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Armband av smälta pärlor – Melted bead bracelet. Under mitt letande efter en beskrivning hur man väver de armband av plastpärlor som jag skrev om härom dagen så snubblade jag över det här roliga tipset hos Tedags hos Tant Ninette. Sätt ugnen på 200°C. Ställ upp ett antal plastpärlor (så kallade hama-pärlor / nabbipärlor, pärlplattepärlor / strykpärlor) på en plåt med bakplåtspapper. In i ugnen med dem, passa noga och efter ca 5 minuter har pärlorna smält ner och blivit platta. ——-During my search for a tutorial on how to make the perler bead bracelets I wrote about the other day, I came across this great craft tip at Tedags hos Tant Ninette. Preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F). Set up a number of plastic beads (so called ironing beads / hama beads / Perler beads / fuse beads / pegboard beads) on a baking sheet with baking paper.

Place it in the oven, pay close attention and after about 5 minutes, the beads has melted and become flat. Låt svalna och trä armband av dem. How to Make a Serger Crib Sheet. First we had the Cute Crib Sheet Tutorial which was a really easy way to make a crib sheet using your sewing machine. Then we had the Crib Sheet Tutorial: Part 2, a more finished end product for gift-giving, featuring encased elastic all the way around the edge. Now here is the Serger Crib Sheet.

This version is the simplest of them all with the help of a serger. It’s not the prettiest but it’s definitely the fastest way to turn a few yards of lovely fabric into a crib sheet for your babe. Start a piece of fabric 42/44″ x 66″. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. You have the basic shape of the sheet. 7. 8. Repeat on all 4 corners.

Pop it on your favorite crib or toddler bed and tuck in a sweet baby! By Jacinda Related Crib Sheet Tutorial: Part 2 Back when Prudent Baby was in it's umm... infancy, Jaime did an awesome tutorial for a crib sheet that rocked our world. January 27, 2011 In "Baby + Kid" DIY Cute Crib Sheet September 26, 2009 DIY Fitted Sheet for Pack 'n Play. Nursery school pillow project | apple cyder. These two pillows are the end result of a fun little project I organized with my son’s nursery school class. It was a really nice way to get involved in the classroom and share my favorite craft with a bunch of adorable small people.

I was very fortunate that a friend who handles all the administrative aspects of the school offered her assistance on some very key steps. Here is a quick summary of the project: -I prepped enough half square triangles (HSTs) to cover two over-sized pillows from the classroom reading nook. -My friend used a permanent marker to draw two grids directly on two pieces of lightweight fusible interfacing. -I went into the classroom and read the class a book about a quilt. -After reading the book, I placed one grid on the floor and had the kids sit around it in a circle. -Once both grids were filled completely, the kids were finished designing their patchwork and went out to play. -My friend took both grids home and used this method to sew the patchwork together. Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make: Sugar Scrub. Eat THIS: FROZEN YOGURT CHIPS. Today we make history. Ha! Basically we've never done any food posts, so this is our first one! We don't intend to do food posts that often but every now and then we will share the easy little things we do.

So for our first food post we have... Frozen Yogurt Chips/ Blobs/ Dots. I saw these on Pinterest and couldn't resist making them immediately. I used four servings of yogurt. Line a baking sheet, plate, or flat (and move-able) surface with wax or parchment paper. Line a cup with a sandwich baggie and pour the yogurt in. Zip up the baggie with as little air in it as possible and snip of the smallest corner possible with scissors. Example of the size to cut off. Gently squeeze out the yogurt from the baggie onto the sheet. More flavors.. And my last flavor was almost perfect. When they are frozen you can just peel them off of the wax paper and put them in containers that will keep easily in the freezer. In the jars... starting to melt. Spiral Swirlie Hot Dogs! Tutorial.

I'm sure this is a totally weird tutorial, but my family loves them so thought I'd share (eek...that's a bad runon sentence). My husband stole one of my dowel rods for making korker bows. Then, I found him slicing hotdogs into spirals on it. Then, he went out and cooked them on the grill. It was a last minute 10 o'clock at night right before our vacation quick and easy dinner. Step 1 - Stick the hotdogs on some kind of skewer. Here is finished spiraled hotdogs. Step 2 - Grill those suckers! Step 3 - Voila! My kids love these things, except the baby - she's a little freaked out by them. Enjoy! Brownies In A Mug ∙ Recipe by Elise F. Trunks Tutorial. Today I’m going to show you how I made Tater’s trunks from the Beach Bums look.

They really weren’t that hard. The hardest part was figuring out the fabric. I got the print microfiber from The Fabric Fairy, and the blue is nylon taffeta from Hancock Fabrics. The mesh liner on the inside is also from Hancock Fabrics. I started with a one-piece pants pattern (if you don’t have one you can make one following the directions here). I traced the pattern onto my paper, then sketched in the curves for the right leg. I flipped the pattern over and traced it again for the left leg, drawing a line across the top for the print fabric, making sure it would line up on the front and back crotch lines with the end of the print fabric on the right leg.

And then I stopped taking pictures (sorry!) With the exception of the mesh liner For that I traced the liners from Tater’s old trunks as a pattern, adding in an inch to the legs to make a casing. Happy sewing, Related Suede Clutch Tutorial (plus free pattern)