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The Collage Miniaturist. March Exercise | year nine, day twenty-two March 22nd, 2014 Every Random Gust collage miniature by J A Dixon 8 x 9 inches Purchase this artwork!

The Collage Miniaturist

March Exercise | year nine, day twenty-one March 21st, 2014 Not by a Long Sight collage miniature by J A Dixon 5.5 x 7.25 inches Purchase this artwork! March Exercise | year nine, day twenty March 20th, 2014 Melting Into Air collage miniature by J A Dixon 4 x 5 inches Purchase this artwork! March Exercise | year nine, day nineteen March 19th, 2014 Silk Road Calculations collage miniature by J A Dixon 6 x 7.875 inches Purchase this artwork! March Exercise | year nine, day eighteen March 18th, 2014 “All of old. I cannot lay claim to having unraveled any of the perplexities of Worstward Ho or Waiting for Godot, but Beckett’s famous quotation about perseverance rings especially true for me. Fresh Catch By John collage artifact by J A Dixon 10.5 x 9 inches Purchase this artwork! Anthony Gerace. Galerie de Anthony Gerace. Tyler Varsell. Joe Webb. Joe Webb. Audrey Smith Collage & Assemblage.

James Gallagher. Land and Shape. Collages. Advertiser.


Karin Josephine's Recent Works. DANI SANCHIS. Collage. Gracias a Guillermo por cedernos su maravilloso local.


Gracias a todos los que se apuntaron al taller por el buen ambiente, el entusiasmo, entrega y los fantásticos collages que hicieron. Y gracias a mis 3 compañeros de viaje, Elena, Elisa y García por la gran experiencia compartida. Ha sido todo un placer. Repetiremos. Arriba podéis ver el cartel del evento y aquí abajo unas cuantas fotos del gran ambiente que hubo y algunos collages que realizamos en el taller. ✂ ✂ ✂ ¡Aúpa los cortalibros! Glue-paper-scissors. The Stranger Seattle based newspaper The Stranger used one of my collages for their cover this week.


New print, free shipping and 5$ off! There is free shipping and 5$ off of all my unframed art prints, till April 13th! Just follow this link: The New York Times I’ve made a little collage for the Letters To The Editor sectionin today’s New York Times. Collage of the Week. Galerie de J.G. Sweitzer. Galerie de zasko. Mis26key. Deger Bakir collages. Galerie de Sebastian Duran. Galerie de Leonis Ogour. CollagЭS de feru leru. Galerie de franz falckenhaus. Molokid. Hand-made Collages. Galerie de Mango Tropical. M e s i n e t o. Collage Adventures. Collage of Francisca Pageo. Art of Katie Mackowick.

Fred free collage. Fast forward collage collage on assorted backings 14 works 7x10in each (click on images for closer views) Evangelisa D Zoylinos — Collages. Decorativedebris. Miriskum. CARO-MA. Take with you (The Target Practice Project 3) © CARO-MA.


Zach Collins. Zach Collins Recent Tweets @ Posts I Like Zach Collins, Collage | MCAD MFA → Collab w/Kacper H.

Zach Collins

Kieć (started by ZC, finished digitally by KHK) 2014 Kacper’s work here Collab w/ Sam Lorang (started by ZC, finished by SL) 2014. Collab w/Image Butcher. Collage art by jesse. Unbearable lightness #1moleskin collagesociety6 tumblr facebook twitter free shipping and $5 off any item at society using this link: good through april 13th new seven inch record from the band riverdistrict is out. some nice songs here: the slicksociety6 tumblr facebook twitter marbledpipes asked: I am in AP Studio Art at my high school.

collage art by jesse

It makes me think: what was your art like in high school? I used to draw and doodle constantly growing up, probably a lot of stuff influenced by mad magazine, calvin & hobbes, groo the wanderer etc. i got more into music in high school so i wasn’t drawing as much but i think this is from around that time. Icecreamkingdoms:kim navarro!! Excited to revive the collaborative book project ice cream kingdoms! Herr Beut. 30 Gueules Cassées / Le Pari Tarbes 2014 Poids Plume / détail collage René Apallec La Fin d’un Monde / The End of One World.

Herr Beut

EfímerasImágenes. Looking through all my scans, and trying to order them in serials,found this… i think from 2008 The night dance "Lanscape II" "Landscape" "The camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.” - Henri Cartier- Bresson New Photography Blog!


Eugenia's Collages. David Lavine collage. David Lavine cuts and pastes paper in New York.

David Lavine collage

All collages are sourced from printed material, then hand-cut and glued. There is no digital manipulation or otherwise high-tech trickery. Selected group exhibitions: "Art From The Boros," Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, NY, 2012-13 "Green Acres & Simple Pleasures," Piermont Straus, Piermont, NY, 2012 Dealers' Lounge, PS Project Space, New York, NY, 2012 "A Minor Inconvenience," Pierro Gallery of South Orange / Montclair Art Museum Young Curators, South Orange, NJ, 2012 "Scapes," Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn, NY, 2011 "Intimate: Small Works," Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn, NY, 2011 Publications / web: "New Works by David Lavine," aarting (, 2013 "David Lavine", aarting (, 2013 Featured work, Indiewalls (, 2012 Featured work, The Atomy (, 2012 Featured work, Zealous (, 2011.

Holliechastain collages. Danielle Alana Ambry. Gaëlle Faure. Emily Haasch. Kieran Sperring. Julien Pacaud. CUR3ES. Collage - Francisca Pageo.