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MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment specializes in the manufacturing of a variety of petrochemical and refinery calibration gas standards in both the liquid phase and gas phase.

Calibration Gas: The Production And Technical Possibilities. What are gas mixture and calibration gases?

Calibration Gas: The Production And Technical Possibilities

Gas mixtures are condensed and homogenized gases that contain different kinds of particles, among which the main component is termed as ‘rest gas. Calibration gases signify a group of gases with precise demands of raw material purity, analytical precision and production tolerance. These gases are primarily applied for calibrating measurement equipment along with fulfilling important tasks related to technologies as well as experimental trials. The ingredients are: The technology used in producing specialty gases enables the use of ingredients both in liquid and gaseous phases at normal circumstances. What are the technical possibilities? The concentration starts from the PPB units up to the level of percents. Practically, the gas mixture preparation procedure largely depends on several limitations due to the physical and chemical properties as well as safety rules and other factors. What are the production methods? Like this: Online Disposable Calibration Gas At Reasonable Cost.

Wide Range of Specialty Gas Suppliers. Wide Range of Specialty Gases. Specialty gas regulators are used to reduce high-pressure specialty gas from a cylinder or process line to a lower pressure suitable for use.

Wide Range of Specialty Gases

Specialty gas regulators are specially designed to provide diffusion resistance and easy cleanup. Special diaphragms and high-purity seats and seals minimize or eliminate out gassing and inboard diffusion. Brass bodies are recommended for non-corrosive specialty gases. Chrome plated brass bodies are also recommended for non-corrosive specialty gases. The addition of chrome plating to the brass body helps to protect the outside body of the regulator from corrosive ambient conditions such as found in chemical plants and refineries. 316L Stainless Steel bodies are recommended for mildly corrosive calibration gases.

Specialty gas regulators can also be specially treated to handle various applications such as low level sulfur analysis or working with harsh gases and chemicals. Calibration and Specialty Gases Applications. Calibration gas mixtures are a combination of specialty gases or it can be just a single specialty gas.

Calibration and Specialty Gases Applications

Gas mixtures are primarily used for • analysis of processes via laboratory• industrial process• medical use• AQM – air quality monitoring Process analysis is conducted using • Gas chromatography in mass spectrometry procedure• GC-IR – is spectroscopy of analysis of molecular interactions. Process analysis is used primarily in the oil and gas industries which involve production and blending, chemical plants, metallurgy process industries, paper and pulp manufacturing among several others.

Specialty gasses are noble and yet Hell. Specialty Gases at the Forefront in the Race to Reverse Climate Change. Who or what is driving the specialty gas market in 2016.

Specialty Gases at the Forefront in the Race to Reverse Climate Change

The industry is abuzz with market trends forecasting some astonishing numbers — consider this report published in Gas World Dec 2013.The US gas market for industrial and specialty gases in the beginning of 2014 was stated to be around $16 billion dollars with specialty gases contributing $4 billion dollars. In 2016, the figure reported is that the gas market by 2020 is slated to be around $23 billion dollars. In a space of 6 years, the consumption of specialty gases is increasing by over 50 percent. These figures are at a time when the world economy is still in deflation mode. Too many factors are causing slow growth of economy — Brexit, CETA (Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement) between EU (European Union) and Canada, American elections (lots of uncertainty), nuclear tests by North Korea, Middle East turmoil and migrant issues forcing countries to rethink their stand on humanity.

Take fossil fuels for example. Specialists Supplying Specialty Gases. The world of specialty gas suppliers is a niche world.

Specialists Supplying Specialty Gases

Everybody in this trade knows about each other. So what differentiates the vendors? Industrial gas suppliers that used to supply bulk gases labeled themselves as specialty gas suppliers; the label was right but the product was not. Specialty gases have to be certified and graded in terms of purity, which can often be 99.99 percent. Environmental Gas Standards. MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment provides a number of Environmental Gas standards used to ensure environmental safety, compliance and meet regulatory requirements.

Environmental Gas Standards

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment produces environmental gases to meet the unique needs in the following areas: The following list indicates the most common components used in our mixtures. If you do not see the component you require, please contact us to check availability: Pollution Air pollution is the presence of any chemical, physical (e.g. particulate matter), or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. Enforced air quality standards, like the Clean Air Act in the United States, have reduced the presence of some pollutants. Sources Air pollutants are classified as either directly released or formed by subsequent chemical reactions. Search Online Best Specialty Gas Suppliers. Thank you for visiting our website, click the play button below to watch the specialty gas demonstration.

Search Online Best Specialty Gas Suppliers

Specialty Gases is Sunrise Industry in Battle Against Climate Change. Optimizing Production in Process Industry With Specialty Gases. Buy Online Natural Gas. MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment meets the oil and gas industry's need for analytical reference standards of the highest quality; including liquid hydrocarbon calibration standards and natural gas calibration standards.

Buy Online Natural Gas

The specialty gas and liquid hydrocarbon standards manufactured at MESA are blended with innovative proprietary gravimetric techniques using scales calibrated to NIST Traceable weights followed by confirming analysis using state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation. The accuracy of the custom specialty gas standard used to calibrate BTU analyzers can have a significant impact on your company's bottom line. Inaccurately measured BTU content can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue when applied to millions of cubic feet of natural gas. MESA Specialty Gases and Equipment’s emphasis on high-resolution gravimetrics and research grade hydrocarbons -with qualifying analysis- provides the highest level of certainty in your BTU analysis.

Reliable Calibration Gas Suppliers. Precise manufacturing of calibration gas mixtures involves many critical steps- consideration of chemical raw material purity as well as detailed impurity characterization; calculation of phase behavior for the calibration gas mixture; precise blending; and finally, independent confirming analysis of the final calibration gas mixture.

Reliable Calibration Gas Suppliers

Before starting, requested specialty gas mixes are first evaluated for potential phase problems using advance computer modeling. Following this, the specialty gas mixture is precisely blended to exacting specifications on high sensitivity gravimetric balances. All calibration weights are traceable to the US-NIST. Finally, the specialty gas mixture is analyzed using state-of-the-art analyzers to confirm that the blended and analyzed values agree with each other according to the stated product specifications. Calculating Specialty Gas, Industrial Gas Conversions, Software, Gas Conversion Calculator.

Find Quality Disposable Calibration Gas. Calibration Gases Suppliers and Manufacturer. MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment manufacture a broad range of high quality custom calibration gas standards for use in laboratory, R&D, University and industrial analysis applications Custom calibration gas standards are manufactured using state of the art gravimetric and volumetric tools, scales and highly sensitive instrumentation.

Calibration Gases Suppliers and Manufacturer

Visit our typical mixture component page to see the most common materials available for custom specialty gas mixtures. Several cylinder sizes are also available to meet your specific content requirements. See cylinder specifications to look at the most common available cylinders. Mesa Utilities. Continuous process monitoring is of most importance to ensure safety and product quality, as well as, to ensure efficiency of utility applications.

MESA Specialty Gas and Equipment custom specialty gas standards can be applied in all fields of process monitoring, from energy delivery up to waste processing and combustion analysis. Area air quality and safety gas monitors require simple, repeatable, and economical calibration methods. The procedure should be consistent and traceable. At MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment, we serve a wide range of industries through various innovative technologies and practices. Because of our unparalleled experience, we are able custom tailor a solution to your specialty gas calibration needs. MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment in CA. MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment specializes in the manufacturing of a variety of petrochemical and refinery specialty gas standards in both the liquid and gas phases.

MESA petrochemical specialty gas standards are instrumental in the evaluation and assessment of the physical, mechanical, rheological, thermal, and chemical properties of crude oils, lubricating grease, automobile and aviation gasoline, hydrocarbons, and other naturally occurring energy resources used for various industrial applications. As a market leader in the supply of specialty gases, MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment works continually with our many petrochemical customers around the world, offering solutions to improve process performance, reduce environmental impact, and lower overall production costs. Before manufacturing petrochemical or refinery specialty gas standards, requested components are first evaluated for potential phase problems using advanced computer modeling. How to Improve The Efficiency of Your Workplace With Calibration Gas.

In an industrial environment, it is not just the work space that needs regular maintenance but also machinery, instruments and other such equipment too. Periodical calibration and maintenance ensures the overall efficiency of machinery and instruments at all times. It also enables in keeping the work floor safe for the workers. There are a variety of gas detectors that can help you calibrate different kinds of machinery and instruments. Such detectors use calibration gases to calibrate your work equipment and devices. Prior to calibration, all you need to do is check that the calibration gas in the cylinders is well within the expiry date.