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Shop disney princess quilt sales. Disney Princesses Patchwork Baby Quilt, Nine Patch Patchwork in Pinks, Blue and Yellow.

Shop disney princess quilt sales

Patchwork baby quilt just perfect for any little Princess. Nine large Patchwork Squares, five inches square each, in shades of pink, yellow, blue and white. Five of the blocks have a center patch ON Point with one of the Disney Princesses in pinks, blue and yellow gowns, with pink triangles and a yellow border. The remaining four blocks are traditional nine patch blocks in yellow, white, blue and a floral print, with a pink border. The inner border is a solid white, followed by an inner border of medium. More flag blocks + Olympic fever. Anyone else out there an Olympic junkie?

More flag blocks + Olympic fever

Official Olympics nerd right here. In 2002 the Winter Olympics came to my home town, Salt Lake City. I had a 3-yr-old and a nursing baby at the time so I didn't attend a single sporting event, but we did take in the atmosphere downtown and let me tell you - it's magic. Celebration of hard work and the unique cultures and traditions of the nations of the world juxtaposed with the brotherhood of man - the Olympic spirit is tangible. As soon as that cauldron went out, things were back to normal and it was gone. Combine my Olympics die-hard-ness with my favorite city on the planet and I just might spontaneously-combust. So in honor of the parade of nations, I've been making more flag quilt blocks. Notre Dame (as in The Hunchback of), Monet, and crepes. Quilting_guide. Using a Rotary Cutter. Sadly, the project you are looking for is no longer available.

Using a Rotary Cutter

For our currently available sewing projects, please check out the galleries listed below! Accessories Bags + Pouches Felt Garments Holiday Home Toys + Hobbies View All! Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog. DIY "Pillowcase" Baby Dress Pattern. “Pillowcase” dresses are popular because they are so simple to make, the measurements aren’t super important, and they can grow with baby from a dress into a top.

DIY "Pillowcase" Baby Dress Pattern

I guess they are often made out of pillowcases but I used regular old fabric. The small one pictured here fits about 0-3 months and the large one is about a 2T, templates for both are after the jump. If you are new to sewing and want to try a dress, this is the one. See pics of it on my girl here, and get the full DIY on How to Sew A Pillowcase Dress after the jump…Pillowcase – Style Baby Girl Dress Free Pattern1. First you need to cut your fabric. However, I will share with you this drawing of the sizes I cut. Baby Dress Template size 18 months – 2T: 2. Yoga Skirt Tutorial (Toddler + Child + Women) Patty Young from Modkid shares this fun MODKID Yoga Skirt Tutorial with us today.

Yoga Skirt Tutorial (Toddler + Child + Women)

You may already be a fan of Patty’s cute Modkid sewing patterns. Now you can add a series of these great skirts to your wardrobe with Patty’s tutorial and some of her beautiful, new knits! New Knits by Patty Young for Michael Miller are available for preorder in the shop. We’ll begin shipping these orders on 6/28. Enjoy Patty’s tutorial today! These sweet and comfy yoga skirts are a wardrobe staple at our house. Suggested Fabrics: Use stretch knits only: cotton interlock, jerseys, matte jerseys, lightweight double knits, stretch velvet or stretch lace, 54” to 58” wide.

The first thing to do is to determine your measurements. Next, using measurements A & B, we will determine the size of your skirt pattern pieces. For example: My daughter’s waist measures 21” all around. For example: My daughter likes her skirts to fall right above the knee. Now it’s time to assemble your yoga skirt. 1. 2. 3. 4.

How to Sew with Bias Tape. So we showed you How to Make your own Bias Tape, and you were psyched, but y’all asked for a primer on how to actually sew with it.

How to Sew with Bias Tape

So here you are, my friends. It’s quite simple and once you start you will end up using it all the time. Bias Tape finishes edges and keeps curves stabilized. In this post I’ll show you how to start and finish, how to sew it on, and how to make a mitered corner. So read up on it and practice, because in our next newsletter we are going to give you the scoop on our upcoming contest, and the winner will receive a Simplicity Bias Tape Making Kit, including a Bias Tape Maker machine , 8″ Dressmaker shears , and an awesome Bias Ruler . Get the basics on How to Sew With Bias Tape after the jump…

Montessori%20Childs%20Apron. Popover sundress: free downloadable pattern. We initially developed the Popover Sundress for Issue 6 of Sew Hip, the British sewing magazine.

popover sundress: free downloadable pattern

Superhero-cape. Free Sewing Patterns. How to… make a Pillow Case Dress for Beginners. If you're new here, you may want to join us on Facebook or Google +.

How to… make a Pillow Case Dress for Beginners

Thanks for visiting! How to Make a Pillow Case Dress for Beginners, is part of the Make It Easy Series. Visit Hello Beautiful for the intro post or read below for more info. She wears flowers: Tutorial: Kids’ Shopping Book. Thank you for all of the enthusiasm for the shopping book!

she wears flowers: Tutorial: Kids’ Shopping Book

It makes writing a long tutorial so much easier when I know people are actually interested in having it! As I was making the felt food for my shopping book, I realized my three-year-old is a little beyond the felt food for this. To step it up a notch, I actually made soft cards with the picture and the word to help introduce a little educational take on this project. I will share those with you, too! The book tutorial is long (but not difficult!) Materials *1/3 yard fabric inside of book (Try to keep it plain so it doesn’t compete with all of your felt food or grocery bag. . ) *1/3 yard fabric outside cover – “outside fabric”