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Believe in the impossible - Lydienne’s Story. National Volunteer Week 2018 - Volunteer programs for Africa. Aser Roger’s Second Chance - Mercy Ships Canada. Charitable Hospital Ship. Freedom for Ernest - Mercy Ships Canada. Women's Health Program in Africa | Healthcare Charity for Women. Volunteer Programs For Africa | Volunteering Opportunities in Africa. Hospital Charity Programs & Health Charities In Africa. Volunteer Programs For Africa. Charities for African children. Foundations for our country are composed as the venturing stone of amicability for the general population of the United States. Charities for African children with the mission to not just help however many kids and families as could be expected under the circumstances, yet to likewise touch off the fire inside those showed preemptive kindness with other people who are currently where they once were is one of the most grounded, and caring showing ideas a philanthropy can endorse.

We are such an amazing country, greatly liberal and adoring, and ceaselessly helping other kids, families and countries around the globe. We spill our hearts out to those in trouble each day. Our expectation for others is plentiful and interminable. We are incredible people. We help other people, yet who helps our own? I trust our future lies in our grasp, not in the hands of our legislature, or different countries, however every unique individual that is our country. Like this: Like Loading... Meet our Canadian Crew: Amy Wilderspin. Meet Amy Wilderspin, a nurse on the Africa Mercy. She started her professional career caring for adults in Canada, but it took a trip to Africa to realize pediatric nursing is what’s really in her heart.

Amy’s first experience with Mercy Ships? An 8-week commitment in Madagascar in 2015 — and it was love at first sight: “I was on a high the whole time, so excited about everything — I knew right away that I’d have to come back!” It was there that she began caring for children who’d received free surgery for bowed legs, windswept legs and knocked knees. Turns out, she was a natural with these little patients, caring for them as they mended and learned to walk again.

“Nurses around me looked at me like I was crazy when I would tell them that I hadn’t considered myself as a pediatric nurse. ‘No, you ARE a pediatric nurse!’ Amy seems more than content traveling to West Africa to live and work on a hospital ship. Where There is Faith There is Love – Best health charities – Medium. An estimated 265,000 deaths every year are caused by burns — the vast majority occur in low-and middle-income countries. (Source: WHO) Burns are the 11th leading cause of death of children aged 1–9 years and are also the fifth most common cause of non-fatal childhood injuries. Faith is a vivacious 3-year-old from Porto Novo, Benin. When she was 8-months-old an electrical fire burned the entire backs of her legs. Without access to safe and affordable surgery, Faith has only ever known life with severe burn wounds. Faith’s mother Nadeej heard about Mercy Ships from multiple sources; an engineer, Faith’s doctor in Togo, and Faith’s godfather.

We spoke with some kids in Canada recently about what had happened to Faith and many kids like her. Christmas Wishes for Faith from Mercy Ships Canada on Vimeo. Please Support US! A Healthy Diet is the First Step to Proper Health | Mercy Ships Canada. The Mercy Ships Nutritional Agriculture Program (Food for Life) aims to increase the capacity of local agriculturists through sustainable farming and agro pastoral practices. A healthy diet is the first step to proper health. We recognize that people need more than just access to healthcare, but also access to nutritious food to obtain such health. Since 1997, Mercy Ships has encouraged people to discover significantly improved methods of food production – working with them to rebuild, restore, and renew their lives, land, communities and nations through holistic, organic agriculture development.

Farming practices in much of West Africa do more harm than good. Mercy Ships seek to help its agriculture participants understand how greenhouse gases work in the atmosphere, how these greenhouse gasses are increased by slash and burn practices, and how this affects their crops, health, and nutrition. Food for Life: Agriculture in Benin: Goal of the Food for Life Project: Like this: Like Loading... Caring For Elina – Medium. Six-year old Elina and her mother were coaxed out of the bushes.

They had been waiting, undetected, for the crowds to thin at a medical screening center in Madagascar. After a Mercy Ships nurse named Ria invited Elina to come out of hiding, she discovered the disfiguring burns that covered a significant part of the child’s body — fusing her right arm, neck and cheek together into a painfully restrictive stance. Ria asked Elina’s mother what had happened to her daughter. A translator tried her best to share the message but simply couldn’t because she was overcome with emotion.

A second translator took over the exchange. Her burns required significant wound care and dressing changes in order to heal properly before any surgical procedures could be considered to release the contractures caused by the scars. But Ria felt a tug at her heart to help. Just when it seemed she’d never find them, Ria happened upon a group of women on the side of the road. Mercy Ships Canada History – Medium. Healthcare Development Program for African: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Benin. The Africa Mercy has arrived in Benin for its 2016-2017 field service! Now that we have finally arrived, we can’t wait to start working with our amazing volunteers and donors to bring hope and healing to the Beninese people.

Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating nation and why we are working there! 1. Benin was formerly known as Dahomey, a prominent West African kingdom that rose in the 15th century. The territory became a French Colony in 1872 and achieved independence in 1960. Benin is now one of Africa’s most stable democracies. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Mercy Ships Charity Hospital Ship.