa. MetaMeerkat : nog steeds bietjie sneeu op... Shannon Hope - The Waiting Room. Mugabe blasts Mandela. Johannesburg - Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has blasted former president Nelson Mandela 's reconciliation policies, and has labelled him "too much of a saint" in a television interview, The Sunday Independent reported.

Mugabe blasts Mandela

"Mandela has gone a bit too far in doing good to the non-black communities, really in some cases at the expense of [blacks]... ," Mugabe reportedly told talk show host Dali Tambo in an interview. "That is being too saintly, too good, too much of a saint," he said. The interview, filmed for Tambo's show People of the South , would be aired next Sunday, the newspaper reported. According to The Sunday Independent, the interview included footage of the Mugabe family and interviews with Mugabe's wife Grace at a dairy farm. Tambo filmed the interview in Zimbabwe before Christmas and showed the family the final edit in Harare last weekend. 'Mugabe is an icon'

Africa's sexy tech: Death by innovation? The Cc-Hub, in Lagos, is a hotbed of successful innovation.

Africa's sexy tech: Death by innovation?

But innovation isn't always the answer, says Michelle Atagana. African entrepreneurs place too much importance on innovation, says Michelle AtaganaStartups are forgoing solid business models in favor of trendy concepts, she saysTech wizards should first tackle the problem of service delivery Editor's note: Michelle Atagana is the managing editor of, a social media and technology news site. She has a Masters Degree in New Media and Journalism, her thesis focuses on social media technologies in the South African journalistic space with some focus on the public sphere. (CNN) -- In today's world of catchy buzzwords, a current favorite is "Africa is rising. " In case you haven't heard, apparently the next Facebook, Google or Microsoft will come from Africa. In Africa, we worship at the altar of innovation Innovation is the fountain from which most African entrepreneurs drink -- their raison d'etre. EverClip Automatically Imports Your iOS Clipboard to Evernote.

Global NGOs Spend More on Accounting Than Multinationals - Jeri Eckhart Queenan. By Jeri Eckhart Queenan | 12:00 PM April 23, 2013 Benchmark data isn’t sexy stuff, but occasionally the numbers reveal surprising findings.

Global NGOs Spend More on Accounting Than Multinationals - Jeri Eckhart Queenan

Who, for instance, would have guessed that global NGOs spend nearly 80% more to track their finances and employ nearly twice as many finance staff as comparable for-profit multinationals? This hardly seems right given that multinationals are thought to be awash in money and NGOs have the image of cash-strapped, waste averse organizations — which they are. But the data, gathered in our new study “Stop Starving Scale” and compared against benchmarks from APQC (American Productivity & Quality Center), hint at a little-known story: most global NGOs today struggle to master the complexities of managing efficient, integrated operations in large part due to restrictions placed on them by funders.

As globalization began to shift into high gear in the 1980s, corporations grew by opening international outposts to access new markets. Solar-powered mobile health centre rolls into Cape Town. Africa: How Mobile Media Is Transforming Africa for Good. Often has the question been asked: Who does technology serve?

Africa: How Mobile Media Is Transforming Africa for Good

Earlier this year, as a member of the judging panel for the first African Open Data Bootcamp in Kenya, I came across a "Sanitation in Schools" app. It was developed after data indicated a worrying dropout trend across Kenya's counties. Data indicated that this was due to the schools' level of poor sanitation. The app is currently being fine-tuned to help track schools with low sanitation levels. The number of mobile phones in Africa stands at 650 million (from a mere 4 million in the late 1990s) and is set to reach the 1 billion bar in less than 5 years. A very exciting aspect of the mobile revolution in Africa is what it's used for. In 2011, the African Media Initiative (AMI), together with other partners, launched the African News Innovation Challenge (ANIC), in which a $1m fund promotes disruptive digital ideas to improve how news is collected and disseminated. Kitely Roll Out New Opensim Asset System. This sounds like a great advancement because inventory is proving somewhat of a problem on OSgrid which is probably down to the huge storage requirement given they have the most registered avatars and regions.

Kitely Roll Out New Opensim Asset System

Clearly, Kitely are meeting this problem early on in their development and that is a big plus for using their service. I think more grids could push their databases to cloud and I always thought how useful it would be if a company like Kitely, or even Second Life, offered cloud based inventory data storage to other grids where Kitely or SL could, in effect, shield content from copy thieves since no grid owner using the service would be able to look at the data and change permissions. A service like that could help to make Hypergrid more secure and instill confidence in more content creators who want to sell stuff in the open Metaverse without the risks. Social Cooperation Within Virtual Worlds: Old Social Phenomena Emerging in New Environments. I.

Social Cooperation Within Virtual Worlds: Old Social Phenomena Emerging in New Environments

Introduction to virtual worlds What is a virtual world. MMORPG. The term MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Beloved Lindens Oskar and Yoz Let Go From Linden Lab. Kenya’s mobile telephones: Vital for the poor. AFRICA’S “mobile decade”, when telephones at last reached most corners of the continent, has meant a huge improvement in the lives of the poor. But quantifying it is hard. How useful can a mobile phone be to someone living on less than $2.50 a day, the World Bank’s standard benchmark of poverty? Researchers in Kenya have given a partial answer.

They find that people will skip a meal or choose to walk instead of paying for a bus fare so that they can keep their phone in credit. The weekly value of these sacrifices averages just over 72 Kenyan shillings (84 American cents)—not a trivial amount, seeing that the daily wage of a Kenyan labourer can be as little as a dollar. Almost half of those surveyed were using internet-enabled smart or “feature” phones. Still, only 16% of respondents said they were using their phones to browse the internet. But M-Pesa’s success has not escaped the notice of a government struggling to meet its financial commitments.

Tech4Africa is the premier mobile, web & emerging technology event in Africa.Tech4Africa. Hurricane Sandy 3 Trees Fall And Fire. Manhattan Is Flooding and Sandy Hasn't Even Hit Yet.


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