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The Diagram Queen The Diagram Queen The Diagram Queen Works by Korean artist Minjeong An (born 1981) Update / Anatomy of a post: Researching another Korean artist, I stumbled upon a thumbnail of Minjeong An's work in a Korean gallery's archived 2008-ish exhibit. After a good hour of googling and google-translating Hangul (phew), I finally hit on the artist's site.
mustafa maluka


Beautiful dystopic things for your Friday. According to the description: ”This film was made over the last two years in our evenings, weekends and days off. We had no budget but a lot of help from our very talented and generous friends.” See?
yuimade © 2012 admin. All rights reserved. . I started to wear all black when I was 14 or 15 and I thought I was really cool. yuimade
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Yellow Bird Machine -- Illustrations by Amy Martino
Illustration, blog de graphisme, culture retro et vintage Après de nombreux mois sans article, Julie et moi reprenons forgotten-hopes en main :D Et un premier article avec un peu de promo perso pour annoncer la sortie du jeu iPhone qu’on prépare depuis quelques mois : My laboratory . C’est un puzzle game qui consiste à créer plein d’éléments en partant des 4 basiques : l’air, l’eau, le feu et la terre. On a également fait une version démo sur le site officiel pour que vous puissiez tester :, blog de graphisme, culture retro et vintage

Samantha Hahn: Illustration + Surface Pattern — The portfolio of Samantha Hahn
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