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Interesting Facts About Halloween. Halloween has a unique type of celebration compared to different holidays in the globe.

Interesting Facts About Halloween

Some people spend their time and money in planning and creating their spooky costumes while others don’t recognize this holiday at all. Unlike most holidays on the calendar, Halloween is all about the spooky, scary and downright deadly stuff. Let’s go back to history to know why Halloween became one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. The celebration of Halloween goes back to ancient history. It goes back to that ancient Celtic tradition of the Celts by creating a large bonfire through burning crops and animals as a sacrifice and by using animal carcasses as a costume specifically animal heads and skins to ward off ghosts.

Interesting Facts About Halloween. Top 4 Benefits of Journaling. Journaling is one of the oldest pastimes and is still practiced widely today.

Top 4 Benefits of Journaling

Sure, the internet age might make journaling antiquated, but blogging is just the digital version of journaling, and we all know that blogging is a very popular hobby. Blogging is even essential in this day and age for many businesses who want to drive traffic into their website, or to rank higher in search engine results pages. Our favorite types of blog, however, are those that mirror the spirit of old-school journaling; those that are personal, intimate, and filled with soul. Journaling is more than just recording your day-to-day activities. Although journals started out as a form of record keeping, some of the most famous diaries and journals (e.g.

Still not convinced that journaling isn't for you? 1. Journaling is the act of capturing memories in the same way pressing the shutter button on a camera "freezes" time. 13 Ways to Keep Our Travel Memories Alive. Some of our most precious memories are vacations we take abroad, or road trips with family and friends.

13 Ways to Keep Our Travel Memories Alive

It's only natural for these types of memories to be very vivid and remain fresh in our mind, because how can you forget an adventure? Seeing new landscapes, meeting new people, hearing different languages, and learning about uniques cultures is the ultimate act of exploration of the world and of yourself. You grow during your travels as you create bonds with both your loved ones and with the locals. Special Verses for Your Online Tributes. Like many celebrity deaths, the recent passing of prolific comic book writer and publisher Stan Lee has seen online memorials and tributes from every corner of the internet.

Special Verses for Your Online Tributes

And as creator of beloved superheroes like Spiderman, The Fantastic 4 and X-Men, it comes as little surprise that many used his creations to tenderly memorialise him. Some quoted his characters, while others posted poignant strips - some even turned up in costume. If you ask us, this just illustrates that there’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter formula when it comes to remembering the deceased. If you’re memorialising a recently-departed relative or friend, you don’t need to follow tradition. Every person is unique, and as a result, so is what goes into your memorial. What’s a memorial verse? In short, memorial verses are brief sections of text that memorialise the deceased and celebrate the life they led.

Memorial verses are different things to different people - they can be printed, spoken or even sung. Go online. How to Write a Eulogy from the Heart. One of the most inspiring and memorable parts of a funeral is the eulogy or the funeral speech.

How to Write a Eulogy from the Heart

Eulogy, a speech or a writing that praises a person who has passed away, comes from the Greek word eulogia, which means “blessing” or “praise.” If you’re tasked to write and deliver a eulogy, it’s understandable if you’d feel nervous and anxious. After all, you’d want to make it as perfect as possible as it is meant to honor the deceased. The pressure to do well might be even more intense if you’re the type who’s afraid to talk in front of a crowd. There are two ways to fulfill your task of successfully delivering a eulogy: prepare a well-written eulogy and practice delivering it. That means you don’t have to worry about failing—speech blunders or grammar mistakes aren’t really viewed as failures when delivering eulogies.

Here are tips to help you craft a beautiful eulogy: 1. Prepare an outline before writing your eulogy. 2. The theme will dictate the tone of your main body or story. Kobe Bryant: A Legend Lost. A Legacy Remembered. The world mourns the recent passing of basketball icon - Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant: A Legend Lost. A Legacy Remembered

News left everyone in shock as Kobe Bryant, along with 8 other people, including his daughter died after his helicopter crashed on a hillside in the Calabasas area. Bryant will be remembered as one of the greatest players in basketball history. He spent 20 memorable years with the Los Angeles Lakers gathering five NBA championships and breaking a number of records. He was selected to play with the NBA All Stars on 18 occasions, 4 of which he received MVP. He also won two gold medals at the summer Olympics with team USA. After he retired from basketball he moved into film-making where he continued to win awards and inspire people of all generations.

His Early Days in Basketball Kobe Bryant comes from a family of basketball players. When Bryant was six, his father left the NBA and moved his family to Italy where he continued playing professional basketball in the lower-level Italian league. Memories Blog and News. - A Place to Store Memories Forever.