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What Is Makerspace

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Makerspace Playbook Feb 2013. Getting to Know the Makerspace Movement in Education. I've been increasingly interested in learning more about the Makerspace Movement as a teaching and learning tool.

Getting to Know the Makerspace Movement in Education

Technology can certainly play a part in being a “Maker” as a student in a classroom, but it doesn't necessarily have to. But even when it doesn't, it fits right in with concepts like Active Learning and Project Based Learning that we love to explore here (these can also use tech, but do not have to). Today's post from guest writer James Broadbean gives us a good overview of this growing trend in today's innovative teaching practices. – KW Have the children of today lost the ability to create and invent? Has the replacement of Legos and Play-Doh with iPads and Xboxes’ removed the natural curiosity to make things in our youth? Create, Collaborate, Innovate. Making looks different at different types of makerspaces.

Create, Collaborate, Innovate

However, schools, public libraries, and even artist collaboratives have some universal themes that tie us all together (and owning a 3D printer isn’t one of them.) A makerspace is a place where you make stuff, but many times making meaning is more important than the “stuff” you make. (See Jay Silver’s Maker Movement is About Making Meaning.) What is a MakerSpace? What Is a Makerspace? - Makerspaces Australia.