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NZ in the 19th Century

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BWB Treaty of Waitangi Collection. BWB Treaty of Waitangi Collection. Dictionary of New Zealand Biographies. Heritage NZ: The Waikato War. For ten months during 1863-1864, the once-peaceful hills and plains of Waikato rang with battle cries and the boom of warships.

Heritage NZ: The Waikato War

At stake was some of the North Island’s most fertile farmland around the Waikato and Waipa rivers. When the smoke cleared, the British had seized more than one million acres of tribal territory, and the door open to Pākehā control of the North Island. Purutia! Tawhia! Kia ita! Maori TV: The Prophets. NZ Historic Places Trust: A journey through the Waikato War. Topic specific resources available in the Memorial Library.