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Design tools and methods

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The Work•Play•Experience Blog: Theatrical tools for service experience - an overview. A Product Canvas for Agile Product Management. A Sample Canvas The best way to understand the Product Canvas is to look at an example. Image that we want to develop a game that helps children enjoy music and dancing. A canvas for such a game could look like the one below. The sample Product Canvas above contains the product name, the product (or release) goal and the metrics to measure if the goal has been met. The first bigger section states two personas characterising the target users and customers with their needs. The next section sketches important aspects of the product using epics to describe the product’s functionality, a mock-up to capture the user interface design, a storyboard to illustrate the user interaction, and a constraint card to express the platform for which the game is developed.

The section on the right provides a goal for the next sprint and the details necessary to reach the goal. The Sections Explained Name simply states the name or version of the product. None of these techniques are mandatory, of course. Tools.