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Memory vault. Memories. Best Countries for Family Remembrance. 20 Best Funeral Director Websites 2018. Funeral directors have been helping grieving loved ones for centuries.

20 Best Funeral Director Websites 2018

They take on the task of arranging and scheduling funerals and viewings, clothing the departed with the best clothes and preparing their body for their final destination. But in today’s hyperconnected world, funeral directors are not just waiting for families to call them; they’re leveraging e-commerce and website solutions to better serve their customers and engage with them. If you’re looking to improve your own funeral director website or create a new one, there are a number of Wordpress website templates that you can utilise from sites like Themeforest or Template Monster. If you have some technical knowhow, you may be able to implement these yourself. Otherwise, there are plenty of marketing companies or freelancers that you can also use to get the content onto these templates. Alternatively, you can work with web developers to custom build a website site to your requirements. 1. 2. 3. 4.

M.J. 5. N.J. How to Write Poems for Funerals. When asked to talk about someone who passed away, some people get anxious and overwhelmed with the task of honoring someone through words.

How to Write Poems for Funerals

After all, gifts of words are sometimes the hardest to give, especially if you’re not used to expressing how you feel and what you think in front of people. If you’re not comfortable with directly talking or writing about how you feel about the deceased, one way to deliver your funeral speech or express your feelings is through poems. Why Poems Work for Funerals Poems are forms of writing that use figurative language.

Poems or poetry is a “form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language,” according to Wikipedia. Memories. A Memories Timeline offers an ad-free, private and secure space to safeguard and share memories of the people, places, moments and milestones that matter the most.


Launched in Melbourne, Australia in 2014, Memories is now used in over 150 countries around the world. Memories exists to safeguard humanity's greatest treasures - our stories. Our platform is a place where you can store those stories with your 'inner circle'. It allows you to create Timelines to honour loved ones who are no longer with us, as well as control and preserve the stories, moments and histories that matter to you in one centralised place. Memories can do this with any story – a personal legacy, a special occasion, the adventures of a beloved pet or a community history.

Our platform is also the proud publisher of the digital notices for The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, WA Today and Brisbane Times, Canberra Times, Newcastle Herald and over 100 other publications. Memories Blog and News. Memories Blog and News. Estate Planning - Memories. What is included in estate planning?

Estate Planning - Memories

Estate planning should start with a will or living trust, and can also include preferences for medical care should an event arise where you are unable to communicate. It should include a “knowledge transfer” – handing over your phone and email passwords, information about properties and deeds, health information, financial information, legal documents and funeral arrangements. Estate planning also provides an opportunity to pass on your values, milestones and lessons learned. What happens if you don’t have an estate plan? If you die without an estate plan, your assets will be distributed according to a legal formula. This removes control of who distributes your assets, meaning they might not end up with a person you would have chosen had you had an estate plan. Memories - Blog - Childhood Memories.

As a child raised in a family that moved around the world a lot, I was always annoyed that my brother could remember so much more about our childhood then me.

Memories - Blog - Childhood Memories

He would tell long and funny stories of different people and occasions across the years which I couldn’t even remember let alone retell. And I wondered why. Why was he able to recollect so much of our childhood and me so little? Why most people don’t recollect childhood memories Most of us don’t have any memories from the first three to four years of our lives. The phenomenon, known as “childhood amnesia,” has been puzzling psychologists for more than a century—and we still don’t fully understand it. There are four main theories to explain childhood amnesia: Create and Browse Beautiful Online Memorials. Benefits of an Online Memorial L.J Smith once wrote: "Nothing really dies unless it is forgotten".

Create and Browse Beautiful Online Memorials

Online Obituaries - Memories. The benefits of posting an online obituary Find some of the benefits of an online obituary below: Shareable An online obituary is easy to share with others to contributePermanent Online obituaries will exist for eternityPersonalised Your tribute can be personalised or selected from pre-populated quotes.Easy It takes just a few minutes to produce a customised online obituary.Access Anytime The obituary is online for anyone to access and add to at any time.Searchable Once published, they are accessible for anyone to find on Google Create an online obituaryThere are 3 steps to creating an online obituary which includes: Create a Tribute Photo & Message – Pay tribute with a respectful photo and personal message Publish & Share – Publish the notice online and share with close contact Memories power online obituaries of major newspapers Memories publish the online obituaries for major Nine and ACM.

Online Obituaries - Memories

FAQs 1. Although an obituary is a type of memorial, it differs from a memorial page. Anna Matthews. Online Obituaries.