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Patent & Trademark Docketing. When you have a huge patent and trademark portfolio, then tracking of all legal deadlines becomes very important.

Patent & Trademark Docketing

Precise docketing and effective paralegal support becomes the backbone of your prosecution processes. Patent & Trademark docketing or generally Intellectual Property (IP) Docketingis a system for managing the application process of IP Matters. Docketing is a vital tool for IPlaw firms, as it can be hard to organize the application process for hundreds and thousands of patents, trademarksand other IP matters without an effective docketing system to keep track of numerous deadlines and documents involved.

IP Docketing makes sure that all the deadlines are met and all the documents are labeled and kept in the right file, so they can be retrieved as and when necessary. Docketing Services are of immense value proposition when the IP portfolio comprises a large number of IP Mattters, which need to be monitored, updated, and managed with no margin of error. Docketing Process. Bio Sequence services provided by Menteso. Chemical Structures searches by Menteso. What is patent landscaping? Patent Search Service Provider. IP Recordal and data Verification service by Menteso. Data Verification includes verifying the data e.g. ownership chain from nation IP office through online sources or the bibliographic info and ownership chain through local counsels (option) prior to the preparation of official documents to be filled with the IP office.

IP Recordal and data Verification service by Menteso

IP Recordal includes first two steps as well as filling the recordals with the national IP offices and sending the client the filling receipt(s) and official certificate(s) as applicable. With Menteso IP Recordal & Data Verification, you’ll get: Our paralegal team helps such clients who need IP Recordal data verification. Menteso in-house team is experienced in handling a broad range of tasks relating to data verification.The team is well versed with the regional laws and provides support for Assignment and IP recordal support services in a variety of jurisdictions across the globe.Our team is readily able to meet complex client needs and deliver data verification projects within agreed upon time frames.

Patent proofreading service to proofread your patent application. Patent is a legal document which enforces your privileges with regard to a particular invention, but if the patent application is incorrectly worded or has mistakes, then are you well protected?

Patent proofreading service to proofread your patent application

Well, to keep away from erroneous enforceability it is significant that you get Patent Proofreading Services prior to submitting the same in front of the authorities, at the time of the notice of allowance and even after the grant of the patent.It is general practice to utilize Patent proofreading service of a specialized organization to proofread your patent application. Do go for a trustworthy Patent Proofreaders company because the quality of the work will have a big impact on the enforceability of your patent.Patent Proofreading Service Patent Proofreading is a significant step in recognizing errors that can have an effect on the patent’s enforceability. Also, as very well known, that most of the granted patents have mistakes. We Manage your Intellectual Property Portfolio. Patent Search Services - Chemical Structures. Why you need Evidence of Use (EoU) Chart? Patent Drafting Services. Patent drawing services. Patent drawings are one of the main elements of a patent application.

Patent drawing services

Specialized drawings help totally cover invention and all embodiment of the invention. Detailed patent drawings can save you, if a main element or feature was by chance left out of the application draft. The USPTO regularly views drawings in order to find out what was disclosed at the time the Patent application was filed. A patent drawing must be correct. It should reflect form, surface finish, and material of the subject matter.

We at Menteso developed a global drawing experienced team who has experience in various PTOs inlcluding USPTO, EPO, UKIPO, JPO, IPO, SIPO and CIPO etc., Our experienced team provides quality patent drafting services, in a timely manner to our client at a reasonable cost. We can prepare drawings using any of the below materials: Rought sketchesScanned photographs and/orpictures.Videos3D Models if we have anyRelevant matterPTO office actions copies in case of objections by examiners. Bio Patent Search. Patent Validity or Invalidity Searches. Patent validity or invalidity searches require being very wide as these searches have limitless potential.

Patent Validity or Invalidity Searches

If a business has an inclination to invalidate a competitor’s patent, it has the option to continue probing till it discovers data that can assist in its mission. Due to the vast number of patents, patent applications, and related non patent publications accessible worldwide, it is necessary to cover all the possible bases. So, it is of utmost significance to conduct as thorough and detailed a search as is possible. Menteso - Freedom to Operate Services. In terms of Intellectual Property, Freedom to Operate is an estimate of whether you violate the patent, design or trademark rights of another company.

Menteso - Freedom to Operate Services

Freedom to Operate analysis involves recognize and analyzing the patents of others that may subject your corporation to patent infringement liability. By doing Freedom to Operate Search before developing and launching a new product or previous to acquiring a new corporation, your company can limit the risk of future litigation and stay away from unnecessary cost. Freedom to operate studies done early in the cycle of product growth affords companies the chance either to modify the design or avoid infringement before reaching the point of no return, or to take a license. Menteso’s Freedom to Operate/Clearance Search recognizes third party enforceable patents and patent publications which assists our customers in assessing the risk of potential infringement in a particular authority. Evidence of Use (EoU) Charts Infringement Searches. The Expert IP Ally.