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Kyle Sykes

Agile Learning Center at Manhattan Free School We are a team of educators, entrepreneurs, and social change agents who are building and sharing Agile Learning Centers -- a 21st Century model of education. Hey Agile Learners! Does this sound familiar? Long, slow, boring hours wasted in school with someone trying to make you learn something irrelevant and uninteresting, yet when the need to know about it arose in your life, you quickly and easily learned what you needed to know from any handy information source. If so, you're probably an agile learner. Agile Learning Center at Manhattan Free School
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We’ve been enculturated to think of economics as a cold, boring, academic subject devoid of connection to humanity’s heart and soul. In fact it is intimately connected and potentially one of the most juicy, alive, rich ways of understanding and evolving our humanity, our purpose and our future. Economics is one of the most essential fields of agreements on how we hold our collective self-image, how we develop our collective self esteem. New Economics | The Visionary Commons New Economics | The Visionary Commons
Video: Emerging Leader Labs Wrap-up Posted by venessa miemis on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 · 2 Comments The 6-week seed project for the Emerging Leader Labs has now come to a close. Above is the final video in a series produced by participant Ben Brownell, providing a glimpse into the happenings on Open House day, where the local community in Chatham was invited to ELL to find out what the initiative is all about and to meet the makers. Video: Emerging Leader Labs Wrap-up
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