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Ra the Path of the Sun God. RA: The Path of the Sun God A Vision of Ancient Egypt A three-part animated feature film on themes from ancient Egyptian art and mythology 1990 72 minutes 35mm DAWN: The Creation NOON: The Year of the King NIGHT: The Gates of the Underworld Four years in the making, Ra was created and shot entirely in Glasgow by Persistent Vision Animation, Scotland's only animation studio at the time.

Ra the Path of the Sun God

The film combines traditional animation techniques with special optical effects to produce a dream-like evocation of Ancient Egyptian beliefs about the Creation and Man's place within it. The enigma of Harwa. L.I.S.A. - Das Wissenschaftsportal der Gerda Henkel Stiftung. Das Grab des Neferhotep ist eines der größten Privatgräber in der etwa 800 dekorierte Felsgrabanlagen umfassenden Nekropole Thebens.

L.I.S.A. - Das Wissenschaftsportal der Gerda Henkel Stiftung

Neferhotep (»Schön ist die Gnade«) war oberster Schreiber des Schöpfergottes Amun und verstarb in der Regierungszeit des Pharaos Eje um 1320 v. Chr. Sein Felsengrab befindet sich am Fuße des thebanischen Gebirges nahe dem Tal der Könige. Als im 19. Jahrhundert englische und französische Forschungsreisende das Grab entdeckten, ist beim Umgang mit der Totenkammer einiges schief gelaufen: Das Verbrennen von Mumien verrußte die Wände, Wandmalereien und Hieroglyphen wurden bis zur Unkenntlichkeit geschwärzt, ihre Botschaften sind seither verschollen.

Die drei Restauratorinnen Susanne Brinkmann, Birte Graue und Christina Verbeek versuchen seit 2005, das Rätsel der schwarzen Wand zu lösen, die Wandbilder nach mehr als 3000 Jahren wieder sichtbar zu machen. Die Deutung der Wiederentdeckung ist vor allem für Ägyptologen von großer Bedeutung. Gerda Henkel Stiftung. Fondazione Museo delle Antichità Egizie di Torino. Out of Egypt: Israel’s Exodus Between Text and Memory, History and Imagination. The Exodus sits at the heart of Israelite religion, literature and identity, and aspects of the narrative helped shape independent Islamic and Christian traditions.

Out of Egypt: Israel’s Exodus Between Text and Memory, History and Imagination

Yet challenging textual and archaeological evidence has led some scholars to question whether the Biblical narrative reflects a single historical event or if it should be read, as Ronald Hendel wrote in Bible Review, as “conflation of history and memory—a mixture of historical truth and fiction, composed of ‘authentic’ historical details, folklore motifs, ethnic self-fashioning, ideological claims and narrative imagination.” A recent international conference hosted by Calit2’s Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego addressed some of the most challenging issues in Exodus scholarship. Watch the conference’s full-length lectures online for free on Bible History Daily, courtesy of conference host Thomas E. Levy, distinguished professor and Norma Kershaw Chair in the Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Neighboring Lands at UCSD.

Une société raffinée. Les hommes oubliés de la Vallées des Rois. Recent Research in Egyptian Art: Behind the Mask of Tutankhamun. Les hommes oubliés de la Vallée des Rois 02. Egypte - Les films du Louvre. O Último Olhar - Retrato Fayoum. Boutique - Films, séries, documentaires, spectacles en VOD, DVD, Blu-ray, livres et BD. Iron from the sky: the potential influence of meteorites on ancient Egyptian culture.

Public history of science lecture by Dr Diane Johnson.

Iron from the sky: the potential influence of meteorites on ancient Egyptian culture

Diane Johnson is Project Officer (FIBSEM) at the Centre for Earth, Planetary, Space & Astronomical Research, Open University. Ancient Egyptian belief was frequently derived from observations of the natural world, where the gods were considered to control the forces of nature; and as a society, ancient Egyptians placed great value upon order and balance. So how would the appearance of a fireball bringing meteorite iron to the ground be interpreted, and what was the perception of this iron as such a rare material? This lecture will explore the theory that meteorites may have influenced many aspects of ancient Egyptian culture with evidence in the form of artefacts, ancient texts and architecture. Enquiries: Contact the events team. Haremhab, Pharaoh and Conqueror: New Investigations in His Royal Tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

Faience Making. Dr Zahi Hawass Shows New Artifacts Discovered in the Valley of the Kings. The Dawn of Egyptian Art. Digital Karnak - Hypostyle Hall and Clerestory, UCLA. Ancient Egypt in 3D. Digital Karnak - Fly Over Eastern Gate, UCLA. Digital Karnak - Terms and Definitions, UCLA. Digital Karnak - Western Processional, UCLA. Digital Karnak - Temple Development, UCLA. Peter Manuelian. Emory's Old Kingdom Mummy: Egyptologists Comment.

CT of mummy: Seramon's head. Abu Roash. Fascinating Mummies at National Museum of Scotland. SW 38 Course Trailer Video: Pyramid Schemes: The Archaeological History of Ancient Egypt. Dr Martin Bommas: Eyptology. Dr Martin Bommas: The Eton Myers Exhibition. Lecture with Dr. James Hoffmeier. Lecture by Dr. Ali Radwan, Professor of Egyptology, Cairo University.