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Dulce y Salado-Menorca: Indice. PER ANAR FENT GANA. MENJATORUM. S'illa dins el plat / la isla en el plato. TIBERIS. Fra Roger - YouTube. Pagina web dedicada a la elaboración y publicación de recetas de cocina , Ana en la cocina, Menorca y gastronomia en una sola web. SA CUINA DE NA ROSER. Ses Cuinetes D'Ague. Receptes - Queso Mahón Menorca. Cheese is an essential ingredient on the Minorcan table.

Receptes - Queso Mahón Menorca

Each variety (mild, medium mature and mature), is used for different and original gastronomic purposes. For example, slices of vintage cheese go together perfectly with dried fruit and nuts and many fresh fruits, especially grapes. It is also excellent for cooking au gratin dishes, such as pasta, prawns or seafood, or served with a piece of bread with figs. The more buttery medium mature cheese has great flavour eatn by itself but also when served with toasted bread and bread spread with tomato. Gastronomía Menorca. Vins de Menorca - Descobreix Menorca. Cuina de Menorca - Descobreix Menorca.