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Top Health Concerns for Senior Adults. Aging is normal.

Top Health Concerns for Senior Adults

However, for you to guarantee a healthy life in retirement, overall well-being is a must. As a home health care agency, we encounter various clients daily. Each senior differs from the other, so care depends on each situation. This means that enlisting the help of seasoned healthcare professionals is crucial to address each health concern accordingly.

Preserving an Older Loved One’s Health in Times of COVID. The COVID-19 vaccine may be available now, but experts say that the development of the treatment is still underway.

Preserving an Older Loved One’s Health in Times of COVID

As of the moment, at-risk individuals are prioritized in receiving the vaccine. Age groups like senior adults are urged to receive the shot to protect themselves from the virus. Tips to Manage Diabetes in Older Adults. Heart-Healthy Habits for Older Adults. Heart disease is a serious threat to senior health.

Heart-Healthy Habits for Older Adults

According to the National Institute on Aging, older adults aged 65 and above are more likely to suffer from a heart attack or heart failure. In line with American Heart Month, we will share heart-healthy habits that seniors can adopt to improve their heart’s health: Discover the Causes of Elderly Malnutrition. When it comes to nutrition, seniors are most vulnerable to a poor nutritional status which can lead to various health concerns.

Discover the Causes of Elderly Malnutrition

This includes slow wound healing, decreased bone mass, and muscle weakness that increase their risk of developing an illness. As a leading provider of home health care in Newark, California, we will discuss the common causes of elderly malnutrition: New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors to Improve Their Health. Life is full of traditions that are often handed down from one generation to the next.

New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors to Improve Their Health

For most folks, celebrating the start of a new year wouldn’t be complete without creating their New Year’s resolutions. Signs that Indicate a Need for Home Health Care. Talking to your aging parents or an elderly family member about receiving home health services in California may not go so well the first time around.

Signs that Indicate a Need for Home Health Care

Age-Related Conditions Physical Therapy Can Address. Physical Therapy is a branch of rehabilitative health that aims to ease pain and increase function.

Age-Related Conditions Physical Therapy Can Address

Often abbreviated to PT, it is usually provided following a sports injury or to individuals suffering from all types of conditions, from musculoskeletal birth defects to age-related conditions. For this reason, many agencies specializing in home health care in Newark, California offer PT as part of their services. As your trusted provider of home health services in California, we will discuss the most common age-related conditions that physical therapy can address: Arthritis Arthritis causes protective cartilage to wear away in the joints, causing friction and pain between the joint’s bones. Through Physical Therapy, seniors improve their ability to straighten and bend their joints.

Speech Therapy for Seniors: 4 Conditions It Can Address. There are various situations where a senior could benefit from speech therapy and home health care in Newark, California.

Speech Therapy for Seniors: 4 Conditions It Can Address

Speech therapy can help patients recover from a stroke, or it may help seniors with communication difficulties. Meridian Home Health, a reputable provider of home health services in California, lists a few situations where speech therapy may be beneficial for seniors. Swallowing Problems Speech therapy can be helpful for seniors who develop swallowing problems. Our speech therapists can help seniors develop safe chewing and swallowing techniques, which can reduce the risk of choking. How Nutritional Needs Change for Older Seniors. Why do nutritional needs have to change?

How Nutritional Needs Change for Older Seniors

Why can’t your loved one just eat the same, healthy, well-balanced, and delicious meal advised by his or her nutritionist? Can the Brain Heal After a Stroke? Now, this is an important piece of information you want to hear: according to reliable studies, the brain is capable of healing itself in the aftermath of a stroke.

Can the Brain Heal After a Stroke?

Armed with this knowledge, providers of home health care in Newark, California are determined to deliver even better services for stroke patients and their families, boosting the brain’s healing process and fast-tracking the road to recovery. Religiously complying with medications. Post-stroke patients must properly comply with their prescribed medications, with family members and caregivers keeping a close watch for any side effects.Making sure the home environment is best-suited for recovery. Check if areas in your home, particularly the room your loved one is recovering in, need to be modified to improve safety, reduce risks, and boost recovery time.Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. Feeding the mind with healthy food, and less sugar, helps it recover better.

Benefits of Walking for Seniors. Walking is so simple that sometimes we overlook its benefits. Meridian Home Health especially encourages seniors to take part in this activity because: It improves heart health. Walking is a low-impact exercise that can help seniors work up a sweat. This makes a great fitness option because it prevents muscle strain. At the same time, it also regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels.It regulates blood sugar. How Do You Regain Speech after a Stroke? Stroke survivors face different communication problems. For one, they may have trouble finding the correct words to use in a sentence. Other times, they struggle with understanding the words. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to get better.

To make things easier for you, Meridian Home Health rounded up a couple of suggestions you can try: Keep reading. Strength Training Can Improve Diabetes Management. Diabetes is a condition that plagues many. Thankfully, its symptoms can be easily managed with the right approach. One action you can take is strength training. Meridian Home Health shares why: It helps your insulin use.Insulin is a hormone that regulates how well sugar or glucose is absorbed into your blood. In the case of diabetics, insulin is often inefficient. Do you need professional assistance when it comes to diabetes management? We’re all ears! Think Positive! It Helps You Live Longer. Who wouldn’t want to live longer? Even if you aren’t a complete optimist, that’s okay. Age-Related Changes that Increase Senior Fall Risk. As we age, our functionality start to decline. These gradual physical changes and decline can result in an increased fall risk for older adults. In fact, the CDC states that people over the age of 65 have a 25% chance of falling.

And if they fall once, their chances of falling again doubles. 4 Key Strategies to Manage High Blood Pressure. 7 Dietary Tips for Healthy Aging. As the years go by, our body changes, and soo d our dietary needs. Bathroom Modifications to Keep Seniors Safe. Tips: How to Care for Bed Sores. Bed sores – or pressure ulcers – are common occurrences when our loved ones have limited mobility and confined mostly to the bed or wheelchair. 5 Tips: How Seniors can Monitor Good Nutrition. Oral Care Tips for Seniors with Dementia. Has your loved one been diagnosed with any type of dementia?

4 Advantages of In-Home Physical Therapy. Physical therapy is a treatment typically recommended to those who have been injured, sick, or gone through a surgery. Patients undergo this procedure for the purpose of restoring their functional ability and mobility, as well as improving their quality of life. Home Health Nursing: Making Aging at Home Possible.