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The 50 Most Porn-y American Apparel Ads Of All Time. It’s hard to argue with the fact that American Apparel has built an empire on little more than moderately good underwear, T-shirts, and other basics–sold via their incredibly racy ad campaigns.

The 50 Most Porn-y American Apparel Ads Of All Time

The Los Angeles-based company regularly depicts young women in sexually-charged positions, topless, pantsless, and borderline naked. MORE: The 40 Most Naked Celebrity Instagrams of All Time Certain ads are harmless, while others—like the one that depicts a model named Maks who hails from Bangladesh, a part of the world consistently embroiled in hot water because of poor working conditions for factory laborers, and is shown completely topless. The NSFW History of American Apparel's Ads. Update, 8/19/16: Despite declaring bankruptcy and ceding ownership to its former creditors, industry site Business of Fashion reports that American Apparel is still having a rough go of it.

The NSFW History of American Apparel's Ads

Sources familiar with the matter claim that investment bank Houlihan Lokey Inc. has been hired to explore a sale after the company failed to reverse a string of losses. It's more bad news for a company that's dealt with a lot if over the course of the last year. So, just like we did when news of the bankruptcy first hit, let's take a look back at the glory days. The porny days. The whole NSFW history of American Apparel's egregiously over-sexualized advertising. Questia. Sex sells why do consumers buy o walsh. Scent Beyond Sex: How Luxury Fragrance Marketing Is Changing. The marketing behind luxury fragrances is progressively being adapted to the new era, as appealing to the senses becomes paramount, writes Mark Izatt of Cream UK.

Scent Beyond Sex: How Luxury Fragrance Marketing Is Changing

For decades, gender stereotypes have dominated fragrance marketing. Your Ad Here: why Grindr, Pornhub and YouPorn are fashion’s new billboards. The relationship between fashion and sex is by now almost an essentialism, but how did a gay hook-up app come to play host to an award-winning designer’s fashion show?

Your Ad Here: why Grindr, Pornhub and YouPorn are fashion’s new billboards

How did a porn star come to be the face of one of Britain’s most indelible brands? How did porn sites come to present covetable advertising opportunities? A corner of the fashion industry has been taking a new approach to marketing, one pushing the time-worn idea that sex sells in a different direction. By turning to porn websites and apps like Grindr, or looking to those worlds for models, a trend for franchising the x-rated is emerging in fashion advertising. What this seems to say, beyond a desire to be provocative, is that private sex lives – as they relate to the internet, at least – are essentially new ad spaces. Sex in Advertising – Does Sex Really Sell and Why? You'll hear the phrase often when you enter the advertising industry: But is that true?

Sex in Advertising – Does Sex Really Sell and Why?

Do people really buy a product just because it has sexually stimulating imagery attached to it? Refuelling Diesel: Igniting premium change. The race to get raunchy as brands explore Pornhub and Grindr. Diesel spring 16 Sex sells, so the saying goes.

The race to get raunchy as brands explore Pornhub and Grindr

And it’s safe to say that the fashion industry has certainly explored its sexuality. Who can forget Calvin Klein’s suggestive ads featuring a topless “Marky” Mark Wahlberg posing with a “handful” of his CK underwear, or Armani’s steamy shots of a semi-naked Victoria and David Beckham with a cameo from “golden balls”, or Tom Ford’s controversial Gucci images featuring pubic hair shaved into the brand’s logo?

And last month, Vivienne Westwood revealed her spring 16 advertising campaign featuring gay male porn star Colby Keller in a thong and not much else. Fashion has been using sex to sell its wares for decades. Now, in the age of digital engagement, fashion is using sex in a much more direct way. 10 Artists Whose Sexually Explicit Works Shocked the World. Photographing hypersexuality in the home. The narrative imposed on women’s bodies can feel relentlessly objectifying.

Photographing hypersexuality in the home

We’re constantly confronted by the gender power asymmetry afforded by the male gaze: where women are faceless, personality-lacking creatures of body parts for consumption, and where women seem to have no control over their portrayal. Simone Steenberg is a young photographer who’s reinventing the patriarchal representation of the female body with her book Tales of Girls. “I explore the female body in interaction with clothes in a sculptural and performative way,” explains Steenberg. “I produce hyper-sexualized images of women that function in a subverting and confronting way, giving empowerment to the photographed women, their bodies and sexualities.”

Steenberg captures the body in unconventional poses, with focus on awkward, even disturbing, body gestures to confront the male gaze. Celebrating the female form, Steenberg’s photo series exudes empowerment and a sense of body autonomy from her subjects. Your Ad Here: why Grindr, Pornhub and YouPorn are fashion’s new billboards. Illustrating the surreal world of hypersexuality.

“Everything is reaction inducing.

Illustrating the surreal world of hypersexuality

Controversial fashion ads. 10 NSFW Fashion Ads. From the slightly scandalous to the downright offensive, here are 10 of the most controversial fashion advertisements of all time.

10 NSFW Fashion Ads

The fashion industry and advertorial regulation standards have endured a rather volatile relationship for quite some time. The desire to seduce, sell and garner attention has lead many a fashion label to resort to suggestive, even extreme visual methods – be it via sex, violence or social commentary – to get their product noticed and make headlines in the process, for one reason or another. American Apparel Embroiled in Legal Battle Over Anti-Objectification of Women Campaign. Earlier this year, Badger & Winters Group embarked on a gender equality in advertising initiative.

American Apparel Embroiled in Legal Battle Over Anti-Objectification of Women Campaign

As part of the campaign, the New York-based advertising agency released the “We Are #WomenNotObjects” video on YouTube, which calls attention to a number of big-name brands that Badger & Winters believe have been exploiting women in their ad campaigns. And troubled Los Angeles-based retailer, American Apparel, is not amused. "The Prevalence of Sexual Imagery in Ads Targeted to Young Adults" by Reichert, Tom - The Journal of Consumer Affairs, Vol. 37, Issue 2, Winter 2003. Badger and Winters founder condemns sexist ads with #WomenNotObjects campaign.

These Major Companies Are Now Using Porn Sites To Advertise Their Product - Fight the New Drug. The following information was taken from an article by CBC. In our generation where porn has become so mainstream, the line between advertising and porn is becoming very blurry. There has always been a line advertisers wouldn’t cross to promote their product, but now some marketers have tiptoed over that line to advertise on porn sites.

From food companies to fashion brands to Hollywood movies, marketers have breached the final frontier in their search for bigger, more affordable audiences. Sex Sells? Not According To Madonna Badger 06/21/2016. CANNES, FRANCE -- Advertising has the power to effect change both good and bad. Unfortunately, there are far too many ads that objectify women in today's media. Beer ads show only breasts. Shoe ads feature naked models. This Brand Puts Porn on Hoodies. Malcolm Bracey says he’s just your typical 23-year-old living in Madison, Wisconsin. The Midwestern college town isn’t known for being a style capital, despite being the homebase for several fashion retailers like Shopbop, East Dane, and Context Clothing.

But lately, he’s been trying to stir things up. Two years ago, he came up with a simple concept: Put porn on hoodies. Social media, sexualisation and the selfie generation - The Drum. Analysis Updated. The real reason Playboy is getting rid of nude photos. Sure, sex sells. As long as it’s free. Earlier this week, Playboy announced that it will do away with full nudity in an effort to rebrand its fallen empire. “The political and sexual climate of 1953, the year Hugh Hefner introduced Playboy to the world, bears almost no resemblance to today,” said Playboy Enterprises CEO Scott Flanders. The shift, however, has little to do with feminist wins and everything to do with finally understanding our digital world and the cost of an outdated business model. Pornhub Released Insights On Millennial Porn Habits And Millennials Have Some Weird-Ass Porn Habits. Why Sex In Advertising Doesn’t Sell Like It Used To. Babev­er­tis­ing has a long and sto­ried his­to­ry in the Super Bowl, includ­ing recent high­lights like Bar Refaeli smooching a nerd for GoDad­dy, Kate Upton blow­ing bub­bles for Mer­cedes, and Char­lot­te McK­in­ney mak­ing puns for Carl’s Jr.

But Super Bowl 50 was dif­fer­ent. Adblocking could be the best thing for the advertising industry. Why Have Pop Stars Become So Hyper-Sexualized? Millennials Infographic. Sex sells: how porn and digital dating transformed an advertising cliché. As taboos about online porn break down and new generations of singles see dating sites and apps as their first stop in the search for love, marketers have spotted an opportunity. These digital venues have become the next logical place for advertising to grow and reach an expanding audience. Over one quarter of males agree that men are sexualised in adverts just as much as women. It seems that the rise of ‘Hunkvertising’ is causing men to avert their eyes away from advertising.

Indeed, new research from market intelligence agency Mintel reveals that half (50%) of all men say they don’t pay much attention to advertising, whilst more than one quarter (26%) agree that men are sexualised in adverts just as much as women are. LSN : Briefing : Ab-free zone. FASHION OR PORN?: THE HYPER-SEXUALIZATION OF WESTERN CULTURE AND THE COMMODIFICATION OF SEX. Playboy sales have INCREASED by 30% since magazine stopped publishing naked pictures. Publication launched first issue without any nude pictures in March 2016 Newsstand sales of the magazine have increased in six months since But paid base subscriptions have dropped 23.2 percent Representatives from Playboy says the numbers are according to planThey are encouraged by signs they are attracting new readers.

Stop judging women on how they look – it is damaging our children. SurveyMonkey - Connexion. X-rated: why the fashion industry is watching porn. Sex sells. You already knew that. You Won’t F’n Believe How Many People Watched Internet Porn In 2015…Seriously, These Numbers Are INSANE. The psychology of Instagram and the shifting sexuality of a new generation. ​the line between female objectification and liberation on instagram. Pornhub offers to buy Vine and turn it into a six-second porn site. Millennial generation turning their backs on sex in highest numbers since the 1920s.

Why Sex In Advertising Doesn’t Sell Like It Used To. Brands stop using sexy advertisements. THE YEAR: Sex Sells but Fashion Advertising is Changing. The Emergence of Sexualization as a Social Problem: 1981–2010. The Hypersexualization of Young Girls in Advertisements Affects Body Image - Trusted Clothes. Teens, Social Media and the Illusion of Perfection. Home - Adios Barbie. Matalan Must Listen to Our Concerns on the Sexualisation of Children. ASA bans Jack Wills underwear catalogue ads over 'sexualised' and 'inappropriate' images. Diesel leads fashion's race to get raunchy. Brands stop using sexy advertisements. The decline of teen retailers and overtly sexualised branding - Appnova's Digital Marketing Blog< Toxic Culture 101: Understanding the Sexualization of Women - Ms. Magazine Blog. Sexualisation in Our Society – Presentation Workshop April 2016 Distribution.

30% of Girls' Clothing Is Sexualized in Major Sales Trend. Does Sex Really Sell? This Is What’s Really Happening – Collective Evolution. Powerful 'Women Not Objects' Campaign Calls On Advertisers To Stop Sexualising Women To Sell Products. Hyper Sexualisation in the Fashion Industry - The Designers Studio. Undressing the Ad – the use of sexualised images in the advertising industry. Media and Clothing Market Influence on Adolescent Girls: Warnings for Parents. How Balenciaga brought fetishism to fashion week. Over one quarter of males agree that men are sexualised in adverts just as much as women. Sexism in advertising, what can we do? SEX ON THE CATWALK: WHAT IS ABOUT FETISH FASHION? The Female Designers Making Fetish-wear Fashionable - sleek mag. Does Generation Z Really Defy Gender Norms? Pornhub launches ‘anti-domestic violence’ clothing line. The Most Controversial American Apparel Ads (NSFW) Diesel to advertise on Pornhub, blurs line between fashion and porn.

Tapping Generation Z. Why Diesel is about to start advertising on Pornhub. Naked girls of Instagram is the new social media trend. X-rated: why the fashion industry is watching porn. Naked girls of Instagram is the new social media trend. HBA’s Shayne Oliver on the pornography of fashion. How the Kardashians are shaping the future of women.