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Informática e egiptologia

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Describing Egypt. Describing Egypt. High Resolution Image Viewer. A Flash based viewer application based on Openzoom technology has been developed to navigate through the high resolution photographic data scanned at the tomb.

High Resolution Image Viewer

This navigator is an interactive tool that has been prepared for the Supreme Council of Antiquities and will be made available to specialists for studying and monitoring the condition of the tomb. It consists of an interactive Flash application embedded in a web browser. The navigator will be able to move around the entire tomb and zoom into the photographic data at a macro level. An additional feature will allow specialists to leave notes on specific areas, using a colour code for different authors. Liens. Virtual Egyptian Tomb (Tomb of Menna) Fris13 wrote:I almost wish that when we stare at certain parts of the paintings that we could get some popup with a description of what we are seeing and what it represents.

Virtual Egyptian Tomb (Tomb of Menna)

Yes, it would be nice to have pop-up labels and info (though there are literally HUNDREDS of things that could be labeled in this tomb). I have made other Unity environments with labels and pop-ups (for example, the Christian building at Dura Europos - Someday soon I hope to make a Rift version of those. It would nice to understand better... why you went through the effort of rendering it. Nebamun animation. Giza 3D - Dassault Systèmes. 3841 tombs and monuments listed.

Giza 3D - Dassault Systèmes

Thanks to 10 years of collected research, Dassault Systèmes was able to reconstruct the Giza Necropolis as accurately as possible. Home - HorNET software. DJEHUTY TV. A Digital Reconstruction of the Ancient Egyptian City of Akhetaten [Tell el-Amarna] Virtual Amarna (Akhetaten) – um álbum no Flickr. The Pyramids iPad app – Touch Press. Wonders of the Old Kingdom The greatest monuments of ancient Egypt are brought to life on the iPad screen in this immersive, navigable 3D world.

The Pyramids iPad app – Touch Press

Khafre Statue. Saqqara. De saqqara au Musée du Louvre : le mastaba d'Akhethétep. Features - HorNET software. Features of Vector Office.

Features - HorNET software

User friendly interfaceThe software is easy to learn with only a minimum of effortFull AntialiasingFast graphic engine produces soft lines and edgesCustomisable 2D objects ( and 3D objects in Version 4)Documents can consist of 2D objects, drawn directly into the document and 3D objects imported from 3D Studio MAX or similar 3D editors Egyptian statue in 3D containing nearly 29.000 surfaces rendered by the engine of Vector Office Touch screen support for Windows 7 and higherUse your hands to move around hieroglyphs in your documentFull Unicode supportLibrary systemA powerful library system saves often used signs and shapes. The Petrie Museum - Visitor information. WikiHiero. Key to Gardiner Fonts. The SignWriter Egyptology Software Project. Wissensspeicher. Nouvelle page 3. RES. This is the home page of the RES encoding scheme for hieroglyphic.


General documentation M. -J. Nederhof. A Revised Encoding Scheme for Hieroglyphic. Description of the encoding scheme The implementation: res2image (The implementation from the download link below is in C. Applications Links. NewGardiner font for hieroglyphs. Description This font contains the 1071 glyphs from 0x13000 to 0x1342E, forming the section from document WG2/N3349R that deals with Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

NewGardiner font for hieroglyphs

(There is further information about the glyphs.) The name indicates that the font does not have the pretence to offer much more than the shapes of the font used by Gardiner in his grammar and in supplementary documents, while it is 'new' in the sense of being somewhat more streamlined and uniform. UCL Discovery - The Sen-nedjem Project: Archaeology, Virtual Reality and Education. Terras, M; (1999) The Sen-nedjem Project: Archaeology, Virtual Reality and Education.

UCL Discovery - The Sen-nedjem Project: Archaeology, Virtual Reality and Education

Archaeological Computing Newsletter , 53 4 - 10. Virtual reality, interactive computer generated sites and scenarios, theoretically creates great opportunities for archaeology, history, and education. Immersive computer driven environments impart information regarding space and human experience that would not be possible using traditional means of representation. Places and structures too remote, dangerous or deteriorated to visit can be experienced, and virtual models can provide the context in which to understand other complex issues surrounding an environment.

In the past the technology required to produce such virtual 'worlds' has been expensive and complex, but Internet developments in the last few years have provided the means to generate three-­‐dimensional interactive worlds cheaply and quickly. Downloads. "Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Giza 3D - Dassault Systèmes. 3841 tombs and monuments listed.

Giza 3D - Dassault Systèmes

Thanks to 10 years of collected research, Dassault Systèmes was able to reconstruct the Giza Necropolis as accurately as possible. 3D Tomb Tours. InScribeX. Home - HorNET software. Polices de caractères. Unicode et translittération Copte : Ifao N Copte Grec: IFAOGrec Unicode et IFAOGrec Exposant Téléchargements/download Unicode et translittération L’IFAO recommande l’emploi du codage Unicode (version 4.1 et 5) pour les caractères de translittération.

Polices de caractères

Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts. The Deir el-Medina Database. Programa Amanuense. Principales novedades de la nueva versión Vea la descripción y ayudas pulsando aquí. Requisitos del programa (versión shareware) - Sistema operativo: El programa funciona bajo Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista y NT. - Memoria y entorno: las necesarias para que funcione Windows en un PC. - Disco duro: 30 Mb de espacio libre. - Lector CD-ROM. - Recomendable tarjeta de sonido para poder escuchar el sintetizador de voz, pero no es esencial para la ejecución del programa. Ägyptologisches Seminar: VisualGlyph for PC. Ägyptologisches Seminar: iGlyph for MAC. GlyphTutor Home Page.