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index [NekoVM] Neko is an high-level dynamicly typed programming language. It can be used as an embedded scripting language. It has been designed to provide a common runtime for several different languages. index [NekoVM]
It is not generally proper to post call-for-papers on LtU. Exceptions have been made, for broad workshops likely to appeal to many LtU readers. I hope the 2014 ML Family workshop also qualifies. The ML Family workshop intends to attract the entire family of ML languages, whether related by blood to the original ML or not. Our slogan is ``Higher-order, Typed, Inferred, Strict''. Designers and users of the languages fitting the description have many issues in common, from data representation and garbage collection to fancy type system features. Lambda the Ultimate | Programming Languages Weblog

Lambda the Ultimate | Programming Languages Weblog

The Closure Library is a broad, well-tested, modular, and cross-browser JavaScript library. You can pull just what you need from a large set of reusable UI widgets and controls, and from lower-level utilities for DOM manipulation, server communication, animation, data structures, unit testing, rich-text editing, and more. The Closure Library is server-agnostic, and is intended for use with the Closure Compiler. At Google, it's used in Web Search, Maps, YouTube, Google Plus, Gmail, Docs, Sites, Books, Blogger, Calendar, Picasa Web Albums, and more. closure-library - Closure Library closure-library - Closure Library
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