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Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history. Thanks for your question!

Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history

Art is a really big topic and can easily feel intimidating. Humans have been making art and artifacts for a very very long time and in order to understand what that art meant to the people who made it, we need to learn about their culture and how it is different from our own. This makes studying art complex but also really interesting. We are still building the art content but am sure you can find things here that will interest you. Don't feel like you need to start at… (more) the beginning and cover everything in order.

DocsTeach. AdHoc Image and Text Database on the History of Christianity.

Medieval / Middle Ages

Reformation / Renaissance. Teaching. This class begins with late Medieval Church History and the rise of the proto-Reformers.


It moves to the German Reformation under Martin Luther and the rise of Lutheranism. The lives of Swiss Reformers in Zurich (Zwingli) and Geneva (Calvin) are studied with discussion of the Swiss Brethren. Comparison and contrasts in doctrinal positions and practices are covered. Changes in Calvinism and Arminianism are discussed in some detail, followed by the Reformation in Scotland (Knox) and England. We move to America with a lesson on the Planting Fathers (Pilgrims and Puritans).

HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH* HISTORY of the CHRISTIAN CHURCH* Volume I Addenda Volume II a.d. 100–311 (325).


CHAPTER I: Spread of Christianity. CHAPTER II: Persecution of Christianity and Christian Martyrdom. CHAPTER III. CHAPTER IV: Organization and Discipline of the Church. CHAPTER V: Christian Worship. CHAPTER VI: Christian Art. CHAPTER VII: The Church in the Catacombs.


Sketches of Church History. Christian History. Modern Christianity in China Issue 98, June 2008 America’s 20th Century Evangelical Awakening Issue 92, October 2006 Adoniram & Ann Judson: American Mission Pioneers Issue 90, April 2006 C.

Christian History

Issue 88, October 2005 Christianity in India: A Faith of Many Colors Issue 87, July 2005 George MacDonald: Writer Who Inspired C.S. Issue 86, April 2005 Pilgrims & Exiles: Amish, Mennonites, & Brethren Issue 84, October 2004 Phoebe Palmer: Mother of the Holiness Movement Issue 82, April 2004 African Apostles: Black Evangelists in Africa Issue 79, July 2003 J.R.R.

Issue 78, April 2003 G.K. Issue 75, July 2002 How the West was Really Won Issue 66, April 2000 Ten Influential Christians of the 20th Century Issue 65, January 2000 Bound for Canaan: Africans in America Issue 62, April 1999 David Livingstone: Missionary-explorer in Africa Issue 56, October 1997 Hudson Taylor & Missions to China Issue 52, October 1996 Camp Meetings & Circuit Riders: Frontier Revivals Issue 45, January 1995 William Carey: 19th c. Issue 36, October 1992. History of the Christian Church. Theology WebSite: Church History Study Helps: Internet History Sourcebooks. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Christian Origins See Main Page for a guide to all contents of all sections.

Internet History Sourcebooks

Contents Christian Origins Source Problems The New Testament The Dead Sea Scrolls Gnostic Texts The Nag Hammadi Library Jesus of Nazareth (c.4 BCE-c.30 CE) Context Teaching Death Historical Evidence Early Church: First Century The Earliest Christians Paul of Tarsus (d.c.65 CE) and the Pauline Churches Missionary Activity Theology Early Church: 2nd-3rd Centuries Persecution and Survival Challenge to Social and Political Norms of Antiquity Church Organization The Emergence of Theologies Early Varieties Gnosticism "Orthodoxy" Early Christian Art The "Triumph" of the Church Modern Perspectives on Early Christianity See Internet Medieval Sourcebook for the later history of Christianity Christian Origins Back to Index Jesus of Nazareth (c.4 BCE-c.30 CE) Context Model of Herodian Temple [At K.C.

Early Church: First Century.