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1931 Hawke's Bay Earthquake

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When looking for information about the earthquake, remember that sometimes it is referred to as the Napier earthquake and sometimes the Hawke's Bay earthquake - use these terms separately to get different results.

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New Zealand history. Earthquake resources available in the Memorial Library. Archives NZ. Christchurch City Libraries. DigitalNZ. GeoNet. Hastings District Libraries. Napier City Council. Type of Event: earthquakeWhen: 3 February 1931Where: Napier and Hastings, Hawke's Bay In 1931, the cities of Napier and Hastings were devastated by New Zealand's deadliest earthquake.

Napier City Council

At least 256 people died in the magnitude 7.8 'quake - 161 in Napier, 93 in Hastings and two in Wairoa. Many thousands required medical treatment. Napier Libraries. NZ History. When the deadly earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, struck at 10.47 a.m., many buildings in central Napier and Hastings collapsed immediately.

NZ History

In terms of loss of life (256), it remains the worst civil disaster to have occurred in New Zealand. Among the buildings destroyed were Napier’s cathedral, public library and nurses’ home, where clerical staff and off-duty nurses died. In Hastings, 17 people died when Roach’s department store collapsed, and eight when the front of the Grand Hotel fell into the main street. Te Ara. In 1931, New Zealand’s deadliest earthquake devastated the cities of Napier and Hastings.

Te Ara

At least 256 people died in the magnitude 7.8 earthquake – 161 in Napier, 93 in Hastings, and 2 in Wairoa. Many thousands more required medical treatment. 256 or 258?