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design academy now working as education designer and co-creator

Debating Pearson's OpenClass Did you check out the Pearson's OpenClass booth at EDUCAUSE? If not, it is worth spending some time on the new OpenClass site How would you answer the following questions: 1. Where does OpenClass fit into the LMS ecosystem? 2. Debating Pearson's OpenClass
Donald Clark Plan B Habits fuel learningIn a Pizzeria, after a visit to one of my favourite London spots (the Soane Museum) Jay Cross asked me what I thought fuelled good learning. My answer was ‘habits’. Soane was a habitual learner and collector. Donald Clark Plan B
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Africa Straight Up - Official Film
Photos courtesy of Matt Keller Seymour Papert, a computer scientist and pioneer in artificial intelligence, once said: “You cannot think about thinking unless you think about thinking about something.” Does this apply to learning? Maybe not. EmTech Preview: Another Way to Think about Learning EmTech Preview: Another Way to Think about Learning



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