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MCEX-11 vs. MCEX-16 Extension Tubes — Fuji vs. Fuji. If you’re wondering why the images from the wider angle primes are so heavily in shadow, it’s because the lens is so close to Homer— practically touching in fact—that it’s blocking the light.

MCEX-11 vs. MCEX-16 Extension Tubes — Fuji vs. Fuji

You also might be wondering where the 14mm f/2.8 is. Fuji list only the MCEX-11 as being compatible with the 14mm, but distortion and aberrations are so heavily exaggerated, I can’t recommend using it with an extension tube. The best bang for you close-up buck seems to be with the 27mm f/2.8 and 35mm f/1.4 lenses. The 56 gets a lot closer relative to its performace without any tubes, but it’s still not terribly close. Adding the tubes to the 60mm f/2.4 Macro is also a good idea, but it got pretty close to begin with.

Fuji X Forum. Lighting Tips: How to Capture that ‘National Geographic Style’ DOF & aperture made simple. What Aperture should you use? Simple Tip for Perfect Exposure. Matt Granger - Home. Do YOU understand your HISTOGRAM?? Should you shoot RAW or JPG, with Fujifilm cameras? Remover fundo complexo em fotos - Paint.NET. Hoje iremos exemplificar como retirar um fundo complexo duma foto, tornado-o transparente e deste modo isolar um elemento central, usando o Paint.NET Na mensagem anterior, Remover fundo simples em fotos - Paint.NET, tivemos a oportunidade de descrever quais as ferramentas usadas para usar a varinha mágica nas suas vertentes.

Remover fundo complexo em fotos - Paint.NET

No exemplo de hoje iremos usar todas as técnicas nela descrita pelo que aconselhamos uma leitura previa da mesma.Adicionalmente iremos falar de outras ferramentas necessárias para melhorar a composição final. Este exemplo respeita a uma imagem com um fundo complexo para remover. Vamos recorrer à imagem anterior. The Angry Photographer: 20 STEPS to becoming a 200% BETTER PHOTOGRAPHER, and quickly too! VID-1. Light Pollution Map. How to plan, shoot, and edit the Milky Way. Milky Way Photography: Lightroom Tutorial - Basic Workflow. 5 awesome shortcuts for Fujifilm X-T2. Fuji Xt2 V2 Firmware ISO Command Dial. Fuji Friday: Fuji XT1/XT2 Quirks - Why Do I Get those dark bars in my images? (and other quirks)

FUJIFILM X-T1: "Focus Peak Highlight" manual focusing system. Shooting Star Images with the Fuji X-T2. Fuji Rethink Raw. The original DSLR camera simulator. Lighting Lighting is the single biggest determinant of how your camera needs to be set.

The original DSLR camera simulator

With only a few exceptions, you can never have too much light. Use this slider to experiment with different indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. Distance Use this slider to simulate how close or far you are in relation to the subject. Focal length Moving this slider is the same as zooming in and out with your lens. Mode The exposure modes of an SLR let you control one setting while the camera automatically adjusts the others. ISO refers to how sensitive the “film” will be to the incoming light when the picture is snapped. Aperture Aperture, or f-stop, refers to how big the hole will be for the light to pass through when the shutter is open and the picture is snapped. Shutter speed Shutter speed is how long the shutter needs to be open, allowing light into the camera, to properly expose the image.

Which Computer for Photo & Video Editing? Did You Know You Could Do This on Your X Series Camera? Fuji Guys - Fujifilm X-T2 - Top Features. Fujifilm X-T2 Overview Tutorial. Extreme Macro Photography. 10 apps gratuitos indispensáveis para fotógrafos (Android) O celular é indispensável para qualquer um, inclusive para nós fotógrafos, e porque não, tirar o máximo de produtividade dessas pequenas maravilhas da modernidade. 1 – Photo Tools Este é indispensável, ele ajuda em quase tudo, calcular fotometria, profundidade de campo, notepad, cronometro, exposição do flash fases da lua, galeria para inspiração, e mais várias opções que vão facilitar muito o seu dia a dia. 2 – DOF Calculator Este app é bem simples, mas bastante util, é uma calculadora de campo de profundidade, distancia focal, entre outras coisas.

10 apps gratuitos indispensáveis para fotógrafos (Android)

Tem como maior vantagem ser totalmente automatizado (no simples mode) ou aprofundado (no advanced). Suporta as maiorias das SLR e as DSLR do mercado, e ainda várias câmeras 35mm , médio e grande formatos. 3 – DSLR Remote. Fujinon Fujifilm XF 18-55 f/2.8-4R LM OIS. Fujifilm X-T1 Video: How to shoot the best quality. Iridient X-Transformer beta brings much-loved X-Trans processing to Windows: Digital Photography Review. Iridient Digital, maker of the popular Iridient Developer Raw conversion software for Mac, has announced a public Beta of a Fujifilm Raw converter utility for Windows.

Iridient X-Transformer beta brings much-loved X-Trans processing to Windows: Digital Photography Review

Fuji X Forum. Digital Photography Review. Secret Lightroom Settings for Fujifilm RAW files. Testing the Fuji X-T2 Firmware 2.0 updates. Holy Crap! - in 4k. Fuji X Forum. FUJIFILM X-T2 Owner’s Manual. X t2 omw en s f. Steve Mccurry - 9 tipos de composição de foto. Dica de Fotografia com Lucas Cavalheiro #DicasDoLucas. Digital Photography Review. Review câmeras Sony Alpha 7 II, a7, a7R e a7S. RawTherapee Blog. Free stock photos · Pexels. Peoples & Place - JIMMY NELSON.

Cecil Beaton's war photography. A young sailor on shore leave, taken in Harrogate in 1941, and another subject who the IWM would love to trace.

Cecil Beaton's war photography

The graffiti is interesting and lends the picture a very modern air indeed. A WREN poses for Beaton in Portsmouth 1941. Besides that she crewed a harbour launch there is nothing else known about her. A young girl points out Lana Turner to her less than fascinated father in Cairo in 1942. The film being advertised "Ziegfeld Girl" was Jimmy Stewart's final Hollywood production before embarking on a distinguished wartime career in the US Air Force. The shattered roof of a mortared fire station in Tobruk, Libya, in 1942, a year after Rommel's famous siege of the port which proved a turning point in allied fortunes when it was ultimately relieved and the German forces forced to retreat to Gazala.

The Blitz. A picture of Neville Duke, 20 year old fighter pilot with 92 Squadron in Biggin Hill, 1941, pictured by Beaton with his Spitfire. Home - Flickr, a Yahoo company. Last additions - Photo gallery. Naples, Italy Sunrise Sunset Times. Fotos recentes de Armando Jorge ajorger. Gratuito Armando Jorge.

Fotos recentes de Armando Jorge ajorger

George Eastman Museum. My Journey in Switching to Mirrorless as a Photojournalist. Pop Up - Photo Studio. Photography Courses – Photography Courses Online. A new and refreshing way to browse Flickr photos. Gambiarras para sua foto e vídeo ficarem profissionais - iDicas. Tirar fotos na era do celular é tipo transar sendo solteiro, podemos fazer sempre, mas não é todo mundo que domina.

Gambiarras para sua foto e vídeo ficarem profissionais - iDicas

E com essa analogia de péssimo gosto quero mostrar pra vocês que qualquer um pode, SIM, tirar fotos decentes com um ar profissional. Confirmado! (5 Passos) - Cara da Foto.