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2.3 Conversions and conversion attribution

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About the default attribution models - Analytics Help. To learn about attribution and the Model Comparison Tool, read Attribution Modeling Overview. When evaluating the effectiveness of your channels, use attribution models that reflect your advertising goals and business models. Regardless of the model(s) you use, test your assumptions by experimenting. Increase or decrease investment in a channel as guided by the model output, then observe your results in the data. About the Models The Last Interaction model attributes 100% of the conversion value to the last channel with which the customer interacted before buying or converting.

When it's useful: If your ads and campaigns are designed to attract people at the moment of purchase, or your business is primarily transactional with a sales cycle that does not involve a consideration phase, the Last Interaction model may be appropriate. When it's useful: When it's useful: If you want to identify and credit the AdWords ads that closed the most conversions, use the Last AdWords Click model. Track your macro conversions. - Analytics Help. Track your micro conversions. - Analytics Help. Overview - Analytics Help. Digital Analytics Fundamentals.