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Hand-Painted Teacup and Saucer With LoucheLab. As I settle in to compile this week’s How-Tuesday post, the world outside my window looks like a flustered snow globe, with whipping winds and a frigid fog of white.

Hand-Painted Teacup and Saucer With LoucheLab

On days like this, I wish for nothing more than to cozy up at my craft table with a pot of tea and a few supplies, to follow my notions and fleeting little ideas down a mysterious garden path in my mind and see where I end up. I have admired Aya Rosen’s artwork and art-infused life since watching the LoucheLab’s Love Story video a couple years ago.The project she shares with us today could serve as a springboard to transforming your own art style into a new medium. I know that after reading her how-to, I am ready to get started decorating dishware for my new apartment!

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