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Geography: Magnificent Mountains Year 5 Unit Pack. Understanding Earth's Climate — Beyond Weather & The Water Cycle. The handy science answer book (the handy answer book series) Plant Models. AP 2 Classroom Models. Human Anatomy & Physiology II. Biology 2404 A&P Basics. Human Eye Models - Cross Section, Cornea Conditions, Cataract Eye. Science Magazine: OBSERVING XYLEM VESSELS IN CELERY. Plants absorb water and mineral salts through xylem vessels.


After photosynthesis occurs in the leaves the elaborated sap is transported to other parts of the plant through phloem vessels. We did an experiment to see how raw sap goes up the stem. We had various hypothesis, one was that the raw sap went up the whole stem, evenly. Others thought that the water went up specific tubes designed for this purpose, but we wanted to know where these tubes are located? Some thought there was probably only one in the centre, others,that there could be more than one and many ideas of the possible distribution of these vessels in the stem arose. Light The Fire - Lesson List. Tornado Tube. Tornado Tubes Review by Amy What a wonderful product.

Tornado Tube

The after-school science class has kids ranging in age from Kindergarten thru 6th and all of them had a blast using the tubes and learning about tornados. (Posted on 4/15/13) Tornado Tubes Review by Maria Bushen I bought a cheaper version of these for my class. Whirling Success Review by Cynthia Baumann These tubes worked well. Unfortunately, they have to be screwed on tightly or they can leak. Best thing I've bought from Steve Spangler Review by kathy wilmovsky This product is easy to use, easy to demonstrate, and easy to understand. 100Tubes Review by Julie Much Better to purchase in bulk, I have enthusiastic students who love to use these in creative ways.

Tornado tubes Review by Ann Turner The tubes were a hit with my science students. Tornado Tube Review by Lori H Quick and fast transaction. Make a Homemade Lava Lamp. You know the mesmerizing feel of watching a lava lamp, with its large colored bubbles sinking and rising and morphing.

Make a Homemade Lava Lamp

With this project, you can make your own (temporary) lava lamp with household materials! It's easy and safe, and it looks very cool. Check out our project video to see the homemade lava lamp in action! What You Need: Flask or bottle Vegetable oil Water Food coloring Alka-seltzer What You Do: Homemade Silly Putty Recipe. IRIS - Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology. 6th Grade Science. The goal of this lab is for students to investigate the relative force needed to produce earthquakes.

6th Grade Science

The sandpaper strip represents one edge of a fault line. The sandpaper-covered book represents the other edge of the fault line. Sandpaper increases the friction in the system, making it more difficult to move the book. Pulling the sandpaper-covered sled over a sandpaper strip simulates the strike-slip motion of earthquakes. To measure the force required to pull the book along the sandpaper strip, a tension guage is constructed. A rubber band with a paper clip attached serves as a meter for potential energy recording. 101_lowtech_earth_science demos.pdf. Rock Demo Science Fun for Kids. Pictures, Photos of Geology and Earth Science. Geology and Earth Science Images Below are 15 different categories of Earth Science, each linked to its own gallery of an additional 10-20 or so photographs that are available for free download.

Pictures, Photos of Geology and Earth Science

Below those categories are some additional links to photos of the Death Valley region and the San Andreas fault zone. Click on any photo below to view images in that category or click here to search geology photos by keyword. Other Images Click here for Geology of Death Valley National Park Photos. Click here for photos of the Amargosa Valley, California. Click here for photos of the San Andreas fault system. Click here for aerial photos of the Basin and Range Province, California to Utah. Click here for Structural Geology Images and diagrams Click here for Geologic Contacts. Science Projects for Kids.

Rainbow Playdough Color Wheel. Download Free Science Activities, Access Chemistry Multimedia, Find Information on Workshops. National Chemistry Week. Photo Credit: Science NetLinks invites teachers and others to celebrate the 27th Anniversary of National Chemistry Week October 19–25.

National Chemistry Week

The goal of National Chemistry Week is to hold chemistry-related events and activities for the public, particularly elementary and secondary school children, in order to make a positive change in their perception of chemistry. The American Chemical Society has announced that 2014's theme is "The Sweet Side of Chemistry—Candy. " Teachers are encouraged to explore with their students the impacts of the chemistry involved in candy and confections. Science NetLinks offers these chemistry resources for teachers who want to encourage their students to recognize the breadth of activities that fall within the boundaries of chemistry.

Filter Resources by Grade: Lessons K-2 | Hands-On In this lesson, students will look at a complex system when they create their own play dough by taking several parts and creating a whole. Tools.