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Metal Solutions USA LLC

Metal Solutions U.S.A specialized in fabrication of customized items including wrought iron gates and fences, front porch gate, driveway swing gates, driveway sliding gate, pedestrian gate (kg:/g/11bv5zbnbs). All of our gates are powder coated with the quality that will provide good looks and absolute security for years. They are also provided at affordable prices and with beautiful designs that will make your house or property look better than ever. -Name: Metal Solutions USA LLC -Adress: 12775 Beechnut St d500, Houston, TX 77072, USA -Phone number: +1(832)499-9880 -Email:

Metal Solutions LLC USA. Metal Solutions LLC USA (Gallery) (5) Metal Solutions LLC USA (Gallery) (4) Metal Solutions LLC USA (Gallery) (3) Metal Solutions LLC USA (Gallery) (2) Metal Solutions LLC USA (Gallery) (1) GRINDING.

Metal Solutions grinding services are designed to eliminate rough edges and imperfections after cutting and sawing of materials that include iron, aluminum, steel, alloys and stainless steel in preparation for a polished finish. Metal Solutions offers a flexible capacity for variable volumes and metal grinding specifications perfect for industrial grinding and custom metal grinding projects that are an essential part of our complete custom metal fabrication process. – metalsolutionsusallc

Metal Solutions LLC USA Service (6) PLASMA CUTTING.

Metal Solution CNC plasma cutting services offer automated, high-efficiency and precision metal cutting solutions for variable shapes, sizes and thickness of materials that include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel. We deliver commercial, industrial and custom metal cutting services with a minimal lead-time from prototype to production. As a result of this, Metal Solutions will continuously produce quality parts, at competitive pricing by maximizing productivity, without compromising quality. – metalsolutionsusallc

Metal Solutions LLC USA Service (4) Metal Solutions LLC USA Service.

Metal Solutions is a Houston custom metal fabrication company specializing in end-to-end metal design, fabrication, and production for a wide-range of industries seeking the highest quality metal products and services. We offer everything from metal welding and grinding to bending and CNC plasma cutting with powder coating and installation prep that puts the finishing touches on commercial, industrial and artistic metal pieces. Metal Solutions is your home for cost-effective and high-quality products developed through in-house assembly where efficient supply chain management results in reduced production costs and strategic packaging, shipping and outsourcing through an established network of reliable partnerships. – metalsolutionsusallc

POWDER COATING. Metal Solutions LLC USA Service (2) BENDING.

Our comprehensive metal bending services cater to industries and artists seeking consistent and accurate metal formations with custom bending and rolling of materials that include steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and various alloys. We also specialize in designing custom bends and shapes ideal for architecture, artist designs and custom metal products with an adaptive capacity for any project size or complexity. – metalsolutionsusallc


Metal Solutions offers expert welding in Houston with a wide-variety of welding services available for existing metal pieces as well as innovative production designs and metal assemblies. Our fully qualified welders are equipped with all the tools and technology necessary to make precise cutting and welding according to the highest industry standards. We offer custom welding services from design to production on various material types and are a go-to for high quality welds and built-to-spec products in many industries – metalsolutionsusallc