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Polycarbonate vs. polyester labels - which one should you pick? - Melrose. Graphic overlays and second surface printed labels are a common component of many applications today.

Polycarbonate vs. polyester labels - which one should you pick? - Melrose

Most of the time, manufacturers choose polycarbonate or polyester as their material for label construction. What are the characteristics of polycarbonate and polyester that you should know? Read this article to learn more about these materials and decide which one is a better option for your application. Polycarbonate. What is HMI? An Extensive Guide About Human-Machine Interface - Melrose Systems. How are you accessing this piece of information?

What is HMI? An Extensive Guide About Human-Machine Interface - Melrose Systems

Is it through your mobile device or some touch gadget? Or is it using your laptop/ desktop computer? Whatever the medium you are using to access this information is simply a Human Machine Interface, aka, HMI. Anything that helps a human to communicate with machines and vice versa is an HMI. How to choose the right switch technology for your project - Melrose Systems. How to choose the right switch technology for your project When it comes to switch technologies, engineers can choose from a wide range of types, including mechanical switches, capacitive switches, and membrane switches.

How to choose the right switch technology for your project - Melrose Systems

Let’s focus on the latter type now. When it comes to membrane switches, you can choose between flexible and rigid membranes with assemblies made of different metals, continuous scrolling switches, or technologies designed for rugged environments. And the choice you make is more important than you think. The switch is the component that breaks the electrical circuit and either diverges the current from one conductor to another or interrupts it. In this article, we zoom in on the best practices for choosing the right switch technology for your project. 5 LCD TFT parameters you need to know - Melrose Systems. 5 LCD TFT parameters you need to know An LCD TFT display is among the most popular choices for visualizing information in a wide range of applications today.

5 LCD TFT parameters you need to know - Melrose Systems

One reason behind the display’s popularity is the broad range of customization options that allow customers to choose an optimal mix of key parameters. But what are the parameters you can choose from when ordering an LCD TFT display from a manufacturer? In this article, we explore the crucial parameters of LCD screens that you should know before approaching a manufacturer with your application idea – or even before an LDC TFT display as a component for your application. How do LCD TFT displays work? LCD is an acronym for Liquid-crystal display. Expert guide to safety labels - Melrose. Safety labels are the essential component of products and equipment manufactured for practically every industry, from automotive and consumer electronics to kitchen appliances.

Expert guide to safety labels - Melrose

Just like any other equipment components, they need to stay functional throughout the entire product lifecycle. Manufacturers need to make sure that safety labels are engineered to remain legible and intact even in the harshest conditions such as high humidity, extreme heat, or UV exposure. It’s essential that they continue serving their functions, such as communicating safety warnings or product information.

This is why the construction and printing technologies of safety labels are so important. In this article, we address the questions our clients usually ask us about safety labels when we guide them through the labeling process. Common types of safety labels Safety labels are a broad category that consists of various uses. What types of variable data can you apply to nameplates? - Melrose. Some applications require nameplates or labels to include different data on every individual part.

What types of variable data can you apply to nameplates? - Melrose

Variable data is any data such as letters, numbers, icons, etc. Variable data labels are widespread and you can find them in customized model numbers, names, and logos that help companies in sales or product family management. At Melrose, we believe that every label type can have variable data. We use expert digital printing technologies to customize labels, nameplates, or membrane switches. We have helped many clients to develop an ordering system that addresses their procurement requirements. Pressure sensitive labels - what are they and when to use them? - Melrose. Pressure-sensitive labels are a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.

Pressure sensitive labels - what are they and when to use them? - Melrose

They are a great option for products that have moderate environmental demands but require attractive and eye-catching labeling. What are metallic labels? Definition and use cases - Melrose. Labels are the most widespread form of product identification.

What are metallic labels? Definition and use cases - Melrose

If you’re looking for labels that can withstand extreme temperatures and offer excellent durability, metallic labels are your best choice. But before approaching a label manufacturer, learn more about these labels and check how they could add value to your application. We wrote this article to answer some of the most common questions our clients ask us about metallic labels. Read on to find out everything you need to know about metallic labels. Etched or printed brass nameplates from Melrose in USA. Melrose experts can meet any graphic overlay requirement.

Graphic overlays are used to provide nomenclature to front panel sheet metal on electronic equipment.

Melrose experts can meet any graphic overlay requirement

They are the most durable form of non-metallic labels; they’re printed on the backside of a transparent material. The label’s structure protects the ink from abrasion and fade, offering top quality and cost-effectiveness. We manufacture our overlays using materials such as polycarbonate (PC, Lexan), polyester (PET), acrylic (PMMA), and tempered glass. We engineer adhesives to maximize their function. We use screen, digital, and offset printing to apply images of all kinds, be it spot, metallic, or full-color. We often design of graphic overlays in conjunction with a system’s buttons, touchscreens and LED backlights and indicators. 5 types of touch screens you can choose for your project - Melrose Systems.

In our daily lives, we’re surrounded by touch screens constantly.

5 types of touch screens you can choose for your project - Melrose Systems

We see them in smartphones, tablets, ATMs, ticket vending machines, kiosks, and even manufacturing plants. All of these examples use touch panels to enable easier interaction between users and computers, without having to use a keyboard or mouse. Melrose Systems, an ISO 9001 manufacturer of membrane switches. Melrose Systems, the membrane switch and silicone keypad experts. Melrose NL pressure - sensitive permanent labels. Permanent labels are adhesive-backed and cost-effective solution, a perfect option for moderate environmental demands.

These labels are thin (.002” to .004”) and come in rolls or on sheets. White, clear, matte silver, or reflective silver polyester with gloss or matte lamination cover with adhesive suitable for low or high surface energy surfaces cover most requirements. Melrose can supply labels with bar code data preprinted or suitable for thermal transfer printing of variable data at customer locations. Learn more. Melrose’s UL-recognized label constructions save time, expense and reduce risk when certifying products. More demanding labeling requirements are met with second surface printed labels. Crystal clear plastic domes can be applied to 2D permanent labels to create eye catching 3D logos. Melrose NL - The Permanent Label experts since 1939. Melrose Systems makes expert products,and experts out of our people.

An American Success Story Melrose was founded in 1939 in the historic Melrose District of Oakland, California. In its early days, the company’s work aided America’s Second World War efforts. Since then, we have developed and maintained an unrivaled manufacturing processes and quality. Melrose Systems are experts in Membrane switches,keypads,displays and touchscreens. Melrose is the nameplate and label engineers of choice. Superior quality of our productsOutstanding technical know-howAbility to be super-responsiveLean operating philosophy Melrose manufactures products to the highest standards of excellence, in line with our ISO9001 registration and quality philosophy. We have earned the trust of the world’s largest corporations by raising our quality above the industry standard. Example: Our client, General Dynamics, follows stringent requirements for labels and nameplates used on military aircraft/ordinance. When the company realized that the current vendor certified materials incorrectly, they selected Melrose as their new supplier and haven’t looked back since.

We have over 70 years of business experience and employ more than 100 engineers in our three factories. Example: Our client, a test equipment manufacturer, was using a Melrose overlay on top of an injection-molded housing, beneath which lay the PCB with LCD displays. We do everything in our power to meet the urgent customer requirements. Melrose makes industry-specific, safe and compliant products.