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I Can Solder Badge v1 from PartFusion on Tindie. The Mind of Bill Porter. Well, I’m pleased to say the #GeekWedding was a success and I am now a married man.

The Mind of Bill Porter

The 3 weeks leading up to our wedding turned into a hack-a-thon of custom DIY projects we’ll be posting about over the coming months. We are going to wait out the 5-8 weeks it will take to get our wedding pictures before we post about many of the projects, but for a few we have enough media on hand to post about now. First up is our DIY custom 3D printed wedding centerpieces.

Keychain LED flashlight by berkenbusch. TARDIS Deluxe Kit by countspatula. I have lighting and sticker kits for sale on my Etsy store if interested: Charlesworth Dynamics is pleased to offer the TARDIS Deluxe Kit.

TARDIS Deluxe Kit by countspatula

I have yet to get a satisfactory print out of a TARDIS which prints standing up, so I designed this to print flat. It turns out better, faster and offers some nice customization options. This is based directly off BBC blueprints from around Eccleston or early Tennant. Everything is designed to slot or snap together so glue isn't necessary except for the lamp top to lamp shade since it's so tiny. The top comes off so the TARDIS can be used as a pencil holder, container, etc. How to install inexpensive, energy-efficient under-cabinet lighting. Earlier this week I showed you how we created a soft, even, warm glow on each shelf of our still-in-progress DIY bookshelf, all for about $30 total.

How to install inexpensive, energy-efficient under-cabinet lighting

Even better – it uses almost no electricity. (I think it’s 18 watts per entire 16-foot reel, even though earlier in the week I told you it was 3 watts. GEMMA Hoop Earrings. TARDIS with LED Mount Dual Extrusion Print by cdb. TARDIS with LED mount, 9v Battery tray and bracket for a SPDT or DPDT mini switch.

TARDIS with LED Mount Dual Extrusion Print by cdb

This is for Dual Extrusion printers, If you want my source file download TARDISv2.ipt. Tardis Pendant by MakersBox. Sign In Join Thingiverse!

Tardis Pendant by MakersBox

Sign in / Join. Doctor Who TARDIS with windows by countspatula. This is all Gossamer's & nopoe's work, I just cut out the windows so they can light up and provided a guide for the lighting.

Doctor Who TARDIS with windows by countspatula

The label JPGs are in the zip file. ** I would recommend printing my new TARDIS Deluxe Kit over this one: *** 5mm white or blue LED. I used blue which technically isn't right, but it looks cool! White LED of whatever size you choose.Resistor - we'll get to this later9V battery leaddiffusion gel (or wax paper, or probably even regular paper) 1 drinking straw of the clear, non-striped variety. This generally prints pretty nicely, although I have had problems with the layers splitting at the corners. I put some foil panels in the roof to act as a reflector (this may not have been necessary). Take a look at the LED picture, I basically used the top light to hold the window light in place. Used some Gorilla Glue to attach the 9V clip and switch. LED Light Ring by CarryTheWhat. Motivation: I constantly find myself in need of a small amount of light at will, and the cell phone doesn't always cut it.

LED Light Ring by CarryTheWhat

My goal is to build a small but powerful flashlight ring. Details: I've tried two switch mechanisms so far. The first one had the head slide laterally, perpendicular to the finger, but it wasn't quite comfortable. This present model slides instead forward and backward. This also is not ideal.. it requires both hands to turn on and off, and the top is prone to falling off. Software: Model was designed in openscadpy (first project, sorry for the poor state of the code): Light-up Cat Ring! by CarryTheWhat. Circuit Scribe Lite Kit - COM-13184. Tiny TARDIS Pendant. LED Butterfly Pop Up Card. Introduction Craft an illuminated butterfly pop up card with copper tape, two LEDs, and a battery.

Suggested Reading If you are brand new to working with electronics, here’s some helpful reading to check out: Step 1: Print Template Right-click the images below, and choose “Save Link As” to download the templates to your computer. LED Robot Pop Up Card. Introduction Craft a paper circuit pop up card with a cycling RGB LED, battery, and copper tape. If you’ve built any of our paper circuit pop up cards before, feel free to jump right in to following the template. If this is your first paper circuit, we’ll walk you through the process. Resources. Favorited Favorite 5 Here are the templates used in the Have Fun with Paper Circuitry workshop at the GESTEM (Girls Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) event on 5/9/2014.


This workshop taught simple paper circuitry and a basic understanding of how circuits work using copper tape, a coin cell battery, a LilyPad Button Board and an LED. No soldering required. Printable templates and instructions are included in the attached PDF. The lotus card template is based on a design by Robert Saluda. LED Tardis charm/earring by teejschmitz. LED Tardis charm with built in battery holder (takes two AG6 batteries) and sized for 3mm or 5mm LEDs.

LED Tardis charm/earring by teejschmitz

Has hole for 6mm jump ring or earring attachments. I am selling these on Etsy if anyone who doesn't have access to a 3D printer wants one: New design holds the battery better without cracking like the prior version did, and allows easier replacement of the batteries. Print the battery holder and either the 3mm or 5mm top depending on the size of your LED. I use slow flashing/1Hz LEDs for the ones I make.