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My team built and Proud to be an @TheoPaphitis #SBS Winner. July 2011. #Web #DigitalMarketing #Socialmedia #SEO pro, not expert!

Pay As You Go SEO. Professional Digital Photography. Professional SEO Consultants. Have you had enough of listening to your ‘expert’ search engine marketing company?

Professional SEO Consultants

Has it been a process of a lot of talk and no delivery? Well now there is a professional alternative which is professional, reliable, and above all results driven.. Google Ranking Factors. Web Design In Norwich. What do we offer you?

Web Design In Norwich

Web design in Norwich that will tick all your boxes. If you run a local business, we are your local web professionals who can get you that exemplary web presence you desire. Even if you are nowhere near us geographically, we can still provide an exceptionally high quality, affordable service for any business needing web design. Lightning Fast Web Hosting. Business website hosting is a service which allows you to make your site accessible via the World Wide Web.

Lightning Fast Web Hosting

There are many companies in the UK and abroad, but not all of them offer professionally managed business hosting, with a personal approach to customer service, using multiple dedicated servers. The amount of website hosting space you need on the web servers is determined by the size of your website and what you need it to do. There are not many web sites on the Internet that are just static pages of content, most websites have some sort of interaction.

Top 10 Qualities in Your SEO / Digital Marketing Partner. We thought it might be useful to create this guide to the top 5 qualities you should look for in an SEO or digital marketing partner.

Top 10 Qualities in Your SEO / Digital Marketing Partner

We hope it assists. 1. Years of SEO Experience Anyone can set-up an 'SEO agency' overnight and call themselves an 'SEO expert'. This does not necessarily mean they know what they're doing. Every website needs different SEO tactics to succeed. 2. Search engine optimisation involves three levels: Why Does Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign Fail. Many web site owners face a problem.

Why Does Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign Fail

Their search engine marketing strategy is failing. They don’t know why and they equally don’t know what to do to ensure a ranking on page 1 of ALL search engines, not just Google. Here are some reasons I have come across why this might just be the case: 1. Your goals are either wrong or not clearly defined: If your web site is not getting traffic to it and is not ranking, how can you expect it to be on page 1 for the most valuable term(s) in your sector? Theo Paphitis – Metalfrog Studios. UK Digital Marketing Results. Search Engine Marketing.

UK Digital Marketing Results

Website Design Companies. Professional SEO Consultants. Metalfrog Studios Limited. Metalfrog are a professional digital marketing agency based in the two cathedral city of Norwich, in the heart of the English county of Norfolk.

Metalfrog Studios Limited

Over the years we have helped numerous Norfolk businesses to improve their digital marketing strategies, and to develop a more prolific web presence in their industry. This has been achieved through things like targeted marketing campaigns, inventive website development and of course, SEO. We are often asked by local businesses what SEO is all about, and how they can do it better. The answer is that while there are many elements of SEO that you can do yourself, some of the more advanced strategies will end up being too time consuming or just too confusing for you to do adequately yourself.

If you are based in Norfolk and need assistance with getting your page rank higher, our services are designed to be affordable, accessible and most importantly, effective. Best Web Design In Norfolk. We are a rapidly growing Web Design firm in Norwich, Norfolk.

Best Web Design In Norfolk

Professionals in creating web sites that build business for our clients. We focus on the combination of pleasing both viewer and search engine, offering great website engagement and ranking success. Graphic Design Norwich UK. Graphic and logo brand creation with commercial designers Thoughtful branding of your business is crucial in this digital age, and your logo is the most important design of your brand.

Graphic Design Norwich UK

When you are looking at logo design, you need to think carefully to come up with something that will adequately reflect your brand values and ethics, as well as a design that your customers will instantly recognise. Working with our talented graphic designers, we can help you develop a logo that ticks all the boxes. We want to get right under the skin of your business, and to create a design that you’ll be proud to see every day. Our logo designers have years of experience in working with businesses just like yours, creating logos that elevate the brand to new levels of customer engagement. Social Media Instruction Management.

1st Class Quality SEO Services. The importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) cannot be underestimated as part of an overall digital marketing strategy, and it needs to be dealt with in the right way if you want to attract visitors to your website.

1st Class Quality SEO Services

Great SEO Quality SEO services contain many elements, and with every search engine update the goal posts can move slightly. Above all else, the most important thing is good quality relevant text, as this will future proof your efforts. Metalfrog Studios Limited - Free Website Quality Audit Tool from Metalfrog Studios Ltd. Metalfrog Studios Limited - SEO Norfolk. 1st Class Quality SEO Services. Tools to Assist a Website Owner. A UK SEO Company Offering HIgh Performance SEO. For any business operating in the modern digital environment, good SEO is crucial to their success. Website Design Company. Having a professional, functional and usable web presence is crucially important to any modern business. Over the past decade, a website has gone from being something that is ‘nice to have’ to being an essential marketing tool, and something every customer expects your business to have.

But it’s not good enough just to be on the web. Today’s customers expect you to be on the web in an easy-to-find, simple-to-use and highly informative manner. Best Web Design Norfolk by Metalfrog  Metalfrog Studios Limited - Last time to P-P-Pickup a Google Penalty? Best Web Design In Norfolk. StumbleUpon. A Series of SEO Training Courses WIth Results. SEO is a specialist subject that needs professional and bespoke training, if that training course is to be useful and cost effective. Initially there are some basics that can be applied to the training, but as every market place and business are different, that on its own will not be enough to ensure your website rises in the rankings as it should do with good SEO. Refined SEO courses. Your priorities. Digital Agency Offering Commercial Strategies for Success.

Here at Metalfrog, part of what we do is act as a ‘digital agency’ for our clients. You might have heard the term ‘digital agency’, but as it’s a fairly new model of business, we thought we would offer an explanation of what exactly this means and how it can benefit your business. A definition A digital agency can be defined as a company that takes care of the technical and creative development of web based products and services. In plain English, this means we are a group of people who are able to look after every aspect of your online presence and marketing in an effective, professional manner. Metalfrog Studios Limited. UK Web Design Company. Best Web Design In Norfolk. Ethical Link Building Services - Metalfrog Studios. As part of a robust SEO strategy, link building services are an important and valuable component. Link building is also the most challenging element of SEO, but is the one that is most crucial to your success. Search engines look for high value link ‘juice’ to and from your site in order to judge the authority of your pages, which in turn boosts your ranking on the search results pages (SERPS).

In a nutshell, SEO services will not work well for you without including link building in your strategy. In the early days of SEO at the end of the 90’s, we used to be able to submit a link to a webmaster (without paying for that link) and get acceptance within a week or so, and the link would be live on the site within a couple of weeks. Now, this is a lot longer, as credible sites which offered valuable link juice have become few and far between. If you want to try this for yourself, here are some pieces of advice concerning quality link building activity. Delivering effective links 1. 2. 3.

SEO Training Courses. Many businesses depend on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to reach out to their customers online. If you have the time or the personnel available you might try to carry out SEO or Link Building in-house having first attended an SEO training course. You may carry out SEO training for your employees, to help them understand the various techniques required covering on-page and off-page aspects. A Question for B2B Lead Generation Marketers: Are you Competitive? Lead Generation. A Metalfrog Glossary of Web Terms. UK Digital Marketing Results.

Smallbusiness #linkbuilding. No contracts, no tie ins, 1 month URL boost with reporting at the end #RT. Web Design Norfolk & East Anglia. If you’re looking for web design in Norfolk, or anywhere in the world for that matter, you’ve already found your perfect partner! Whether you need an innovative website to create an online presence, want a single page site to showcase a product, or a complex eCommerce shop to run your entire business, we have the ability to make your project a success.

We realise the importance of satisfied customers, so we offer advanced and unique contemporary website solutions at prices to suit every budget. We offer start up packages for small businesses and specialise in bespoke development of high quality websites for Norfolk businesses of all shapes and sizes. We build stunning, custom-made websites that we can tailor to suit your brand, and can even include ongoing maintenance in the cost. Our service is fast, our team is efficient and we always put the customer first. Advice for New #SBS Winners: @ProGazebos @DroylsdenGlass @fivesixblue @QDOSCAD @sixthsensesalon @Mattswazfitness.

Web Design Norwich by Digital Marketing Agency in Norfolk. Global Payments Solutions Provider Offering Modular Options. At Haguelands Farm. Leather Cleaning and Repair Specialists.

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Why Does Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign Fail. Many web site owners face a problem. Their search engine marketing strategy is failing. They don’t know why and they equally don’t know what to do to ensure a ranking on page 1 of ALL search engines, not just Google. Here are some reasons I have come across why this might just be the case: 1. Cakes with secret ingredients. Signature Marquees. Ground Support Equipment. Professional office, domestic cleaning Norwich and Norfolk. Anchor Smokehouse - Suffolk’s traditional oak smokehouse offering the finest smoked fish. Creating Websites for Business. The UK's leading provider of Integrated labels. Signs for Health and Safety - Health and Safety signs from Lasting Impressions Online. Shabby Chic Gfits For Home. Digital Marketing Agency UK.