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HTeuMeuLeu : HTML5, CSS3, et le quotidien du web pour un intégrateur ! Mugeda - Cloud Based HTML5 Animation Platform. Build HTML5 and Flash Charts & Graphs for Web Applications. Build interactive HTML5 charts using our JavaScript charting library and feature-rich API set.

Build HTML5 and Flash Charts & Graphs for Web Applications

Render them in any browser and on any device. Export them quickly and easily. Conquer your data visualization challenges. ZingChart offers the flexibility and resources to create stunning visualizations. We offer over 100 chart types to fit your data. Patternizer - HTML5 Canvas Pattern Generator Tool. XFN - XHTML Friends Network. XFN™ (XHTML Friends Network) is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks.

XFN - XHTML Friends Network

In recent years, blogs and blogrolls. HTML5. Chrome Experiments - WebGL Globe. The WebGL Globe is an open platform for geographic data visualization.

Chrome Experiments - WebGL Globe

We encourage you to copy the code, add your own data, and create your own. If you do create your own globe, please share it with us. We will post our favorite links below. WebGL Globe. Building a Custom HTML5 Audio Player with jQuery « Neutron Creations. We recently built an HTML5 audio player for Tim Van Damme's The Box, a new podcast where he interviews people who make cool stuff.

Building a Custom HTML5 Audio Player with jQuery « Neutron Creations

Tim wanted an HTML5 audio player on the site, and we put together some jQuery to hook up the player interface he designed. In this article we'll run through the code to explain how it works, covering a few caveats along the way. Here's the player interface, and the markup for it. Chrome Experiments - Home. TurboManage. Dart : Structured web programming. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. Lawnchair: Simple JSON Storage. Handlebars – SproutCore. The following post refers to SproutCore 2.0, which has split off as a separate project.

Handlebars – SproutCore

However, the information within this post is entirely applicable with respect to using SC.TemplateView and Handlebars in SproutCore 1.8. If you wish to use SC.TemplateView in SproutCore, you only need be aware that the many views and controls in the Desktop framework may contain templates, but should not themselves be contained within templates. When people check out SproutCore 2.0 for the first time, one question that they frequently ask is: Do I have to use Handlebars? HTML5 Playground. Best Practices for a Faster Web App with HTML5. While good, this article only tells part of the performance story.

Best Practices for a Faster Web App with HTML5

View for the whole picture of performance improvements. Introduction Much of HTML5 aims to deliver native browser support for components and techniques that we have achieved through JavaScript libraries thus far. LESS « The Dynamic Stylesheet language.