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Emotions_and_facial_expression_by_cedarseed-ds1wwv.jpg (JPEG-afbeelding, 3650x3033 pixels) Advice to Sink in Slowly. The Diagram Queen. The Diagram Queen Works by Korean artist Minjeong An (born 1981) Update / Anatomy of a post: Researching another Korean artist, I stumbled upon a thumbnail of Minjeong An's work in a Korean gallery's archived 2008-ish exhibit.

The Diagram Queen

After a good hour of googling and google-translating Hangul (phew), I finally hit on the artist's site. Mustafa maluka. Main : ART & DESIGN. Tugboat Printshop: Printshop + Process. Drawn. The quiet revolution. Tara Dougans. ★Baubauhaus. Coco – Design & Illustrations. Illustration, Etcetera! Yuimade. Find an Illustrator. Watercolour : Stina Persson. The Enormous Tiny Art Show. Louisa Scarlet Gray. Illustrations by Amy Martino.

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