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Improving the lives of immigrants through education. ESL Students as Advice Columnists: Learning Modal Verbs. My wife is a terrible cook — I mean the worst.

ESL Students as Advice Columnists: Learning Modal Verbs

We haven’t had anything good to eat since we got married, but she tries so hard. What should I do? Doesn’t a husband have a right to a decent meal? My mother was a great cook! Dear Hungry Husband, You’re right, every husband has the right for a good meal. I’m going on a blind date tonight. Dear Nervous, You should relax first because nobody knows what’s going to happen. Clean up the grammar a bit, and my ESL students could give Ann Landers, Dear Abby, or maybe even Carolyn Hax a run for her money. In the process, they practiced using modal verbs.

As we began the lesson, Caroline, my co-teacher, confided to me that she and her (entirely fictitious) husband were fighting. See a marriage counselor! We talked about how you use the imperative form of the verb to give a command; this is the strongest way to give advice. We asked the students if they ever read advice columns in the newspaper. Teaching Grammar through listening (English-as-a-foreign-language version) 1.

Teaching Grammar through listening (English-as-a-foreign-language version)

Introduction In all of my posts on grammar instruction I have made the very important point that for grammar to be fully acquired it must be practised extensively through all four skills. However, this is not what usually happens, grammar practice occurring in most language classrooms predominantly through the written medium. Hence grammar is mostly read and written, but rarely processed aurally and orally. Of the four language skills, the one that is always neglected in grammar instruction is definitely Listening. The parsing phase is the stage in the comprehension of aural input in which the listener recognizes a grammar pattern in a string of words and fits it to the surrounding linguistic context. Nik's QuickShout: Online Grammar Tools. I was recently looking through my Tools for Teacher & Learners site and searching through the accumulated resources there - More than a thousand links.

Nik's QuickShout: Online Grammar Tools

I tend to feel that very few people go beyond what's newest on the front page, so I decided to start grouping the links together and posting them here. This first post features some of the best links to grammar orientated sites. You can find more tools like these in Digital Tools for Teachers Deep Grammar Deep Grammar is a grammar checker based on artificial intelligence. Compute the likelihood that someone would have intended to write the text. Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals. 10 Games and Activities to Practise Personality Adjectives. Ten entertaining ways to practise personality adjectives with activities for all ages and levels.

10 Games and Activities to Practise Personality Adjectives.

In this post, you’ll find listening,writing, speaking activities and games to help students master this vocabulary. This is me. Ask students to work in pairs and write down as many personality adjectives as they can in two minutes. On the board write three columns: positive, negative and neutral adjectives and ask students to provide adjectives for the three columns. Have students choose one adjective from each column to describe their personality and in pairs talk about how these adjectives they have chosen are representative of their personality. Roleplays Prepare cards with a personality trait written on it (talkative, cheerful, arrogant, stubborn, immature, possessive…etc).

Reading your signature. What does your signature say about you? What’s your job? Research has shown that different personality traits tend to have distinct preferences in their choice of careers. Acting out Quotes. 2. 3. Twenty Practical and Affordable Tips for Professional and Language Development for Freelance Teachers « Cecilia Nobre ELT Blog. I’ve been teaching English in Rio de Janeiro for 17 years (wow, I feel O-L-D!)

Twenty Practical and Affordable Tips for Professional and Language Development for Freelance Teachers « Cecilia Nobre ELT Blog

And I decided to work “solo” 6 years ago. Some freelance teachers might have a feeling they don’t belong to a community; after all, there isn’t a staffroom to hang around in for a chinwag or coffee, or no teachers’ or parents’ meetings – which can lead to lack of motivation for professional and language development (PD), right? “Why bother with Professional Development if I have my private students and charge whatever I want?”

Here are some reasons: 1.You are indeed part of a huge community, a huge staffroom – just see how many fellow teachers you can connect and collaborate with on Facebook and Twitter, for instance. Spinning the Wheel: an Engaging and Productive Speaking Activity. This is a very simple communicative activity that works wonders because it is highly engaging, students love it and it is very productive.

Spinning the Wheel: an Engaging and Productive Speaking Activity.

It takes 2 minutes to create and it is adaptable to any topic of discussion and suitable for all levels. Aim: activating new vocabulary through discussion questions. Levels: all Easy peasy! Just go to and fill in one wheel with the target vocabulary and another one with the questions you want your students to discuss.Students in pairsSpin the wheel containing the questions and then, the wheel containing the word/ expression you want your students to use when answering the question.Student A has 2 minutes to talk about the question and use the target vocabulary.

NOTE: When creating the wheel, go to the advanced section to choose colour and whether you want the option to be removed after it is landed on or not. Rewordify: a Free Online Tool to Simplify Difficult English. Today I want to share with you an amazing free online tool which has a lot of potential for learning English.

Rewordify: a Free Online Tool to Simplify Difficult English

Rewordify simplifies difficult English and helps you understand what you read. How this tool works Go to Rewordify.comEnter sentences or whole paragraphs difficult to understand into the yellow box at the top of the page. “You’re Lying”: a Game to Practise Present Perfect Simple and Past Simple. 4 Reasons to Start Class With a Poem Each Day. For each school day of the past three years, I've started my ninth-grade English class with a poem.

4 Reasons to Start Class With a Poem Each Day

When I first made this commitment, I feared that I might not have the stamina (or enough engaging poems) to sustain us for the full 184 days of class. Abel's Teacher Training Page. Punt d'intercanvi de reflexions sobre Societat, Educació i Comunicació Digital. Nik's Learning Technology Blog.