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BRIMNES Armoire 2 portes. ACCUEIL - Les meubles de Woodstock Import. Meubles en bois massif • Meubles en bois massif sur mesure à configurer soi-même. L i v s s t i l - design et intérieurs nordiques. Eclairage halogene de Cuisine - accessoires pour Cuisine. Votre ADIL.


Maison : les guides pratiques de Architecture d'intérieur. How to Paint a Medicine Cabinet | I have plenty of pictures of the garden apartment basement before. But for some reason, I don’t have one at an angle that includes the medicine cabinet/vanity mirror actually in the wall. My dear mother-in-law removed it for us during our June Basement Demo Day. Then it sat on the shelf for over a month. As you can see, it’s old, heavy, & metal. The edges were covered in rust and the inside was covered in contact paper.

One coat of white semi-gloss enamel later, and it looks like a completely different piece. It’s amazing what a little paint can do. So fresh & so clean clean. Greg meticulously taped off the edges around the mirror so we could change the edge from black to white. I think we’ll do another quick coat but then this can be installed & checked off the list!! Thanks Greg!! Like this: Like Loading... Éditeurs mobiler. Sweet Home 3D. Comment résilier son assurance de pret immobilier sur le blog d.