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Paleopsych 101 - Dream Gates. At a benefit dinner, the wife of a bank president asked me, “What exactly is it that you do?”

Paleopsych 101 - Dream Gates

I told her, “I’m a paleolithic psychologist.” She nodded respectfully, possibly associating me with the clinical psychiatrist seated above the salt. I had stolen the phrase from Frederic Myers, the great Victorian psychic researcher. Boundaries Make Freedom Possible. Boundaries are an essential part of life.

Boundaries Make Freedom Possible

They delineate and maintain needed borders and separations, making differentiation possible at every level. Boundaries both contain and preserve the integrity of what they are safeguarding, be that physical, psychological, emotional, social, or spiritual. How to be Free. From Tom Hodgkinson, editor of the Idler, comes How To Be Free, a joyful blueprint for modern living.

How to be Free

Drawing on the French existentialists, British punks, the U.S. beats, hippies and yippies, medieval thinkers, anarchists and 1970′s back-to-the-landers Tom shows that consumer society has led not to a widening of freedoms but to the opposite and that the key to a free life is to stop consuming and start producing. Read How To Be Free and learn how to throw off the shackles of anxiety, bureaucracy, debt, governments, housework, moaning, pain, poverty, ugliness, waste and much else besides. Are you ready to be free? Read this book and find out. Kristen Wolfe: Dear Customer Who Stuck Up For His Little Brother. You thought I didn't really notice.

Kristen Wolfe: Dear Customer Who Stuck Up For His Little Brother

But I did. I wanted to high-five you. Worm King vs Robot Creatures. A Dream (6/4/5) I was a huge wormy slug.

Worm King vs Robot Creatures

Replicating robot creatures were trying to overtake my empire. It was in the North Pole on ice floes. I was at the top of hundreds of stairs. Inspiration and Chai. For many years I worked in palliative care.

Inspiration and Chai

My patients were those who had gone home to die. Some incredibly special times were shared. I was with them for the last three to twelve weeks of their lives. The one-page career “cheat sheet.” "Like letters from a long-lost pen pal.

The one-page career “cheat sheet.”

I LOVE your emails. " Want to get them, too? Join thousands of readers signing up here to stay in touch. Preparing for the breakthrough/calamity. That's what we spend most of our time doing.

Preparing for the breakthrough/calamity

The breakthrough speech that will change everything, or the giant insight that opens every door. We fret about the apocalyptic ending, the big crash, the slam climax as well. Of course, it almost never happens that way. Coach Insider - What do your clients really want? What do your clients want?

Coach Insider - What do your clients really want?

One simple question will tell you. Do you ever find yourself saying, “I just wish another salesperson would call!”? Probably not. Please consider WEIRD. My latest book, We Are All Weird, came out 8 weeks ago, to very strong reviews and gratifying feedback.

Please consider WEIRD

It's likely you haven't had a chance to read it yet. I hope you'll give it a shot. (The Kindle edition runs on all computers and tablets and you can read it for free if you're a US-based Amazon Prime member). Here's an excerpt from the beginning of the book: The mass market redefines normal. Finding Focus. I am a fairly harsh critic of my own business. Maybe we all are. When I look back on my ambitions for 2011 versus what I accomplished, I fell short in many ways. Part of this came from my methodology: do a lot of things and then just move the successful ones forward. Part of this came from my self-created attention deficit disorder (not the actual condition, but what I felt was my entrepreneurial spirit, but to everyone else was my frustrating ability to start a dozen businesses a month without enough meat to sustain them).

And as I’m readying for 2012, the soul-searching and goals are pointing to what I must do better. Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.