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UPS Power Supply System for Continuous Power Supply. UPS is a life savior of your equipment in addition to provides smooth and nonstop work flow.

UPS Power Supply System for Continuous Power Supply

Besides providing the steady power during the power breakdown, it has other benefits as stated below. The greatest benefit of installation of UPS is that it gives continuity of the work without interruption. Just imagine, if you are in the middle of some significant work or about to finish, your work comes to a decline with impulsive power breakdown. Thus, UPS has become an essential part and essential whether it is business office or your house.

Completely Trusted Ups And Battery Monitoring Solutions. Mercury Power as an electrical and communication infrastructure services provider has built a team of experts proficient in their related industries to provide its customers with top of the line services.

Completely Trusted Ups And Battery Monitoring Solutions

The team of experts of our company has worked in and has delivered many projects in which the company is into. Secure Your Electronic Device With An Efficient Ups Power Supply. Some Things You Must Know About Ups Power System. Never Let Your Business Go Down By Installing A Standby Power Generator. Are you a businessman and looking for every possible opportunity to take it on newer heights of success?

Never Let Your Business Go Down By Installing A Standby Power Generator

If yes, then understanding each & every aspect of your business and its need is mandatory. Without doing so, you would be unable to take business-oriented decision both in the short run and the long-run. Among these various elements, power remains the most inherent and crucial part of any business whether big or small. Whether you’re a service firm or a manufacturer, a business can’t think of even existence without enough power. Get To Know More About Battery Monitoring Solutions. The evolution of this connected world has not just happened overnight as several revolutionary steps are taken to realize the dream of having everyone connected in a virtual world.

Get To Know More About Battery Monitoring Solutions

Over the years, businesses have come across the rapid demand of products & services that put tremendous pressure on their telecommunication systems. Today, networks are meant to be precise, fast and reliable as there is no space for errors. In any network system, batteries play a crucial role. Telecom service providers often need to manage between high maintenance costs and excellent service. Keeping a check on hundreds or thousands of batteries can be an extremely time consuming & costly scheme, so in various cases managing battery output has paved way to simply replacing them on a predetermined calendar, whether or not they need replacement. There is a chance that unchecked batteries may fail before they were set for maintenance, resulting into zero backup for crucial systems. Extend the reliability of UPS Power Backup at data centers – Mercury Power. There are two primary objectives behind the installation of Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems – to provide reliable UPS power back up to essential components and continuously monitor and manage power in case of voltage fluctuations.

Extend the reliability of UPS Power Backup at data centers – Mercury Power

In today’s information age, they have become an essential part of data centers that run 24×7. Now when it comes to determine the reliability of these power backup systems, most of the companies claim to meet international standards. However, this might not be true in all cases. Why you need an efficient UPS power supply system? – Mercury Power. Running a business is not an easy job as one needs to look into hundreds of elements at one point of time.

Why you need an efficient UPS power supply system? – Mercury Power

This goes in to much extent if there is a huge involvement of IT services. This is because a lot depends on IT. For example if you’ve a portal that needs to stay active round the clock, there is no point in taking any risk. And to keep everything up and running, power is the main resource. Mercury Power – Pioneering in UPS Power Installation. United Kingdom, October 18,2016/ -- In today’s fast-paced world, electricity is the basis of everything.

Mercury Power – Pioneering in UPS Power Installation

From producing illuminance at nights to running computers, nothing seems possible without electricity. Electricity has become a life line of the home and the corporate world. But sometimes main power supply goes off and this when problem starts. Comms room design to meet your specific business needs – Medium. As today IT becomes an inherent part of any business big or small, there needs to be proper infrastructure in place which ensures efficient business management without any hassles.

Comms room design to meet your specific business needs – Medium

Server room or ICT room or comms room is one of the most basic IT needs that businesses look for these days. BEST UPS Power Supply Service. BEST UPS Power Supply Service : BEST UPS Power Supply Service Our services include design, build, optimisation & ongoing management & support of all mission critical infrastructure including IT cabinets, server rooms, communications rooms, & data centres.

BEST UPS Power Supply Service

Slide 2: UPS Battery Replacement. Mercury Power offer competitive UPS battery replacement solutions, working with any UPS system.

UPS Battery Replacement

Our fully trained personnel can deliver a swift replacement to the batteries. We are fully certified to remove and recycle the old batteries as well as offering lead rebates on the old batteries. Comms Room Design. To produce a great computer room design, an attention to detail is required to cater for your specific storage needs. Mercury Power has worked with many global clients to design and install efficient solutions. We have developed and deployed these comms room designs across EMEA. These IT environments undergoing comms design may be part of a WAN or a LAN. We work to develop the best solution, along with the best positioning of the required infrastructure allowing for future expansion considerations. One of the fundamental aspects that must be considered is your physical location, growth is a common issue that can become problematic in a poorly designed environment.

We provide the end to end solution or a mixture of the core elements within your computer room design: -48v DCUPS PowerAir ConditioningServer / Network RacksStructured copper and fibre networksAccess controlLeak detectionVESDAFire suppressionRemote monitoring and call out. Standby Generators. Standby Generators image1 Mercury Power Standby Generator UK dedicated division with unparalleled experience in the design, deployment and maintenance of standby generators throughout Europe. Standby Generators design, implementation and maintenance team leaders have many years experience, most from their training with the British Armed Forces prior to the civilian arena. The team offer permanent or a field based temporary systems, ranging from small domestic 5 KVA units right through to industrial multiple 1 MVA systems, the Standby Power Generator UK specialists.

Mercury Power are factory accredited with all the leading Generator manufacturers, this facilitates us to offer guaranteed unrivalled competitive prices and factory support for the products it sells. Mercury Power as a neutral vendor will only recommend the correct generator system that suites your budget and technical requirements as we are not tied to any one manufacturer. Standby Generators UK capabilities include: Data Centre Design and Build. Data Centre Design & Build Service Mercury Power offer a full data centre design and build service in addition to fully project managed construction solutions to suit any budget.

We have worked with small to medium businesses as well as large corporations to optimise their data centre power management. Every project would most often include full technical design specifications, project management, supervision and fully managed maintenance packages. We tailor each and every project to your needs. Our turnkey solutions cover all aspects of the data centre build process from planning applications to witness testing and successful handover on contract completion. Battery Monitoring Solutions. At Mercury Power, we have been involved with many battery monitoring solutions over the past years. We have recently been instructed by some of our larger, global customers that their battery monitoring product by choice is the Power Shield Monitoring Solution. Having proven itself time and time again all over the world, we have had our workforce trained on the product and now have successfully become an approved reseller of the Power Shield product.

We have now installed this product in almost every country in EMEA with some amazing results of early warning to, potentially, serious service affecting issues if they had not been detected in the early stages. Product overview: UPS Power Installation.